What I’m Grateful For

So, I’m gonna be honest, I had no idea what I would post about this week, but since Thanksgiving is coming up and this will be the last post before we’re out for a week, I thought I might make a post about things that I am grateful for. Yes, some things I’ll list will be pretty cliché because it’s what you always hear people say they’re thankful for. But bear with me, like I said I didn’t originally know what I’d post about and this is more of a last minute thing. 

Before I start on the list, just know that they’re not in any particular order. 

Family- now hold on, I warned you this would seem cliché, but this is not really for reasons you may think and not really the family you may think I am talking about. While, yes it is because I am who I am because of them, it’s also because of something else. I currently live with my grandparents and before that I was living with my parents. My mom would try to get me into stuff like cheerleading and soccer(you couldn’t pay me enough to do either of those things). I didn’t like those things and though she didn’t directly say she didn’t like that about me, she implied it in a way. My grandparents on the other hand were very supportive and encouraging and they helped me get into MSA. I am forever grateful for that. I’m not saying that I’m not grateful for my mom, just not that she was trying to direct me into things I didn’t want to do. You wouldn’t catch me dead in a cheerleader uniform or anything to do with sports. Not my thing.

Friends- for the longest time, it was hard for me to keep real, good friends because we could never relate to each other and never really enjoyed the same things, with the exception of my best friend since elementary whom is more like my sister than best friend. As I started my high school years I began to find people who I was able to connect better with and I’m still great friends with all of them now. And since I started coming here, I found good friends and I know I’ll be able to keep those friendships for years to come, even after high school. It was always hard for me at my old school to find real friends, and I’ll spare y’all of the unnecessary details, but I’m really grateful for the handful of old and new friends I have.

My dad- hold up, I know, I know he’s obviously a part of my family. I put him in his own little category because he’s much like my friend as much as he is my dad. I feel like I can talk to him about pretty much anything. He’s also a big part of where I get my creativeness and artistic ability from and he’s also been super supportive when I told him I was applying and auditioning for MSA. We also share a lot of the same favorite shows/movie, and often he’ll get me to watch a certain show/ movie and I’ll try to get him to watch a show/movie. For example: he’s been getting me to watch Arrow on Netflix and I’ve been trying to get him to watch Moon Knight on Disney Plus. We also joke around a lot like I would with my friends.

My writing skills- this is a big thing for me because growing up I was never the best at verbally communicating my thoughts or emotions and I didn’t really know how to say what I felt. Writing and being able to do it creatively has always been my way of expressing how I felt and to be able to put together some ideas onto paper or a computer and make it into a story. It also shaped what I wanted to do as a career and I used to be so worried I’d end up just working a nine to five doing something that made me miserable. But since I know I’m good at creative writing and I love doing it and I know I can apply that to a career, it’s helped me to know what it is I want to do.

There’s a shortened list of things I’m grateful for, hope you enjoyed it. See you in a couple weeks:)

Author: Sarah Lawrence

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" -Maya Angelou

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