I take five songs from my spotify shuffle and explain them to you

Very long title but yeah, that’s exactly what it is. My other option was reviewing the Papa’s ria games, and while that would’ve been fun it would’ve taken a while. So this works!


2000s Mix: Dear Maria, Count Me In 


Found this one around summer of 2022, probably one of the only songs I found through shuffle around that time and enjoyed. I vibe with All Time Low so I didn’t mind the song, even though the song itself never enticed me as much. The song follows a Hollywood agent down on his luck probably somewhere in Los Angeles. He’s down on his luck after screwing over one of his talents, Maria, who he basically bled dry of fame and success by whatever story she had. Not my favorite, but a good listen!


Moody Mix: Cigarette Ahegao

Penelope Scott goes hard so this is already an A off the bat. Yeah, this probably isn’t a school appropriate song, (I made the mistake of nearly defining the title, don’t be like me,) but it’s incredibly enjoyable. It’s all about what a college student’s like looks like in America, as it follows the idea of someone trapped, needing an escape, but there’s no real time or place to do it, so you end up just coasting along. There’s also a very heavy theme of smoking, as the speaker is implied to be a smoker but not brave or “bad” enough to follow up on it. Definitely enjoyable, I would’ve gone mad for this in 2021.


Happy Mix: I’m Not Ok

Same guys as Happy Pills, this song is like the antithesis Cavetown? Both follow themes of mental illness and acceptance, but where Cave is quiet and soft, almost the kind of music you listen to while going to sleep or nights where you can’t handle things, this song is bursting with energy. It’s kind of ironic, the way the song calls itself “messed up” and “has no excuse,” but it’s not sad. It asks you not to blame it for the mental illness, just asks you to accept it. That’s kinda cool. Also this song would rock hard for an animation.


Indie Mix: Call Me What You Like

I think it’s kinda funny how in the music video you have everything in total chaos and then just have the singer staring into the camera while the chorus starts.
Anyway, yeah I like this song. It’s not one of my favorites of Lovejoy’s, but it’s pretty good! Got a simple premise as it follows someone in a relationship who’s unsure of what the relationship really is. It’s someone else’s favorite, but I’m not big on the sound, and that’s okay.


Punk Mix: Teenagers

Even if I don’t listen to MCR, this song is fire. I actively turned up my earbuds to listen to it just for the shuffle. It’s loud, it’s bombastic, it’s angry, definitely not school appropriate, but who needs that? The song is exactly what it sounds like, teenagers are loud, angry, and emotional, and they scare the fire out of adults. Am I the exact demographic of an angry teenager the song is looking for and am I definitely biased? Yeah. Still rocks though. Top tier song, I would listen to it a bunch of times, but I have still not listened to MCR.


and there! Five songs off my Spotify explained to you poorly. I actually had fun with this one, so might do again!


See ya

4 thoughts on “I take five songs from my spotify shuffle and explain them to you”

  1. “Dear Maria, Count Me In” and “Teenagers” are two songs that I would put on a specific list of favorites, like when I listen to them, I am immediately transported into a coming-of-age movie. I also really like this concept as well, might have to borrow it lol.

  2. I love a large number of these songs; they bring me back to 2020 when they were the extent of what I listened to. I think that you did a really good job sending me back with the use of musical media.

  3. I remember “Teenagers!” I hadn’t listened to any other songs by MCR, so I was really surprised it wasn’t about romance or anything. It felt so bloody and screechy (not actually screechy, but it makes me think of torn up metal with sharp ridges) but it sounded really good!

  4. You have no idea how surprised I was to find out that Wilbur soot was the lead singer of Lovejoy. I thought I was instance when i found the band. Also, MCR has some crazy hits too. I can relate with this blog. I Have 3/5 of these songs on my playlist.
    And if you like Weathers, (you may have already heard of him but) you should check out JAWNY, specifically “Anything you want.” I highly recommend him.

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