Free Writing.

I would consider myself to be mentally strong by my definition of the word, I don’t let others get to me and it will take a lot to bring me down especially if it is by someone else’s manipulation. I take my own burdens and fears well, and I try to appreciate them because they come hand and hand with my dreams, to know someone’s greatest dream is to know the biggest fear. There are tons of science that brings up the correlation between one’s dreams and the feelings/worries that could cause them.  

Though my psyche is strong in keeping me and my sanity afloat, when bared with the weight of someone else’s it’s began to slowly collapse in on itself. I’ve begun to struggle to see where their dreams end or where mine begin, it’s all a massive cluster of the reanimated problems of our day. Our these their fears or did there’s bring me new ones. 

I see their nightmares, filled with contorted faces of people I’ve never seen before, are they even real? I can’t believe that people like the ones that flood the consciousness of that tortured soul roam the same planet I walk, feel the same ground beneath their feet, also lay their heads on pillows and get the rest we lose because of them. They’ve become my enemies, thieves that rip me from bliss every night with their harsh tones. I will find them and bring them to their mercy, make them face the music that they composed and forced me to endure.  

Their peace can’t coexist with mine, they deserve to be haunted by our nightmares. 

Author: Sone’t Robinson

My name is Sone't Robinson and writing for me is an outlet. It's a way to be heard when I feel like my words have fallen on deaf ears. I write out of necessity as well as passion. I've used my pen to write my peace and paper has been the greatest listener I've ever met. I'd encourage even those who don't have a passion for writing or literature to do the same.

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