This Blog might get Me kicked Out the Group Chat

Soooo, um well you read the tile let’s just get this over with. 

It was quite in the small new York apartment. The only sounds where the cars on the highway. The apartment was small, but it was also cozy, almost like home. Laying on the couch in the living room was two bodies one looked to be of a young man with messes black hair. He had a strong build to his body. He was staring at the body on top of him. A teen girl with blond hair. She had a California girl body. Half her body was hanging off of the black-haired boy. The boy was looking at the blond girl with so much love in his eyes. The girl let out a small sigh as the boy begin rubbing small circles on the side of her hip. 

     The two were enjoying the silence that took over the apartment and them. There was peace and the boy was starting to fall asleep with the blond girl when loud knocking broke the quit of the apartment. The two hurriedly sat up and it looked like the both reached for something beside them before realizing that whatever they where looking for was not next to them. The girl picked up a cap that was siting on the coffee table. The black haired boy nodded to her and slowly made his way to the door. Another loud knock was heard from the door. The knocking was getting louder as the boy walked closer to the door and more frantic at the same time. The blond girl comes back in to the room and throws something to the black haired boy that he catches.

   “Who’s there?” The boy asked not really expecting an answer. Who would be out this late in New York knocking on someone’s door. He could hear people talking outside the door from what he could tell there was a big group of people out there maybe 4 or 6ish people. “Ah. Hello is this the Riddle residence?” one of the voices asked. Riddle residence? What is this the 1800’s. The black haired boy looked at his partner, who just shook her head she didn’t understand either. “Open the door Seaweed Brain.” The blond told ‘Seaweed Brain’. He opened the door and standing there was six people. Three looked to be around seventeen years old. Next to them were two grown men one was full of scares that reminded ‘seaweed Brain’ of the many kids at camp.


Well that’s it follow me on tumblr to read the rest. 

Blog 5-9-24

What’s Up! So, yesterday While I was talking to Tiara and Ciara we started talking about weddings and prenups, and this inspired a new story that I want to try and write when I finish some of the other unfinished stories that I have.


This Story is called “Broker than Broke”. (Yes that is the title and i will take all the criticism on it.) 


So, I don’t really have any character made or any in mind for this story but anyway the gist of the story is that the main character is a recently divorced woman/man (I don’t know which one yet). The story is going to follow the divorced person and how they live their life after everything with the divorce is final.


There are still a lot of things that I have to think about with this story. Like should I involved kids in this story, should I make the story form the POV of both sides of the divorce or should I just have the one POV. Also want to know if I should make this story like a Korean drama or just an everyday type of story. I’m probably going to have to do a lot of research and gathering to make this story fun and enjoyable to read. 


This has nothing to do with the story but I’m doing a writing program this summer at JSU and I might play with this story while I’m there. 


Now there isn’t really much I can say now about the story because like I said before I don’t really have much on this story because I haven’t really thought about it much since yesterday and I hoping that by getting feedback on the questions in paragraph 4. I might actually start on a draft so the idea isn’t just siting in the back of my head waiting to be forgotten. 


So that’s the blog for this week. We only have a week left of school this is going to be something. Hope y’all have a great rest of the week. Chao!

I will be so surprised if any of y’all watched these cartoons.

What’s up everyone I have a title today. So, this week’s blog is going to be on this old cartoon that me and my sisters use to watch. Now, so of you maybe be thinking in your head “This is stupid. There is no way I’ll be surprised by whatever it is she’ll talk about.” Well, my dear friends let me welcome you to:

Disney’s House of Mouse 

Now, House of Mouse ran on ABC and Toon Disney (till it was rebranded to be Disney XD) from 2001-2003. I don’t really remember when me and my sister started watching this show, but I think it might have been sometime back in elementary school. If you didn’t know about this show and want to go watch it I sorry to say that it is not available on Disney Plus, but the Lilo & Stitch: The Series which came out in 2003 is on Disney Plus but I digress. Anyway, The House of Mouse follows Mickey and his friends as they run a club called, you guessed it, House of Mouse. The club is mainly just used to show cartoons of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, Donald, Pluto, Pete, Clarabell, Mortimer Mouse. The show also has other characters from all of Diseny’s shows and movies (that was created before 2001). 

