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What’s up dragon pal’s (don’t ask)


So, you all read the title you know where this is going. So, I wrote this down in my notebook and I’m just typing what I see /kinda/. So, today’s blog is going to be about my top three OTP’s. I didn’t know what else to blog about so bear with me plz. Thank you. 🙂

If you don’t know what an OTP is that’s ok. An OTP is just an acronym for the phrase One True Paring. This phrase is in many fandoms when talking about ships, not boats but the relation “ships” of the character in the show, movie or book. Some of it cannon some of it not.

Now I promise I won’t be like those people who just rant about their favorite ships /I probably will a little bit, but I’ll do my best to stay focused. /

  1. Percabeth (Percy Jackson)

Pin by Imogen Blackhall on Fandom | Percy jackson memes, Percy jackson ...So, anyone here a Percy Jackson fan (I can’t see if you raised your hand.) Anyways if you are then good you already know about this ship but for the folks in the back who don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. Percabeth is main ship in the Percy Jackson franchise between Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson. /I’m really excited for the show coming out in December. /

So, Percabeth… I sometimes don’t know what to say they are just a great couple and if you’ve read the books then you know that their dynamic is just ugh my heart. Even though the relationship took a bit of slow burn it was till good, (just wait there is an even slower couple.) I recommend if you haven’t read the books to do it cause it tells about their relationship better than I can. I think it’s cute when get to see them go from kinda enemies, cause Athena kids and Poseidon kids can’t get along to best friends that rely on one another to lovers that would and did fight Gods and Titians for the other.

  1. Hiccstrid (How to Train Your Dragon)

Hiccstrid Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

I was only 13 when I first saw these two on screen together. The first HTTYD movie was just so beautiful and not just with the animation but the story and the characters. I know I say this a lot, but I really do love this movie. It’s my favorite movie of all time. 

OK now on to the ship.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Astrid Hofferson as known as Hiccstrid to the fandom and the creators are just the perfect example of a good enemy to lovers’ story trope. In the beginning of the movie, they don’t even really interact with one another but then they become rivals /kinda/ when they have dragon killing training but by the end of the movie, they are both just so caring for one another. Now, this might be a little silly but these two are the reason I have slightly high standards for a SOA. Now I’m almost at the max word count for this blog so I might do a rant on them in next week blog but in the meantime if you want to hear more on these two’s history watch this video.

 Why Hiccup and Astrid are the Best Couple in History: Their FULL Story – YouTube

My Top Favorite Ships 


  1. Hiccstrid (How to Train Your Dragon)
  2. Percabeth (Percy Jackson)
  3. Nalu (Fairy Tail)
  4. Damian Wayne x Rachel Roth /Raven/ (DC comics)
  5. Lumity / Amity Blight x Luz Noceda (Owl House)


If you read this and didn’t skip this cause of the title thank you for reading this crazy mess that I made have a good day. 

Cris Out! 

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Howdy Hey! My name is Crislyn Lance, but you can call me Cris. I love reading fantasy books, and fanfics. I love creating characters and studying characters and why authors made certain characters the way they are and how that character moved the story along. I love writing fiction from stories with big dragons to stories about fairy/pixies. I love the feeling of joy I get when I write a fiction story because it allows me to express the ideas that go on in my head after a long day.

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