Where I Eat While at School

Hey y’all, this week’s blog will be about what I usually eat while I’m at school. I live in a dorm so I either make my own food, go to the cafeteria, walk to get food, or door dash. I don’t have my car on campus right now, so I’m just working with what I have. So, let’s get into it.

1. Janie’s Pastries

Okay so the first restaurant/ pastry shop that I really like is Janie’s Pastries. They make some great cookies, some amazing chicken on the sticks, and a bunch of other things. People rant and rave about the donuts, but I don’t really understand the hype. I’ve tried them and they taste okay but they aren’t all that. I’ve had way better donuts from other places. I usually get the chicken on the stick, the chicken tender basket, with donuts or cookies. I really love Janie’s.

2. Door Dash

My second choice is Door Dash. It’s usually my go to if Janie’s is closed. I tend to order from Zaxby’s, Popeyes, McDonalds, Taco Bell or Wendy’s. Those are my 5 favorite fast food restaurants that offer Door Dash, so I use it quite often. I usually get a 10 pc boneless combo with sweet and spicy sauce from Zaxby’s. I usually get spicy chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and red beans and rice with the dry little biscuit they give you, but it’s always good, I just wish they would give me more sauce. From McDonald’s I usually get a spicy McChicken with cheese, bacon, and mayo. I also order fries and a coke. From taco bell I get a crunch wrap combo with a soft shell taco I take off the sour cream and tomatoes and add extra nacho cheese and jalapenos with a wild cherry freeze to drink. From Wendy’s I get a Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich with cheese, and bacon with potato wedges and a coke.

3. Cafeteria

I also tend to visit the school’s cafeteria quite often. The food is usually well prepared, all you need is a little salt and pepper and you’re good to go. They also make a lot of the things they serve. Such as the Rice Krispie treats, cookies, and other sweet treats. They offer vegetarian options of each meal, and a salad bar is always stocked and available.

4. Dorm Food

When all else fails, I opt to cook food in the lounge and eat in my room. I love rice and pasta, so I get them prepackaged with seasonings in the packs already and I add water, butter, and milk to the pasta. I only add water to the rice, but you can add butter as well. I also eat cereal. I love cereal; any kind I’m not choosy. I also eat ramen noodles in any flavor, but I will NOT eat the ones that come in a Styrofoam container. I also warm up frozen pizzas, hot pockets, or Totino’s pizza rolls. I love a good cheese pizza roll. 


That’s all for today’s blog, I hope you enjoyed it. See you guys next week! 

Author: Aleria Holmes

Aleria Holmes Writing is much more than an art or a creative outlet for me. It's simply my life, if writing doesn't exist neither do I. I believe I was truly born at the most perfect unperfect time. Writing has matured so much and many more people respect it now as a career and there are schools that teach you how to creatively write. At the same time, most people in the world will judge you, because you don't do what they do and you don't follow the simple unhappy path that they've taken. Writing has made me comfortable in my own skin, it has taught me that there is no other in this universe like me. Writing has taught me to love myself and every thought that skips across my brain, because I am important. I am enough, I am me and that's all I have ever needed to be!

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