Where I like to buy clothes

I didn’t really know what to write about this week so I’m going to talk about where I shop most. I may not do it often due to stress or something, but I love to dress up. I love fashion and makeup. I’m just going to name a few stores or online stores, what i get from there most, and a 1-10 on how expensive it is. 


I’m not one of those people who hate Walmart items just because it’s Walmart. I get a lot of my makeup here, and a few clothing items. I like to gets pajamas and t-shirts from here. The pricing I would give a 4/10 on makeup and clothes. 



Shein and Romwe are the same company with two names. I love getting clothes from here for the good price and cute clothing. I get a variety of everything from these places. The pricing scale I would give a 2/10 it isn’t very expensive. 



Hot topic/Spencers

I decided to group these two together because they are quite similar in the area of clothing. I mainly get t-shirts from them, but Hot Topic I like their skirts. I love the jewelry from both of these stores its my favorite to look at. Pricing though I’m going to say 6/10. $30 is quite pricey for a shirt, and a single pair of earrings is $7 and the multi packs of earrings are $9-12. 




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