      My favorite episode of the show is the episode Dennis the duck. In this episode It’s Black-and-White Day at the House of Mouse, and the club is packed with old black and white cartoon characters. This was my favorite episode because I have loved those old black and white cartoons since I was young. Those were some of the first cartoons I can remember watching on the Samsung tablets that my parents got me and my sisters.


So, I decided to add another cartoon to this blog, and I really believe that none of you know what this one is. 


Now google is saying this show ran from 2008-2023 but I don’t really believe that because I think the last episode of the show came out in 2010 and there hasn’t been anything about the show since then. 

     So, what was Angel Friends? Angel Friends was a cartoon that followed a group of Angels and Devils that are sent to Earth to follow the lessons and participate in a stage, that will lead them to becoming Guardian Angels and Guardian Devils. The stage provides Angels and Devils to form pairs, each of which will have to deal with a human called the Earthly Ones, and help him or her, undetected, to choose between the right path and the wrong one.

This show was really good, and I mainly watched it because at the time I was really obsessed with another show called Winx Club. That’s how I found this show, but I ended up sticking around for the story and the characters but guys when I tell you that this show is a product of its time I mean it. It’s really a good show I don’t really know if it came on TV, but I watched it on YT off the official YouTube page.

Blog 4-25-24

The boy was about to close the door when the adults said nothing. “Wait!” The blond man called out, “W-who are you? Are your parents’ home?” He didn’t understand why there was a child in what was supposed to be the evilest person’s house. The boy just stared at them. It made them nervous, and he felt he was sizing them up to see who he could take down first. “Leo, baby where are you?” A voice called out from the house. The blond man tensed when the voice got closer to the door. “Baby, what are you doing at the door.” A woman came out the door and picked up the little boy. The boy started moving his hands in different motions at the woman. “Visitors? Now who would be crazy to come all the way.” She looked up for the child and met with the blond man and his group. Cordelia glared at the man. “Golden boy.”


The blonde man blinked his eyes a couple times. “Cordelia Levitan, we need to talk to you.” He told her. Cordelia rolled her eyes and turned away but left the door open, expecting them to follow her. “I didn’t know ‘The Witch’ has a child.” The woman said. She and the other two men walk up to the house. “If that really is her child.” The brown, harried man said. The woman hit the man on the back of his head. The three walks into the house and look around as they walk through the door. The walls of the house were a soft light brown with cream accents. They walked into a room that had a small couch and a loveseat. There was a TV on the wall. In the corner was a small Conor, a small playpen with many stuffed animals of normal and magical species. There was movement from the couch, and the three jumped when they caught it in the corner of their eyes.


“What are y’all doing?” Cordelia asked from behind them. They jump and turn around and point their weapons at her and Leo, who Cordelia was holding on her hips. Leo’s eyes widen, and he turns his head into Cordelia’s neck. “Hey it’s ok baby.” Cordelia conforms to Leo, rubbing his back and whispering in his ear. She glares at the blond man. It is almost like she is cussing him out with her eyes. She motions with her head for them to enter the room they guessed she came from. They walk into the room, which turns out to be a kitchen. 


Golden Boy as Cordelia called him seats at the table in the middle of the kitchen. His face showed a lot of frustration. ‘This can’t be The Witch’. He thought to himself. He’s met The Witch many times when he first became a protector. He was the one stopping many of attacks cause by Cordelia and her boyfriend. Golden Boy looks around the kitchen and he takes note on how the kitchen felt some homie and warm like he was back home with his grandparents. The sink had some dishes in it and there were a couple cabinets open. It seems like Cordelia was cleaning when they showed up. 


Blog 4-18-24

No one is really reading my blogs, but I have to post these for class so here we go.

So, I’ve been really obsessed with my characters Atlas and Cordelia so here’s more characters from their story. I’m going to start with their kids since they only have two.

Leo Levitan

  • 6-7 years old 
  • Mama’s Boy 
  • The best big brother in the world
  • Loves learning about different cultures.


