Frog Blog: Silly Billies!

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That’s right! It’s time for yet another frog blog! I don’t have much to say before we dive on into the info, but I do have another frog fact to share! Some people might think this is gross, though, so feel free to skip. Frogs throw up by throwing up their stomachs! Like, their entire stomachs get pushed out of their mouths, and then they use their front feet to clean their exposed stomach. Once clean, they just swallow their stomach to put it back in place. How cool is that?! (Source!)

Pumpkin Toadlet (Brachycephalus pernix)

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Now, you might be wondering why I put a ‘toad’ on this list. Toads aren’t frogs, are they? THAT IS WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN DECIEVED. Every toad is a frog; not every frog is a toad. But, with that out of the way, its time to talk about these absolutely miniscule fellas. Pumpkin toadlets, horribly, have been described as ‘the frog bad at everything.’ Which is, uuhhh… well, I love them and they aren’t extinct, so they’re doing something right! Pumpkin toadlets are so, so tiny that their ears are underdeveloped. This means that their semicircular canals- the bony tubes in your ears that help you balance- can’t… help them balance, making them twirl, summersault, and land every which way whenever they jump. You can find videos online about them! The underdevelopment also means that they can’t hear mating calls, either. 

Purple Digging Frog / Pignose Frog  (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis)

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As all I do all frogs, I love this frog so much. Look at its shape! Look at its face! Its so unique, weird, and cute! I say this lovingly: it looks like a yam got turned into a frog. Truly, frogs are amazing. It took a while for the Purple Digging Frog to be discovered because it stays underground most of its life. They only arise for 2-3 weeks during the rain! The females are also much larger than the males, and they straight up carry the males to nesting grounds. The strength of frogs… 

Waxy Monkey Tree Frog (Phyllomedusa sauvagii)


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 Look. Look at this frog. Look at how absolutely chill this green little amphibian is. If you look up pictures of them, you’ll see they can look devoid of braincells and derpy, but they also just… look so chill. The Waxy Monkey Tree frog (A weird name, I know) spends most of its life in treetops. The heat up there, along with spending hours in the sun, would normally dry out a frog’s skin, but not for this species! Waxy Monkey Tree frogs secrete a wax-like substance that retains moisture! Now that you know where the ‘waxy’ and the ‘tree’ part of its name is from, where’s the ‘monkey’ aspect come in? Unfortunately these frogs don’t swing from treetops, but they don’t hop! They just walk, apparently like a monkey. That in itself is GREAT and WONDERFUL and nobody should tell these frogs otherwise.

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That’s it for this frog blog, folks! I hope you learned something new! There’s a lot more interesting frogs out there, available to be researched!

Author: Amelia Whitaker

I write my heart desires, regardless of the weirdness and absurdity, and fully believe others should do the same. I’ll read anything as long as it catches my eye, but my favorite genre is sci-fi, especially if it goes heavy on science, though I also enjoy fantasy. I adore researching and learning about all sorts of things- biology, space, evolution, history, culture, and more!

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  1. All of your species’ blogs make everything sound so cute, which I love very much.
    This if the fun kind of learning, when you read about weird things in the world that shockingly exist, and you want to tell everyone you know about it because it’s cool. Your enthusiasm for these creatures is contagious and I’m ready to read more Frog Fun Facts.

  2. Somehow my phobia of frogs never detours me from reading this. They’re so lighthearted and enjoyable and I must admit the first one is kind of cute but if I ever saw the second in person, I’d throw up my lungs.

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