Minecraft’s Most Useless Mob

Got a much longer essay in the works so let’s divulge into something stupid!


Defined by the Minecraft Wikipedia, “a mob is an AI-driven game entity resembling a living creature. The term “mob” is short for “mobile entity”.” There are passive, neutral, and hostile mobs each within a biome, along with the two (possibly three) boss mobs: the Ender Dragon and the Wither. While the list is most made of mostly animals, villagers and witches also count as mobs.

Many of these mobs are very helpful and impact the game in a positive way.

But not all of them can be perfect. Many of them can end useless contributions. And that’s okay! But what happens when one of them is just an absolute waste of time.

What happens then?


Enter: The Horse.

Now, the Horse is a fine mob, genuinely. It doesn’t do much; except that’s the entire problem! If you spawn in a green biome, as opposed to a Snow or a Desert, you are very likely to find a Horse. Good! However, if you are not in a green biome, good luck finding one as they are only in plain and savannah biomes. And then, if you’ve found your plain and Savannah biomes, congratulations!

Now you have to ride one.

 You would think riding one is simple, right? You right click, or press X, I don’t know what console you’re using, and you should be riding one! Good to go!

Not even close.

First, you have to be Accepted by the Horse. Doesn’t seem that difficult. If you are lucky, there may be 4-5 generated in your biome. But if you are unlucky, there is only one. And that one Horse has a 50/50 chance of accepting you as its rider. If you don’t get accepted, you may be stuck hopping off and on and off again until it changes its mind, and if it doesn’t, sucks, next biome!

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, the Horse does accept you, and you have now Tamed Your First Horse. Great! But when you press A or D, your Horse won’t budge. That’s because you still need a saddle. It’s basically the only way you’ll gain control of your Horse.

Now, I don’t know about your Minecraft experience, but I found saddles very rarely. Very rarely. So, upon finding your very own Horse, the chances of riding her within the next week are already unlikely if you didn’t have a saddle before taming her. Which I didn’t. So, if you want to ride your Horse, your only chance of having anything to do with it is finding one of those.

But hey, maybe you’re luckier than me! Thank goodness because now, you have completed all three steps to taming a Horse:

  1. You found a Horse,
  2. You tamed a Horse,
  3. You saddled a Horse.

Now you may negate exhaustion and cut quicker across your world by—



Oh. Okay.

At least they’re faster than a mine cart; notoriously, one of the slowest modes of in-game transportation.

And you need a hay bale to max out their health?


Or a gapple? (One of the most valuable items in the game)

Yeah, alright.

To cut my insanity short, even if horses aren’t a terrible mob they just waste your time. Just put a boat on packed ice. Oh you don’t know how to do that?

Just walk.

all information taken from the Minecraft Horse Wiki; may contain Horse slander or untrue facts about Horses


4 thoughts on “Minecraft’s Most Useless Mob”

  1. Your So Right! Their only ever useful under certain circumstances, and even then, there are better modes of travel.
    But I think the Most Useless mob is by far the Pig. Like, it provides nothing more than porkchops, and it has the same requirements as a horse (minus the taming part) and even if you have the saddle, you have to use a carrot on a stick. And loot wise, it only drops porkchops.
    Name one time you’ve had a Pig farm over a cow farm. They are, Completely, useless!

  2. I disagree with this cause at least you can ride on a horse I think the really useless Minecraft mob is the Bat. The don’t even do anything in the game but fly around dark caves so, we are going to leave the horses alone.

  3. As someone who was obsessed with Minecraft when they were little, and who still plays it on occasion. I agree that the horse might be not that useful but useless? Come on! I definitely think bats, silverfish (if they’re still around), parrots, and squid? I think they definitely have horses beat for most useless.

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