Summarizing the five night’s at freddy’s lore (from an outsider’s perspective)

Tw: child death

I think one of the seniors did this last year, but they actually knew the lore. I don’t 🙂

I’m FNAF adjacent if anything. If one of my friends talks about FNAF, I pick up on the lore, if I find tidbits of it, I might read more, and I’ve watched like two or three game theory videos. Surprisingly, I came out of it with a lot of lore. That said, summarizing the first three games and a little bit of franchise lore, let’s see if I can cap at 600 words and string together a plot line out of this mess using a series of crumbs and loose canon!


Somewhere, in the 1970s or 80s but definitely BEFORE 1983, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria opened its doors. A children’s playground, it spread across America, or something, amassing a franchise of animatronic bears, chickens, and bunnies. Or maybe it didn’t! Maybe it was one little murder hut where a bunch of kids got killed and someone in the FNAF universe said “hey that’s a great idea!” and they kept bringing the place back over and over again or maybe William Afton had a ton of money and he kept rebuilding the place? After.. Not getting caught for all the definite corpses in his restaurant? Something like that.

Oh yeah, the owner of Fazbear’s Pizza is William Afton.

There’s three things you need to know about William Afton: he has three kids, he runs the pizzeria franchise, and he loves child murder. He’s Papa Louie except with lots more death, OSHA violations, possible lawsuits, and mascots. Why he murders the children, aside from pure evil and a growing urge to kill, is unknown, although the sixth game hints that it may have something to do with his dead daughter, who was possibly the first child death? Or maybe he killed her first? Or maybe his wife died before that? No direct links have been drawn between these two events.

Supposedly, while running the children’s pizzeria, Afton would take children into a back alley and kill them. Supposedly, this was his “night hobby.” Afterward, to dispose of the evidence, their dead bodies would be stuffed into animatronic suits, and there, their ghosts would bring the animatronics to life. The dead children, now unable to function normally, work for the pizzeria in the daytime but when nightime comes, they become volatile, hunting security guards and anyone deemed a threat. William Afton, to escape this, dresses up as Springtrap, a mangled bodysuit. Somehow by game three, he’s fully possessed Springtrap. That is just William Afton in a bunny costume (no shame.)

Now, instead of various enemies of chickens animatronics, Fredbears, and whatever the Hell (captilized because Hell is canon to the FNAF universe) the rest of them are, your primary villain in FNAF 3 is William himself, haunting the now defunct original Freddy Fazbears along with phantom versions of the animatronics. Congrats!

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  1. I’m surprised this game has so much lore. I knew it did have lore in general, but if this is just a snippet of it, The tip of the iceberg, there must be mountains of it. I’ve never played any of the FNAF games, I’ll have to check them out.

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