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                                                            Hi Lovelies, 

                      Since I was snowed in my house with no Wi-Fi and couldn’t find any of my books I left at home, I made a decision to go through my old school bookbag until I found something interesting.  I discovered something precious, my former school English class final project.   It was an assignment to create my own art scrapbook.                                                                                                                               Listen, I know it sounds easy, but the process was actually pretty tedious and took a whole week to finish.    Why?  Well one reason is because we had to make a book cover out of paper, homemade paper.   Then, after we made the homemade paper, we had to actually make the art (poems, paintings, dot art and etc.)   I opted for poetry of course, and there was some art that I did, but I think it’s better if I show you then tell you. 


                               Here’s the cover I made out of homemade paper: 


Its contents are leaves, water, flowers, construction paper scraps and a little bit of cornstarch.   It took the whole week to dry, and after that it made me mad because the one I made broke, so I had to get someone else’s.  I didn’t mind that it was someone else’s but I worked so hard on it.  Anyway, it was really thick and kind of hard to pierce through, but we made it work.  


                          Here’s the second page of the book:  My Limerick Poem 

As a little chili I was happy 

Even though my hair is nappy 

Even when I slept in the tub

I still got belly rubs

Loves how this sound wacky

I tried as far as my brain would let me for a grade.   My teacher loved it, so that’s what matters, also I can see how my work has evolved.   There was also an explanation card to go with it, and the one for this poem stated: 

This Limerick poem is a funny rhyme about a cute baby who slept in tubs. 

That’s all.   That one sentence, says it all. 


The fourth page is my Ode to Horror Movies

Ode to Horror Movies 

The night sky is the right time 

To scream out of your mind 

It’s scary to watch a crime 

A look through twisted mankind 

Crazy how people have the brain to write 

The things that makes us faint

Some teens can contain the frightening 

Even when unreal you still shiver at the sight 

Each script is artfully quaint

All posters make it more enlightening 

You know, when I wrote this, I really thought I ate, but now I’m slightly wincing.   I like it for my first attempt at an Ode, but I will most likely revise this entirely. 

This one also has an explanation card, it reads:  

My Ode poem is catchy as it talks about my fascination with horror movies. They’re frightening and enlightening. 

Boom Chaka La, chef’s kiss.  Kidding, Kidding, I tried. 


The next one is my dot art for my friend Kenia, she really did not like how it turned out, but in my defense I tried. 


It’s safe to say that this did not turn out how I wanted it to, at all, but I gave it my best shot.  I had to get an actual picture of her, use that picture to AI generate an anime version of it, then color it in with dots.   This frustrated me so badly, but I really did not want to do the alternative portrait, so I tried this.   If you’re patient it would be fun, if you’re like me and don’t really like doing something that takes time, then think really long and hard about doing this.  

The explanation card that goes with this read: 

My dot portrait is Kenia.  Kenia is a really close friend who handed my years of friendship.  She’s goofy and sarcastic and really wanted me to do my dot picture on her. 

Yes, I actually said that.   She was cool with it, but she regretted her decision immensely. 


Lastly, the final page was my first abstract art.   I loved it, it really calmed me to take the time to paint and reflect. 

There’s nothing specific for this, but I tried to make an emotional ocean sunrise. 

A better explanation would be what the card reads, and it reads: 

In my abstract I have purple and yellow rain.   Purple means calm, passion, and elegance.  Yellow means peace and happiness.  The rain goes down into the rushing waves of my indecisiveness.  On the waves is a box which is unleashing my dark and light sparkly imagination.  

Sounds so beautiful each time I read it, I really put my heart into this.   At least I think I did.  

Anyway, that’s that, it was a creative final grade.  I made a hundred on it and it was kind of fun to do. 

Also, here’s what the explanation cards looked like. 


Author: Tiara Jones

This is Tiara J and I love reading and writing Mystery and Thriller. "Blood Will Tell" is one of my favorite novels and "Law and Order" is my go to binge. I’m not dark, I just write for the shy little girl years behind me while also obsessing over R.L Stine. Favorite Quote: “ I always wanted to be funny. I never really planned to be scary.” -R.L. Stine

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  1. I love this so much! It’s such a neat idea, looks cool, and just overall sounds fun. It reminds me of my sketchbook but writing, and your tone was so homey it added to the comfortable feel.

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