Leo Levitan is a 6-year-old orphan immigrant from the Caribbeans. His birth mother died a few months after giving birth to him. While his birth father was killed by some family members in an inheritance fight. Leo was sent to an orphanage in Mystic Hill where he was adopted by Cordelia and Atlas. Leo doesn’t talk much but he does communicate in other ways with his family.


Emma Levitan 

  • 2 years old
  • Giggly/Wiggly
  • Loves fruit.
  • Leo is her favorite person.


Emma Levitan is the 2-year-old daughter of Cordelia and Atlas. She does know who her daddy is. They visit every weekend when Leo doesn’t have school. Emma loves fruit, her favorites are bananas, strawberries, and mangos. Emma’s favorite person in the world is her big brother.



  • Atlas’s little brother 
  • 19 years old 
  • Does not like crowds 
  • Loves his family.


  • 17 years old 
  • Works at the kindergarten that Emma goes to 
  • Loves drawing. 
  •  The kindest person in Mystic Hill


Hadrian is the younger brother of Atlas. He is a high school dropout. He works under their dad. He stays with Cordelia to help with the kids while Atlas is still in prison. He meets Luna when he was picking up Emma. After a while they started talking and now you can’t ever find one without the other.

    Luna is one of the assistant Kindy teachers at Emma’s school. She moved to Mystic Hill when her family had borrowed some money from the wrong people. Luna took job at the Kindy school to get away from her parents who were becoming toxic to her and each other. One day during pick-up Luna meets a new person picking up one of the youngest kids, his name was Hadrian. Luna slowly fell in love with Hadria. Now their story and love continue to grow.


Some other characters are:

Oliver -> Mystic Hill’s Golden good boy 

James -> Mystic Hill’s best monster tamer 

Noah -> Mystic Hill’s best potion master 

Maeve-> Mystic Hill’s best warrior 

Aurelia & Benjamin-> Cordelia’s Mom and Dad 

Nicholas & Eloise-> Atlas’s Dad and Stepmom

Blog 4/11/24

Since everyone seemed to like Cordelia and Atlas. I thought that I could write more about them, so this is just so bits of their story that I started writing some time ago. 


Sitting in a small clearing of a forest is a house that seems to almost blend in. The house was surrounded by a small brown fence. There were two large trees behind the house with a small hammock between them with a small pool. A silhouette walks out of the trees and goes towards the house. When the figure comes into the moon light they are reveled to be a tall man with blond hair with blue eyes that shine in the moonlight. He is wearing an all-black suit. When he gets to the door of the house three more people come out of the trees two other men and a lady.


“Sir, are you sure it’s safe being this close to where ‘The Witch’ lives?” The women asked the blond man. The other two men look around it seems like a regular house in the middle of the forest, but The Witch is a very sneaking person who knows what kind of of wards she may have around the house. “My informant said she lived here; I’ll knock on the door you stay and watch my back.” The blond man told them. They nodded at him, and the two men pulled out guns of different sizes while the woman grabbed the bow off her back and jumped to one of the closest trees. The blond man Knocked on the door and a little boy around the age of six or seven. The boy stared at the three adults, and they stared back. Why was a child here? They weren’t told that a child was living here. 


The boy was about to close the door when the adults didn’t say anything. “Wait!” The blond man called out “W-who are you? Are your parents’ home?” He didn’t understand why a child was there in what is supposed to be the evilest person’s house. The boy just stared at them. It made them nervous it felt like he was sizing them up trying to see who he could take down first. “Leo, baby where are you?” A voice called out from the house. The blond man tensed when the voice got closer to the door. “Baby, what are you doing at the door.” A woman came out the door a picked up the little boy. The boy started moving his hands in different motions at the woman. “Visitors? Now who would be crazy to come all the way.” She looks up for the child and came face to face with the blond man and his group. 


The blonde man blinked his eyes a couple times “Cordelia Levitan we need to talk to you.” He told her. Cordelia rolled her eyes and turned away from them but left the door open.

Well, that’s all I have today I hope y’all enjoyed that story I am writing more but for right now this is all I have plz tell me what y’all thinks so I can change things that might not fit.

Blog 3/27/24

Hey guys today I have another short story/character dump for you guys. I just came up with these characters the other day and I think yall might like them or whatever I really wouldn’t care. So this was inspired by something I saw on pinterest.


