Places I would love to shop but they’re just too expensive

  1. Dolls Kill

This place sells the cutest and most interesting outfits, shoes, accessories, etc. but they are soooo expensive. The shoes range from $100-$250. Their longer dresses are $100. Even just a top is $50. You can definitely see why they are out of range. They have several cute outfits for many events. They also carry a lot of festival clothing and they do have sales often you can see at the bottom of their website home page.

  1. Demonia Cult

Demonia cult it a shoe brand that makes several different types of shoes but they gained popularity for their platformed boots. Their prices range from $65-$200 depending on the type of shoe you get. Not as expensive as dolls kill but still out of my range. I got my hands on one pair of Demonia’s and a very ugly pair I got when I was 13. They mostly have shoes but there is a small accessories section with enamel pens ($8.95) and fuzzy leg warmers. I don’t understand their leg warmers because they’re all exactly the same but different price and color. Some are $27.95, some are $23.95 and $22.95.

  1. Hot Topic and Spencers

Hot topic is probably the least expensive one on the list. They aren’t extreme but their stuff is still high. T-shirts are $25 for one which can pile up if there isn’t a T-shirt sale that day. All of the accessories are overpriced, especially for their quality. The accessories range from $6-$12. They are never real material and usually pretty weak. Most of my hot topic jewelry is broken. I decided to group Hot Topic and Spencers because they both have very similar if not the same pricing. Spencers jewelry is better quality to me as far as the earrings. Their body piercings are no good and not worth buying. You will probably get an infection. Both stores are the same besides the fact you can bring your kids in one and not the other.

  1. Victoria secret


This one is quite obvious and you probably figured it would be on the list. Tell me why one set a bra and underwear is $100? Ridiculous. I own one thing from this place and it was cause I got a gift card for Christmas. That gift card had $100 on it and I still had to pay $5 out of pocket. This place mainly just infuriates me honestly. Women have to deal with having breasts their entire lives, and we might want the bras to be cute. SO make an affordable bra that does its job. Walmart bras work for smaller breasts, but women with larger ones get only one MAYBE two bra options that end up costing $75 bucks for only one bra. I could run on for hours about how much I hate the women’s underwear industry.

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