Where I Eat While at School

Hey y’all, this week’s blog will be about what I usually eat while I’m at school. I live in a dorm so I either make my own food, go to the cafeteria, walk to get food, or door dash. I don’t have my car on campus right now, so I’m just working with what I have. So, let’s get into it.

1. Janie’s Pastries

Okay so the first restaurant/ pastry shop that I really like is Janie’s Pastries. They make some great cookies, some amazing chicken on the sticks, and a bunch of other things. People rant and rave about the donuts, but I don’t really understand the hype. I’ve tried them and they taste okay but they aren’t all that. I’ve had way better donuts from other places. I usually get the chicken on the stick, the chicken tender basket, with donuts or cookies. I really love Janie’s.

2. Door Dash

My second choice is Door Dash. It’s usually my go to if Janie’s is closed. I tend to order from Zaxby’s, Popeyes, McDonalds, Taco Bell or Wendy’s. Those are my 5 favorite fast food restaurants that offer Door Dash, so I use it quite often. I usually get a 10 pc boneless combo with sweet and spicy sauce from Zaxby’s. I usually get spicy chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and red beans and rice with the dry little biscuit they give you, but it’s always good, I just wish they would give me more sauce. From McDonald’s I usually get a spicy McChicken with cheese, bacon, and mayo. I also order fries and a coke. From taco bell I get a crunch wrap combo with a soft shell taco I take off the sour cream and tomatoes and add extra nacho cheese and jalapenos with a wild cherry freeze to drink. From Wendy’s I get a Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich with cheese, and bacon with potato wedges and a coke.

3. Cafeteria

I also tend to visit the school’s cafeteria quite often. The food is usually well prepared, all you need is a little salt and pepper and you’re good to go. They also make a lot of the things they serve. Such as the Rice Krispie treats, cookies, and other sweet treats. They offer vegetarian options of each meal, and a salad bar is always stocked and available.

4. Dorm Food

When all else fails, I opt to cook food in the lounge and eat in my room. I love rice and pasta, so I get them prepackaged with seasonings in the packs already and I add water, butter, and milk to the pasta. I only add water to the rice, but you can add butter as well. I also eat cereal. I love cereal; any kind I’m not choosy. I also eat ramen noodles in any flavor, but I will NOT eat the ones that come in a Styrofoam container. I also warm up frozen pizzas, hot pockets, or Totino’s pizza rolls. I love a good cheese pizza roll. 


That’s all for today’s blog, I hope you enjoyed it. See you guys next week! 

Author: Aleria Holmes

Aleria Holmes I'm a Senior Literary Student at MSA with a passion for writing much stronger than a hobby. After high school I plan to attend Columbia University to major in Creative Writing (screenwriting specifically) and minor in Psychology. I love what I do and I hope to make a career out of it someday.

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  1. I’ve heard a lot about Janie’s but I have yet to try it, it’s good to hear more positive things about it. I might try it soon

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