Part Three

Quick Disclaimer, I’m currently suffering with covid in my bed so here is part three to a story blog that I wrote a few months ago. 


“JOHN” Otto screamed as John stomped the bottom of his worn out leather working boots upon the brake pedal. Weather from the puddle-ridden highway erupting into the air as the ambulance’s tires screeched to a halt. Now skidding across the asphalt, John’s once calm and collective demeanor now littered with thoughts of alarm and panic as they attempted not to hit the figure that stood in the road.


“What was that? Who was that? Why can’t I move? Why won’t I move”


However his inner dialogue was cut short almost immediately by Otto’s apparent audible reaction.


“Wha-What was that, why did it look like that. Its eyes, Jesus John it’s eyes. Do we go back for it, does it need help? John for the love of God say something.”


“Otto shut up, give me a minute” John interrupts, his mind racing.


They were plagued with silence, not because neither of them wanted to talk, but because neither of them found it within themselves to do so. All John could do was grasp the metal cross that hung from his neck and rested upon his collarbone. 

John and Otto both knew that neither of them had time for this, however they couldn’t move, a feeling of dread washed over both of them in the same manner that rainwater now washed over the ambulance. It was the type of dread that towered over them far more than the idea of any impending consequences that they might have received, and so they sat there. Seconds turned into a minute a minute turned into ten, their silence speaking louder than any scream that they possibly could have let out. It was almost as if they found themselves in a collective trance, whether it was one of their own making or not was not something that either of them were at liberty to say.


“Alright, we have to go,” John said as he turned the keys into submission.


The ride was tense, thoughts of both panic and confusion berated the minds of the EMT’s as they arrived.


“This is the place they said, right?” Otto asked, finally breaking the silence.

“On the dot,” John replied.


The house was deserted, not just by any possible residents but by any authority as well. Not a policeman or fireman in sight.

Author: Cooper Brumfield

hi, im cooper (he/him) i enjoy classical art, writing poetry, and cooking. My favorite authors are hanya yanigahara, dorian gray, and mary shelly. and my main goal is to one day be someone elses favorite author. i hope that through this blog others are able to peer into my inner mindset and understand me through my work.

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  1. These characters again! I love being able to get an update on them; I think it’s neat to have EMT main characters! This situation also has me both curious and worried about what will happen to them.

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