Big Monster Bodyguard (Atlas) x Small “Evil” Witch(Cordelia)


-Atlas and Cordelia have been together since they were kids

-Atlas was assigned to protect Cordelia

-Cordelia is a very powerful witch

-Cordelia was taught witchcraft from her father 

-Both have been to jail at least four times since they turned 18


     After being locked up the fourth time Cordelia and Atlas decided that they don’t want anything to do with their old life. So, when they get out of their 15 months sentence, they move to a house outside the city and start a new life for themselves. While the two were enjoying their quite life in their small house they got a visit from some very unpleasant people. It was so old colleges who found where they were and were trying to get them to come back and help them with a small job, they got from someone.

     Cordelia didn’t want to help them but Atlas was starting to get a little restless so he decided to join them, but he wasn’t going to get involved. He wasn’t going to risk going back to jail and leave Cordelia alone like that.

     While on the job a group of good doers try to stop them. Atlas ends up getting hurt and almost caught but using a talisman Cordelia gave him he was able to get away and get back home to her.

     Cordelia doesn’t really like that much and tells him that she doesn’t want him to go out again, but Atlas told her that even though they agreed they would leave the old life behind he felt their lives now where to boring for him. Cordelia told him that she understood she didn’t really like the quite much either but at the same time she didn’t want to lose him either. Atlas agreed that he wouldn’t do any more jobs for their old group, but he will take one in the city. For a while this was good for them Atlas was working in the city and Cordelia started selling some of her options and other things to make money. One day Cordelia found out some surprising news and she was heading into town where Atlas worked to tell him and that when she found him helping out their old group with a robber.  The two ended up fighting over this when they got home and for a short while they took a break from one another but when Atlas was on a solo job he was caught and badly injured. When Cordelia got there, he coded at least three times before they got him stable. 

     When he came too, he told her that he was sorry that the job he was on was supposed to be his last one and that he was planning a surprise for her. Cordelia told him she didn’t care that she was just glad he woke up she told him that they got approved for adopting and that there was a cute little boy on his way to be in their family. After Atlas was cleared in the hospital, he was sent to prison for 4 years since the police charged him for murder and attempted murder. Cordelia cried as they took him away but when their little boy came after he got settled, she took him to meet Atlas. The little boy was 5 years old and was an absolute joy to Cordelia and Atlas.

Blog 3/21/24

What’s up guys I didn’t pay attendance to time so now i’m rushing this blog but it’s still going to be a good one or at least as good as my blogs can get. So this blog is going to just something small I started working on sometime ago. This is based off a game I play.


 The Nixon family is a powerful pureblood family. The family didn’t have much power when they first came to England but a few years after they came they gained enough power to almost stand above those i the Sacred Twenty-Eight, but since they were only immigrants at the time no one really took them seriously.

     Despite how their kind outward demeanor the Nixon Family rarely involved themselves with other families in the Wizarding World. The current Lord of the family is the fourth son, Ethan Nixon with his wife Lady Isabel “Izzy” Nixon. Lord and Lady Nixon did not attend Hogwarts, but their children expressed that they wished to go. Ethan and Isabel have five kids their oldest Jacob, their *second son, their daughter Katie, and finally their *twin son and daughter. The family is very close with one another.

     When Jacob with to Hogwarts Ethan and Isabel notice a change in their oldest so and they didn’t really like but they couldn’t do much about it but it did make them hesitant to send their other children to the school. After talking to the other children Ethan decide that their second son and Katie will go to one of the different magical schools. The twins are still to young to be let out the manor. That was the plan till something happen that almost broke the Nixon family. 

     In Jacobs last year of school he went missing and no one could find him. There was no trace of him anywhere like he didn’t exist in the world at all. Jacobs disappearance crushed the family Ethan and his second son spent all their time going out to look for their son and brother. While Isabel stayed at the Nixon manor with katie and the twins waiting for Jacob to come back home.

   They searched of days and months but no one could find Jacob. Ethan and Isabel didn’t know what to do their oldest was missing but they still had four other children to take care of. When Jacobs birthday had came around the family all shut themselves into their house they even gave house elves the day off so that they could be by themselves. It was on this day that Aurors showed up to their house and told them that their son was a threat to himself and the people around him so if they find him the have to turn him in.

