Things I am obsessed with right now

  1. Overwatch

I have been playing this game like there’s no tommorow. I played overwatch 1 so long ago and recently installed overwatch 2 on my pc. Basically, Overwatch is a 5v5 online multiplayer. There are different game modes like control, escort, flashpoint, etc. You play as different heroes and I wanted to talk about my favorites to play. Firstly, there are 3 options. You play tank, damage, or support. I play support mostly. I have 3 favorite support heroes. Mercy, Moira, and Kiriko. Mercy can fly and she is the most focused on healing. Not much damage. Mercy has a staff for her healing and her dps (damage) is a pistol.  She can also use her staff to supply damage boost to her teammates. Moira is so fun to use because her dps ability is better than most damage heroes. Her left hand heals, and her right hand damages. She shoots the heals out in a stream, and her left hand sucks the life out of people damaging them. Moira can also throw this ball at teammates or enemies because it can heal or damage. Kiriko is very new and simple. She throws Kunai knives for dps. She throws out paper talismans to heal called her healing ofuda. She also throws a cleanse making herself or teammate invincible for a short second. They all have ultimate abilities as well. Mercy’s ultimate is called Valkyrie and it just allows her to fly for a longer period of time. Moira can shoot a very large consistent beam that damages enemies and heals teammates at the same time. Kiriko throws down a trail that allows health boosts and her teammates to shoot or use their dps 10x’s faster. 

I also play damage and tank just not even half as often. I only use one tank because i think playing tank SUCKS and if you know anything about this game you know it is probably It is. She’s a cutie patootie. Anyway,’s tank is a mechanical suit that we call a mech. When she “dies” she is pulled out her mech then your just without the tank part. She just has a pistol in this state. When you are inside the mech, you have 2 abilities besides ultimate. She has a rocket boost and a shield. Now, in my opinion,’s ultimate is one of the best in the game. She can self destruct. Basically, you can throw your mech at the enemy team and its like a giant nuke. It wipes them if they don’t get away in time. 

Damage character time. I play 3 on damage mostly, but honestly I can play any damage. I use Echo, Widowmaker, and Sombra. Echo is a blue robot with wings. Her abilities are pretty good. She can fly for a short time. She has sticky bombs. Then, she has a beam of…energy, I guess, that she shoots out for a few seconds. You have to use combination moves to get kills with her but she’s fun. Widowmaker is a simple but very hard character to play. She’s a sniper. Her sniper charges when you scope in and will let you know when your aiming onto an enemy. She can one shot headshot from a certain distance. One of her abilities is a grappling hook to allow her to get a vantage point as a sniper. Her second is just a little poison trap that she throws own. I don’t see the point. Sombra is my all time favorite because she has so many abilities and she is very over powered honestly. Firstly, she has a small one handed SMG but it can destroy someone’s health if you have good aim.  Her first ability is automatic meaning you don’t press a button to use it. She is invisible. 100% invisible to enemies. When she does anything besides running she comes uninvisible. Two seconds after becoming uninvisible she’s back invisible unless your fighting. Her next ability is an emp. She throws a cube and it deals a decent section of the enemies health. Her next ability is a teleport cube. She throws a cube and it can teleport her very far. Her next ability is a hack. When you get hacked by Sombra, you cannot use any abilities or ultimate for 3 seconds, which is plenty of time for her to combo and kill you. Now, their ultimate abilities. Echo has a replicator for her ultimate. She can replicate herself as any hero on the enemy team and use that against them. Widowmaker’s ultimate makes it where her and her entire team can see the enemy team through walls. Sombra’s ultimate releases a huge wave that can hack the entire enemy team.

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i just wanted to talk about overwatch lolz

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