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                                                               Hello Lovelies! 

 It’s that time of the year.  The time when you’re supposed to smell hot chocolate and mint in the air, or when you feel the imaginary snowflakes falling gently on your skin. Or at this time in age, when you hear them 3 gift items you bought from Walmart rise up to $200.00.   That, Time. Of. The. Year. So, that means you also know that it’s the time of the year when you yell at that certain person who’s playing all of the Home Alone back-to-back at the break of dawn.  No?  Well, I guess I’m the only one. Don’t worry though, I’m not lonely because today I’m joining the side of the people who live and breathe to watch these movies during December, but instead of watching them, I’m going to talk about my favorites that are well known and some that aren’t well known 🙂 

 Disney A Christmas Carol 


I’m pretty sure most of us had seen this classic with Jim Carrey voicing Scrooge.  But like I always say, it’s okay if you didn’t and I don’t mind summing this up for you.  This is Disney’s adaptation of the story that has been interpreted almost a hundred different ways, the story about the man that is visited by his ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future so that he can get his life together before dying miserably not knowing the purpose of Christmas.   I personally think that the graphics put a real good eerie vibe to the story and the plot taught me well.   I also want to say that until I was in about 7th grade, watching this movie with the lights off was so scary to me, it was Horror movie level to me.   Don’t laugh! (For those who are snickering with their eyebrows) that scene with Marley still gives me shivers today, especially when the scene is blasting loudly in your earbuds.                                                                                           Point is, I think everyone should watch this at least once during Christmas break, while I watch this about 300 times.  (That’s just me though, I have no choice but to, with a certain Home Alone super fan I know.) 

                                                                                                                         Ghosts of Girlfriends Past 


Oh my gosh.  I know I’ve watched this so many times because of my sisters and I don’t even like watching Rom/Coms, but I adored this one. Also yes, it’s PG-13 and yes, I watched it at eight but like it didn’t do anything really.                          Any who, this movie is a modern spin on Scrooge/ Christmas Carol classic story, where instead of getting visited by ghosts symbolically, he actually gets visited by his past, present, and future ex-girlfriends that he has actually dated.   I promise this lighthearted movie is so funny, I mean listen to this plot:  A serial womanizer is haunted by the ghosts of his past girlfriends at his brother’s wedding.   Also, I think the wife is one of his ex-girlfriend’s) and that one Uncle is in there too.                                                                                                                                       I know right, the tea.  I know it may sound cliche, but it’s not cliche at all and it’s so sweet, and to me all of it was fantastic.  Also, if you’re worried that it’s an overworked plot and that everything is going to be expected, you can relax now because it has a different theme than most of those movies, and if you need a little bit more convincing, here’s the cast list for those who may know these people: 

  • Matthew McConaughey 
  • Jennifer Garner 
  • Emma Stone 


 Polar Express 

Okay, I know most of us have watched this movie, but listen, I just learned that the movie was all CGI, I mean, the people didn’t animate these characters and the cast voiced them.  I mean, Tom Hanks and everyone else sat there and actually acted out the movements and the actual face expressions and emotions of these characters.  I watched the behind the scenes, and I was so shocked.   I suggest a lot of people would love BTS because the way Tom Hanks portrayed every character, he played was gold for me.                                                                      Also, I mean it’s a classic, even though someone I know said it was creepy, it’s a creepy classic.  I mean, I have warm memories of it, and I watch this every year.  So, take this as a reminder not to forget it. 


                                            This Christmas 



If you know you know, and if you don’t, (silence) well, I’m going to tell you anyway.  The plot is starring the Whitfield’s who are finally coming together as a full family on Christmas after four years, and the head of the house, Madera Whitfield the mother, is happy to see her estranged older son, her marine son, her teenage baby boy, and her three daughters despite the fact that they all, have beef with each other.  The movie has so many layers, for example, there’s debts that need to be paid, secret family members, secret kids, and so much more.   I personally love the movie because it’s heartwarming and reminds me of my family sometimes with and without the drama.  So, if you just like movies that are a Slice of Life, and it’s on Christmas, you should go check it out. 


Author: Tiara Jones

This is Tiara J and I love reading and writing Mystery and Thriller. "Blood Will Tell" is one of my favorite novels and "Law and Order" is my go to binge. I’m not dark, I just write for the shy little girl years behind me while also obsessing over R.L Stine. Favorite Quote: “ I always wanted to be funny. I never really planned to be scary.” -R.L. Stine

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  1. Ok so I only knew like three of the movies you mentioned but the two I didn’t know sounded really good. Also don’t do Ciara like that we all have that one movie we watch over and over again.

  2. The Polar Express brings back so many memories lol. I remember the first time I watched it, I was like 4 and I thought to myself, “Why is there a guy on top of the train making coffee with his socks in it?”

  3. Whenever I see or hear polar express all I can think about is the feeling of sitting on a cold sticky floor because kids keep spilling their hot chocolate while we watch the movie. Disney Christmas movies were my jam when I was little though.

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