22′ milestones

hihihihihihihi. so since it’s the last blog of 2022 i’m going to put very minimal effort into making a little summary of each month this year and how it went for me//the events that took place. yeah. anyways, here we go !!

january: in january i started my second semester of my sophmore year at yazoo county. i was taking us history, geometry, spanish I and band. the spanish teacher got fired so i didn’t take the class. i ended up having a lot of free time around here. i spent my days with my best friend during band doing everything but what we were supposed to, and i ended a relationship that was draining me during this month. i went to msa’s preview day and met a close friend who was a junior at the time that i would soon be going to school here with. i started reading the bell jar by sylvia plath and absolutely fell in love with it. i was drinking a lot of mango dragon fruit starbucks refreshers. 

february: started reading prozac nation, which at this time i am currently rereading. went to a museum with my family and got a flower ring that i am still wearing to this day. had lots of fun with my little brother. ate a lot of shipley’s donuts. also started reading the perks of being a wallflower. went to an art museum and saw some of my future friend’s art on display. was in the process of applying to msa. 

march: got a huge collection of books to read. auditioned for msa. had the absolute best time with my best friend in and out of school (miss u bunches natalie). got caught in a couple bad storms, had to go to a hotel. wrote about being in those hotels. got super into car seat headrest. played guitar a lot, as usual. got accepted into msa, despite me only auditioning in one area. more storms, more hotels.

april: went to a festival. took my little brother to a bunch of places, got to see him happy. became absolutely obsessed with car seat headrest and will toledo. slacked off in band, took it for granted. got into arguments with my band instructors (definitely don’t miss them). had fun with my best friend and got in trouble for doing so. got into a web comic called crow cillers. started drawing the characters from it. met some people i regret meeting. 

may: still obsessed with car seat headrest. school was ending soon, most of my classes were slow and filled with absolutely nothing to do. i was getting sad about leaving certain people, but i ignored it. drew everything i could. left my legacy on bathroom walls. got a little obsessed with the riddler. went to awards day, got the highest average in english II, us history, and visual arts II. went out to eat with my best friend the last day of school. visited msa for new student day. saw a guy i thought was really cute (that would soon develop into something, little did i know). got obsessed with the riddler. always was listening to elliott smith, but more so here. went out to eat with my best friend and another friend, had fun in random places. went to a sleepover with my best friend, had… interesting experiences on omegle. 

june: not a great month for me. had a hard time mentally. stayed inside and watched movies everyday, played guitar all night and listened to music. sometimes cried. continued with obsessions. started talking to one of my closest friends, a senior literary:)<3. got into arguments with my friends. one of them ghosted me for a month. met someone cool in replacement. 

july: still somewhat hard mentally. was at home all the time, playing roblox and listening to music. learned some tricky songs on guitar. got some records. cried a lot. more roblox. went school shopping. got excited about going to msa, but more and more sad about leaving home. elliott smith listening streak was at an all time high, and i also started listening to alex g. kept playing guitar. said goodbye to my friends and my family. 

august: moved into msa, cried a lot. felt super lonely. wanted to go home. it got better for a moment. i hung out with my friends in their room every night. got into drama. had people talking about me. my friends helped me with that, i’m thankful. started making more senior friends. got a plastic rat named simon. rode my first train. met one of the coolest people i’ve ever met, and they introduced me to an awesome book series (goodnight punpun). had a lot of fun towards the end of the month. played roblox a little bit. got addicted to reign energy drinks (thanks kameron). 

september: got stressed with algebra. somehow was still afloat. spent some time with my family. did a lot of work. continued reading goodnight punpun. had fun working on the haunted house. met a guy i really liked, the same one i thought was cute on new student day. started talking with him a lot. met some junior friends, was really happy for a while. hung out with the guy a lot. he didn’t like me back. we still talked. continued reading the book series. was pretty sad about the rejection, but we were still friends. found a cat on campus, named her walter.

october: kept talking and hanging out with the guy everyday, felt like he liked me. became super stressed. performed a couple times. had midterm exams. cut my hair. did other life-changing things. went home for my birthday. went to the fair with my best friend and saw her for the first time in months. flirted a lot. won an honorable mention for one of my short stories. went out to eat with friends. turned 17. got a new elliott smith shirt. told the guy i was talking to i liked him. he liked me back.

november: started dating my boyfriend. had peaceful train rides. was incredibly stressed with my classes. emotional rollercoaster. started seeing the physical effects of stress on my body. cried a lot. went on a couple of dates. started flaring up a bit. was depressed n stressed. just a lot of stress. yeah. stress. went home for thanksgiving. missed my boyfriend a lot. didn’t want to come back to school. took my little brother to see the christmas lights in a nearby town. got ice cream and food. got some really good chicken & shrimp hibachi. saw my spotify wrapped. i was obsessed with elliott smith this year (always have been). 

december: threw a party for children. it was nice. went on another date, came back with no money. broke & stressed, begging for christmas break. felt very alone. burnt out. went christmas shopping and bought everything that i’m getting for christmas. very excited about what i got. still burnt out though. i want to go home i want to go home i want to go home. check out list made me want to scream. i have to clean out my fridge???@#??@ i just restocked.

yeah so that’s how my year went. cool.

Author: Erin Erter

erin (they/them) is a published writer who creates in their darkest moments.

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