Five Nights at Freddy’s: THE LORE pt 2

Welcome to FNAF lore part two. When we left off the last thing was Circus Baby’s quote on why she murdered Elizabeth. I wish you guys could see this in a word document because each character mentioned has a different font for their quotes. It just looks cooler. In this post we covered about 10 more minutes of the video source I’m using. Last blog was 11 minutes. I use the source so I am able to go into detail for you rather than an outline of the plot. Anyway, here is part 2. 

It happened because of William. All he could think of was his daughter lost to his own creation. He quickly tells Evan and Michael they cannot visit any animatronics whether they are online or off. William knew the animatronics wouldn’t kill Michael as he was too old. Evan decides to go visit Fredbear’s Family Diner wither way without his father’s permission. Though Evan was sneaking to this place William knew. William would devise a plan to stop Evan from coming for good. One night at 12 AM Evan woke to the sound of someone walking down his bedroom halls. He ran out his bed opening his door slightly to see a nightmare version of the animatronics that William built. He slammed the door shut but after hearing more footsteps opened it again to see the animatronic gone. William monitored Evan in an underground location he has not opened to the public. He made sound illusion discs that played a high pitch frequency just outside of the normal range of human hearing. The frequency is used to overload the human brain of whatever the admitter wants them to see. He used this to make Evan see the animatronics he’s seen before to make sure Evan would never go back. William knew Evan would think these are nightmares. William makes sure all of this happens to Evan while he’s awake so he can remember and feel it to a higher extent. He made sure these illusions disappeared at 6 AM each night. During the day Evan would go to Fredbear’s slightly more scared each day. William’s plan was in fact working. Evan’s older brother was unknowingly helping William throughout the entire process by continuously scaring Evan with a Foxy mask on. William saw this as perfectly fine and allowed it to happen during the day. Even encouraging Michael to do it. William watched what Michael did through the eyes of a plush Fred bear. Though Michael did not do it in the same reasons of William, he did it simply because he was a horrible brother.

            Michael organized Evan’s birthday to be at Fredbear’s Family Diner. He told all the kids in town about this party. Michael had to get Evan inside the diner one way. He knew he could simply by being the horrible brother he is. He would have to bully Evan inside the diner for his party. He gave it a try the next day just to be sure that he could. He ended up locking Evan inside a back room of the diner for a few minutes. He eventually let Evan out. Evan ran back home crying and Michael knew what had to happen the next day for the party. Evan would be more scared to go back after the day and Michael probably couldn’t even bully him into the diner.

Michael brought three friends along, all wearing masks of the animatronics. If Michael couldn’t bully Evan into the diner, he figured the four of them could. They forced Evan into the diner for his party. Evan pleaded to them all, crying, saying he wants to leave. But Michael only suggested Evan gets closer to the Fred Bear spring lock suit. They all picked Evan up from the ground and carried him to Freddy. Evan was shaking and crying, pleading. The boys bullied Evan saying he should give Freddy a kiss. They picked Evan up and put his head and half his body inside Freddy’s mouth. Evan cried and shook in fear. The boys just watched it all happen, laughing. Michael was oblivious to these spring lock suits. Only William and Henry knew that spring lock failures could occur. When this happens the spring’s break and force the suit into a fetal position. Impaling and crushing whoever’s inside. This can also happen when someone fails to wind the spring locks all the way up causing them to burst on the person inside. Evans rivers of tears pored onto the spring locks of Freddy’s suit. This caused the spring locks to interact with water which caused Freddy to spring into his relaxed position. This position included his mouth to be shut. Freddy’s mouth shut closed with Evan inside of it causing Evan’s skull to be crushed. Michael and his friends could only watch at this point.

William heard what happened quickly and rushed to the diner. Ambulances and police all rushed to attempt to save Evan. Evan was in a coma, and throughout this coma he had one endless repeating nightmare just like William’s torture throughout the week. William placed Evan’s Fred bear plus beside him in the hospital bed after being given the news that Even would be pronounced dead shortly. Within Evan’s coma the clock rung 6 AM. He shut his eyes and reopened them to see the plush Fred bear, who was like his best friend, and the four animatronic plushies behind it. In the real-world Michael said his goody bye’s first.

“Can you hear me? I don’t know if you can hear me. I’m sorry.”

Michael left Evan at that. Leaving William to say his final words to Evan.

“You’re broken. We are still your friends. Do you still believe that? I’m still here. I will put you back together.”

Within Evan’s coma, he watched the plushies disappear and he cried for one last time. William left the room after hearing the flat line of the heart monitor.

To be continued…

Video leaving point: 18:30

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