Five Nights at Freddy’s THE LORE pt. 7

Welcome back to yet another section of the fnaf lore. I know this series has been going on forever but we still have so much to cover. I’m adding lore from the AR/VR games and the most recent game: Security Breach. We are about halfway through though. In todays section 4 new characters will also be introduced, pictures included. Welp, enjoy part 7. 

People start complaining about foul smells coming from the animatronics in Henry’s establishment. Their suits haven’t been fully opened in years. William meddling with their suits caused a lot of bad press for the franchise. William dying, the animatronics broken, everyone he knew dead, if it wasn’t too much for Henry before it is now. It was overwhelming him, and he was struggling to keep the franchise alive. So, in the year 1993 Henry shut Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza for the final time. He didn’t plan to ever open another location. He could forget and push aside everything. Except one thing, his daughter. He had a feeling his daughter was somehow inside the puppet. He didn’t know how or why he thought so but he could feel it. The puppet was the only animatronic Henry couldn’t find when destroying the Toy animatronics. He thought maybe it was stolen. But he still had a feeling. His solution was to make a new animatronic. One he would call, Lefty. Lefty stands for lure, encapsulate, fuse, transport, and extract. He created lefty for one sole purpose: finding and capturing the puppet. Henry wanted to destroy the puppet to set his daughters soul free.

William going missing wasn’t too much of a surprise to Michael since William left him alone all the time previously. As time and weeks passed Michael then realizes this is something different. He goes to Henry and asks if he knows where his father has gone. Henry denies and tells Michael to check the older locations William has worked at. So, Michael travels to the only opened location, Circus Baby’s entertainment and rental. Michael takes the elevator to this underground location and begins at the primary control. Michael was determined to find his father for many reasons but the biggest one was closure. Evan if that meant he had to play as a late night technician. Hiding under desks, hiding from animatronics, and fixing broken animatronics. Michael wanted to give up on this location until his 3rd night being there. Michael wakes up inside the scooping room off the establishment. He was stuck inside a springlock suit. The same type of suit Evan was killed in. He freaked out almost fainting until he remembered he couldn’t activate those spring locks. Circus Baby goes on to tell Michael what the room they’re in is about. But before she can explain two technicians come into the room. Loud sounds of something coming towards Michael was all he heard. He eventually saw what it was. It was Ballora.

Baby explains, “There is something very important that I’ve learned to do over time. How to pretend. Ballora never learns, but I do. They think there is something wrong on the inside.”

Ballora gets opened by the scooper hitting her. With every hit Michael questions his survival. He felt something else though, as if he felt the pain of Ballora. As if he was watching someone, he knew get killed right in front of him. After Balloras torture stopped Baby opens the face place of the suit he is in and tells him it’s so they can find him on the cameras. He didn’t hear Baby’s voice for a while until he was found and rescued from the suit. Michael knew he was there because Baby wanted him to see the animatronic get destroyed, but why? That’s all he thought on his way home, but knowing William wasn’t down there he didn’t plan to return the next day. Michael gets home and watches his favorite show that he didn’t watch on the previous night. Baby and Ballora stood out so much to Michael unlike the other fun time animatronics. Michel knew he was onto something, so he called his mother for the first time in ages. She didn’t pick up. Michel though more and more on why these animatronics reminded him of his sister and mother. Until the realization hit, and he decided to return the next day.

Today Michael would have to fix Baby. He entered the primary control module onto to see the two technicians, hanging, through the glass by their necks. Baby tells Michel to destroy her body by putting her into the scooping room. He enters the room and sees all the funtime animatronics destroyed.

“Warning. You’ve entered a highly dangerous area. You’ve entered from maintenance hatch 1B reserved for cleaning and repair of the scooper. Entering this side of the room is strictly prohibited by unauthorized personnel.”

Another animatronic would appear, Ennard. Ennard was formed by all the funtime animatronics who destroyed themselves and mixed together. They formed into one because they were trying to escape. Their plan was better explained here by circus baby.

“You are in the scooping room now. Funtime Foxy has already been here today. Funtime Freddy has already been here today. Ballora has already been here today. Circus Baby has already been here today. I’ve been out before, but they always put me back. They always put us back inside. There’s no where for us to hide here. There is no where to go. When we look like this. But if we looked like you then we could hide. If we looked like you, then we would have somewhere to go. The scooper only hurts for a moment.”

With that a loud buzzing noise like an alarm begins. Michael is killed by the scooper. The animatronic, Ennard, would put itself in Michael’s corpse at their attempt to escape. Thinking this would work they went ahead and left the building. They saw the sun for the first time in ages. Until, Michaels body began to decompose. They left the body with Ennard escaping into the sewers. Micheal could hear the voice of circus baby chanting, “You wont die.” Michael rose up surviving determined to find his father.

Ennard roamed the sewers looking for any chance to escape. But there was a problem with ennard, Baby was basically the leader, controlling and demanding their every move. The other animatronics were annoyed of Baby’s controlling behavior and decided to kick her out. Baby left knowing she couldn’t win a 1V3. She vowed to put herself back together and become more than Ennard would ever be.

Ennard never fixed its wires. It stayed sporadic. Overtime it collected small parts until it could remake a mask based on Funtime Freddy and create its own fingers. Eventually becoming: Molten Freddy. This left Circus baby to go on a hunt to rebuild herself making Scrap Baby.





Molten Freddy

Scrap Baby

Author: Ava Lambert

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