Steven Segal is an enigma…

Steven Segal was action movie star who was huge in like the 90’s but he’s also done a lot off peculiar things outside of that. It’s actually one of my favorite things to tell people about. I want to preface that I learned these things from a YouTube video by channel called more butter, the video’s title is “Kennie JD and Mista GG explore the controversial life of Steven Segal.” A couple of these things are alleged and yeah, I’m going to be listing them in no particular order. 

#1. Just Lie…and I mean Lie. 

Before he was even an actor he went to Japan which is actual true. But he tells people he worked with Shah of Iran and the founder of Akido (a form of martial arts) who was likely dead before Steven even got to Japan and the CIA…it is said he allegedly tells people this to seem cool. 

#2. ALLEGEDLY married a woman to escape the draft moved back to Japan and then abandoned her and his children to move back to the US and married another woman and proceeded to have a girlfriend in Japan. 

Basically, he came back to the US and then married a woman moved back to Japan with her, they were together for ten years and had kids he abandoned them moved back to the States and got married here then after getting annulled from second wife moved back to Japan got a girlfriend there and that’s when his first wife divorced him. 

#3. ALLEDGELY had his career funded by the mob (I’m not even kidding). 

I can’t even explain this one, the mob was allegedly paying off people to give Segal a better chance to be casted in movies.

#4. ALLEDGELY placing a bounty on a guy’s head cause he was upset. 

This man is a liar…that’s it. He basically would lie about his life to make it seem cooler than it was this included taking stories from other people and making them his own. So, he lied and said he was a Navy Seal, then one day he ended up on open water with some of them and freaked out. Then, one of the Navy Seals were making fun of him for it and essentially said he was useless on a boat, and this made Segal so upset that he tried to put a hit out on the guy for 50K.

#5. Allegedly actually beating up Stunt guys. 

When you’re an actor and have fight scenes they have professionals who perform the stunts. And when you do fight scenes, they have coordinators who set everything up and prevent people from getting hurt. Essentially, you’re not actually supposed to fight people, but Segal would actually just wail on stunt guys.

#6. Get Banned from Saturday night live.

He wasn’t willing to take up other sketch ideas and his own ideas were very disturbing.  I actually am uncomfortable even naming them they’re so odd.

#7. Accused of Sexual Misconduct (quoted by the Washington post as “too many instances to count”) 

#8. Become a Buddhist Lama (tulku) 

Man… I don’t even know… people claim that he bribed the elders to get the title. This isn’t even alleged this is just true. 

#9. Told people that he had secretly been a cop for twenty years in Louisianna (while he was a movie star). 

THEY GAVE HIM A REALITY SHOW BECAUSE OF THIS CLAIM. Me personally I don’t believe a word.

#10. He drove A TANK into someone’s home while being an illegally hired a cop in Arizona. 

He was trying to break up an illegal cock-fighting ring, funnily enough he killed most of the chickens in the process. “Allegedly” but there’s literally pictures. It is also said he killed a puppy by doing this as well. 

#11. Be friends with Vladimeer Putin and a literal dictator.

Bro I don’t know…

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