  Ethan was so angered by this that he told his wife to get the kids a pack some clothes for  them because he was talking them to where the others in the Nixon family leave. They were getting out of England that night because he wasn’t going to have his family in whatever mess the England Ministry made. His family was already broken as is. 

Scooby doo foods I would eat.

What’s up everyone. Today I decided to follow the trend that has taken over the class and I’m going to talk about food that I would eat from the Scooby-Doo franchise.

  1. Scooby Snax 

See I honestly don’t know if these snacks are for dogs or humans because the origin of them depends on what movie or show your watching. But with the way Shaggy and Scooby agree to be live bait and go to scary places for them they must taste like haven or something.

  1. Cheese Volcano 

I have an unhealthy small obsession with cheese and in this episode of be cool Scooby doo there was so much cheese relative food but the one I would eat the most would be the Cheese Volcano. Just look at that fountain of melty cheese. 

  1. “Abandoned” Cabin feast. 

So, I couldn’t find a picture for this one but in season 1 ep.8 Be Cold, Scooby-Doo! The gang find this research cabin on the ground of a ski resort. Inside is this scientist who has gone a little mad from his week stay in the cabin by himself. He invites the gang in and offers him some of the food that his butler had prepared. The table had a large three-layer cake a whole turkey and some other food.

  1. Movie Snacks 

I’m pretty sure that this scene is from Mystery Incorporated (Which I’m actually going to start rewatching today). My question for y’all is when watching a movie would you want all this food?

  1. The Grim Reapepper 

Technically this isn’t a food but a sauce, but I’m still going to talk about it. This hot sauce is so hot that it makes your sweat boil as it comes off your skin. In the same scene as the picture at the top Shaggy’s eyes were literary boiling from how hot the sauce was.  


What was your favorite food/or meal on this list. I know that some people don’t like it for reasons, but I want to know does anyone here like Mystery Incorporated. I watched it as a kid. Another question I have is what would YOU do for a Scooby Snax? I for one would never go into some haunted place for a snack but you know cartoon logic.  

Well that all I have for this week guys. Next blog is going to be a little fantastical magical or something like that. It’s going to be a new story I’m working on.

Have a good Spring break everyone. 

My K-Pop Era

Ok this is probably not going to be that long, but I hope the title didn’t scare some of y’all I know K-pop can be a little, but I don’t really care. So, we are going to talk about my K-pop era or more importantly my K-pop Era playlist on Spotify. There are songs in here by the same person or group but I’m talking about the songs not the people/groups singing.


Yes or No by Jung Kook     9.5/10

So, this song is sung by Junk Kook, a member of the K-pop group BTS (Bangtan Boys). This is the song that inspired this playlist, there was no reason I made my K-pop era playlist beside the point of me just wanting and playlist that had only K-pop songs.

Seven (feat. Latto) 20/10

Now this song right here is what got me back to listening to K-pop in the first place. It’s just so good (I know you are going to read my blog Tiara you cannot comment about this song at all)

3D by Junk Kook (feat. Jack Harlow) 10/10

This is a really good song to listen to if you’re just getting into K-pop.


This is Stray kids, a K-pop band I listen to the most. Megaverse actually came out November of last year right when I started back listening to K-pop, and besides a couple of their other songs Megaverse is my favorite.

Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) by ENHYPEN 25/10

This is a group I just recently started listening to and all I have to say is that right now this is my favorite song of theirs well this song and CRIMINAL LOVE.


This is another banger group. This is really the only song from them that I listen to because most of their songs I don’t really vibe with but on Just Dance 2019 this was the only song my brother wanted to dance to. 

POP! By NAYEON 9.5/10

This is another artist who is part of a group but also has some solo songs. I haven’t really listened to a lot of her songs mainly because I like listening to TWICE, the group she’s part off more often.

Make A Wish (Birthday Song) By NCT U 60/10

Now for our boy band crazy people these boys are my third fav boy group. Like most of the boy groups in this blog they are absolutely, positively fun to look at listen to.


OK so that’s it for this blog tell me what you think in the comment. Have a good day everyone.