shuffling my spotify p.ii

Yeah, part two, baby, I was running out of blogs again! (now with verses)


Yeah, this song is one of their best. No contest? Just the drum work, the guitar riffs, the story? my god. The amazing sound is just one of the best parts of the song, it makes me want to learn to those instruments. The story too, is honestly really interesting. (Diversity win: your ex’s new bf uses he/they.) This is a great song to introduce to someone if they haven’t listened to the band.

And I can still smell her perfume.
Did it rub off on you?


She’s known for her mellow songs, but yknow what, Strawberry Blond is one of my favorite songs, I’ll say it. Reminiscent of summer and spring, it calls on something ethereal. But what most people misinterpret is the idea that the ethereal is attained in the song. It instead, calls on something entirely unattainable, as the singer watches and grapples with Eurocentric beauty standards in dating. All I need, darling, is a life in your shape. I picture it soft, and I ache.

I love everybody because I love you
When you stood up, walked away barefoot
And the grass where you lay left a bed in your shape
I looked over it and I ached
(Look at you, Strawberry Blonde)

DAILY MIX 3: MONSTERS (feat. Blackbear, All Time Low)

This song just kinda goes. The guitar and drum work is really solid and All Time Low works with the punk of the song, but I don’t have much to say. It’s not a bad song. The story I actually quite like. The singer struggles with a toxic relationship and battles mental health, being unable to sleep at night and then going back to your ex who doesn’t treat you right either. Addiction, paranoia, toxic partners, all sorts of “monsters.”

Why am I a sucker for all your lies?
Strung out like laundry on every line
Why do I come back to you
Like I don’t mind if you ruin up my life?

DAILY MIX 4: skip. I really don’t like my daily mix 4.



You know the feeling you get in dreams where you fall endlessly and endlessly until you wake up? That’s what this song feels like. Falling down, down, down endlessly. But aside from sound or song, the meaning’s pretty good. Butches being characteristically seen as strong or unable to be perceived as weak, but disregarding it for their partner, who they love very much.

I talk real slow and speak real low
Hoping she’ll lean into me
And we just laugh ’cause what was that?
We can’t take ourselves seriously


I don’t think I’ve ever listened to this song in full. Genuinely. I think I’ve heard the “YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE YOUR EYES, IF TEN MILLION FIREFLIES” like 80 times and that’s it, that’s all I know of the song. And I have to say, I agree, I would not believe my eyes if ten million fireflies. (lit up the world as I fell asleep)

A foxtrot above my head
A sock hop beneath my bed
A disco ball is just hanging by a thread (thread, thread)

(what even are those lyrics)

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  1. Mitski is truly one of the greatest treasures of this generation, also Rio Romeo’s music and I have quite the history, ESPECIALLY butch 4 butch. It still has a special place in my heart.

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