Do You Remember?

                                                         Hello fellow peers! 


  Have you ever come across one of those Tik Toks or YouTube shorts that bring up past games or shows from your childhood that you’ve forgotten about?  Yes?  Well, me too.  So, for this post I want to see if I can invoke some nostalgia for you and see if you remember any of these shows.  If you don’t; it’s okay, if you do; you can come cry in the corner with me as you reflect on how far you’ve grown. It has happened to me plenty of times (kidding, I don’t cry in corners) I’m also ranking them 1-10 to see which ones I should’ve remembered the most.    

          6/10 Foster Home for Imaginary Friends 


This show itself was on Boomerang, which was the channel after Cartoon Network, but I don’t remember what they call it.   It was one of those shows that just popped up on the TV one day and you accidentally start watching it.  I personally didn’t forget about it, but my sister did, and she was so hurt when she realized that other people in our generation might not recognize this anymore.  It was about a boy whose imaginary friend took him on adventures in a house full of abandoned imaginary friends who now need homes.  It’s a 6 because I didn’t just really find it entertaining.   

                    5/10 Read Between the Lions

  I didn’t recognize this show at all until I watched an episode of it with my niece and nephew.  But this show right here, I was like when was I so young?   You all might not remember until you’ve watched an episode of it, but it’s the one when that puppet man is getting rhyming words out of his long pants.  His name was smarty pants.  Anyway, it’s a 5/10 because it was educational. 




                               7/10   Oobi


I really hope y’all remember this.  This show was so funny and cute as a child. Don’t ask me how I feel about it now because it be looking creepy but when I was a baby, I wanted to use my hands and be one of those characters so badly.  This brings me to those days during the Summer when I woke the whole family up pretending to be one of these arms.   The googly eyes though, look how they’re on the hands.  It’s so adorable.   It’s a 7/10 because it was really cutesy and now it’s kind of weird.   We watched people talking and moving their arms like they were their own individual person.   How? 


                                 9/10 Jack’s Big Music Show      


 I’m sorry but this show made me cry so hard.  This is one of those memories that’s in the back of your head scratching the surface faintly.  I remembered this out of the blue one day and I could not think of the name.  I spent about 2 hours searching for different ways to find out the name, and I was getting angry because Google wasn’t googling.   When I finally figured it out, I got so sad watching the ending of the show.  You should all go watch it, the lights turning off in the treehouse were making my heart ache.  


                             10/10 Tuff Puppy 



  Tuff Puppy was the best.  The cat spy was awesome and inspiring to me as a younger girl.  I could just not believe it at all.  I was like, wow couldn’t believe it.  Then the episodes were comical and intriguing.  I watched one episode and remembered how the rat made me really like cheese but now I don’t obsess over it like I used to when I was younger.  But I appreciated how it started the phase of me enjoying cheese.  



                   10/10 Ni Hao, Kai-Lan 

    I don’t have anything to say exactly about this, just that it was awesome. I remember the dragons looking more bigger and 4D, but I don’t know, maybe that’s just how it looked to mini me.  But the show was fun and pretty, it mostly gets a 10/10 because I don’t remember any bad aspects of the show. 


                 Honorable Mentions: 



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  1. Dude, I remember watching Small Potatoes when I was younger with my sisters. Also really loved tuff puppy and I still rewatch some episodes of it when I’m board at home. The fact that I watched most of these shows and still watch some to this day.

  2. I high key thought Oobi was a fever dream. Other than Oobi and Ni-hao Kai-lan, I don’t think I watched any of these other shows! It was neat to learn about them!

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