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 I kind of knew for this blog I didn’t want to talk about any shows or any books.   The reason being, I have a ton of movies and shows I can rant about, but I want to save those for later.   That’s why for this post I wanted to post one of my free writes that I used to start learning a new genre.  I don’t know what genre this would be in specifically; I just know it’s not the genre I’m used to writing.  Now, this is a free write, but it’s also an adaptation of something I already wrote.  I wrote a poem named Magenta Lights in my second semester last school year. My English teacher really liked it but there were some problems with it, and it gained her, my math teacher, my mom, and the principal’s concern.   When I remember that, I laugh so hard because I always find myself thinking “Why on Earth do they think I would write something like this?”  I don’t know, but anyway I still have the poem, and this is what this post is based off of.  I tried to turn it into a narrative, hopefully this one won’t send me to the principal’s office (kidding kidding).  Anyway, the issue of what they thought I was writing, is a story for another day and if you want to see the original poem don’t be scared to ask.  Thank You 🙂

Her phone illuminates the hazy pink atmosphere as it lays on the marble bathroom sink. She knows it’s the person she hates the most right now, so she doesn’t stop her tears from making waterfalls to peer at the message.  She just sits on the cold moist floor with her head in her knees, while her muddy brown hair hangs like a curtain.  It’s a good thing though because that curtain disguises her distress.  She only wants to listen to her own racing heartbeat and not think about the roaring music that howls love songs, which only ends with heartbreak, in the background.  She only wants to tear off the crop top that’s squeezing the life out of her blood circulation because the blue Care Bear face mocks her inner demons.  She only wants to smell the cigars that spread about the ash trays like lit fireflies and not feel the stickiness of most likely someone’s inner dignity beneath her.  Which was unfortunate because it makes her think about how soon her own dignity would be swirling in waves of shame down the abashment bowl.  She sighs and lays her head on the barriers that defend her from the plastics she’s learned to love. Reflecting, finding the point when she believed she needed to be here. 

Her phone illuminated the pastel paper atmosphere that embraced the cloud LED lights from her room. She knew it was the person that she loved the most at the moment.  That’s why she ran faster than lightning to pick her phone off of her fuzz sea green sheets that were a shield enveloping her in a soundproof mind during the bashful nights.  It was comical to her when she would find herself giggling and turning shades of magenta when she read the morning woes and the nightly serenades.    She would always take her time to wipe the puddles of laughter to study and analyze each message.  Her stuffies would turn away from her moments of shamelessness.  Though she didn’t pay attention when she rolled around the bed allowing her chocolate brown hair to halo the bed in angel wings.  It was a bad thing though because it always created static that would sting more pleasantly than her heart would.   She only wanted to listen to his words of love and commitment that made her heartbeat and not think about the scenarios that all their doubters come up with.  She only wanted to wrap herself in the crop top that he gave her for Christmas because the Care Bear makes her blood warm when she thinks about the symbolism of its fate.  She only wanted to smell his cologne as it spread through her room every evening when he came to visit her. Not feel the dread in her lower throat when that girl pointed out soon her dignity would become a trophy he’ll have to show while his guilt is beneath him.  Which was fortunate because she could express how he cherishes her dignity, allowing it to flow in his gilded bowl that holds her significance for him.  She sighed and laid her head on the pillow that absorbed her tears that form under the statements of the plastics that hate her.  Reflected, finding any truth that she is wrong when her world will turn upside down. 

Her phone illuminates the blurred darkness that fumes from her misguided brain.   The blue-ray light makes it past her eyelids that are fighting for life to be open.   As her gummy gaze looks at the mirrored screen, she knows it’s the person she can’t stop thinking about the most.   She looks around on the soaked floor, grimacing as her stringy hair pelts on her face like milked straw.   The phone keeps lighting up repeatedly, the vibration contrasting from her numb heart. She is tired of it so she blows her runny nose in her Care Bear top, letting the snot scrunch the smile into a frown.  She only wants to tune out all of the doubts that are actually concerns, from her mind.  She wants to shove the ashtray off the sink, crashing to the floor, because it’s not fair that people want to damage their lungs while she’s suffering from a broken heart.  Then it hurts.  It hurts so badly which is unfortunate because it overbears the pain in her belly as dignity becomes blood curdling.  She takes deep breaths above the sink drinking backup what she refuses to have come out.  Because it isn’t worth it.  The grotesque growl of the music gets louder as the lights bounce from yellow to red, from red to green, from green to blue, from blue to magenta until it stops when the barrier breaks letting in the white pale light of the plastics that aren’t recyclable and actually loves her.  She sighs and lays her head on a chest while a hand rubs her back.   As they lead her into the vivid night that is suffocating, she reflects on what point did her heart decide it can repair. 












Author: Tiara Jones

This is Tiara J and I love reading and writing Mystery and Thriller. "Blood Will Tell" is one of my favorite novels and "Law and Order" is my go to binge. I’m not dark, I just write for the shy little girl years behind me while also obsessing over R.L Stine. Favorite Quote: “ I always wanted to be funny. I never really planned to be scary.” -R.L. Stine

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  1. I love this! The different ways the hair is described depending on her emotions is a neat detail, and I love how her emotions switch from hate, to love, to hate!

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