things i love.

hello. today i’m going to devote this entire blog just to things i love. small things, big things, people, inanimate objects. just everything i truly love. (yes i am running out of ideas).

a long list of everything i love.

  • music
  • good acoustics
  • the sound of a perfect acoustic guitar
  • elliott smith
  • the song “angeles”
  • songwriting
  • perfect lyrics
  • poetry
  • a combination of words that is just right
  • rhythm games
  • getting totally distracted by rhythm games
  • human nature
  • whenever i debate my own human nature
  • sitting down and listening to albums all the way through
  • the fall of 2022
  • my boyfriend
  • october as a whole
  • haunted houses
  • david foster wallace
  • infinite jest
  • friends who love books
  • the way “prozac nation” by elizabeth wurtzel feels 
  • being imperfect 
  • waking up and not getting out of bed until an hour later
  • being late to class but almost on time
  • beating procrastination
  • my obsessive traits
  • finding friends who just get it
  • the experiences people have brought to me
  • my self respect
  • the voice in my head
  • my inner monologue would be better phrasing
  • having ideas come to me randomly
  • writing in a hurried state as soon as the idea comes
  • my family, forever.
  • the tv show succession
  • eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  • graham coxon
  • jennifer aniston
  • my close inner circle of friends
  • hippie culture
  • reading about the 70s
  • learning about WWII
  • donuts
  • going out because “why not”
  • writing in general
  • writing this knowing i’ll later remember so many things i left out
  • my cat, izzy.
  • rest in peace.

so yeah, that’s it. just a simple blog to try and get my mind going with some writing ideas. have a good week.

Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

4 thoughts on “things i love.”

  1. reading these things about you was very interesting and it was simple yet revealed a lot about you

  2. This was a very interesting post, and I loved that you included stuff like “being late to class but almost on time” because it gives it an “enjoy the little things” theme

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