See you later, MSA!

Agh! I can’t believe junior is already almost over; I swear it was like yesterday we were all outside ringing the bell. This is my last post for the school year which means that the next time you hear from me, I will be a senior(that’s a slightly scary thought). For my last post, I will do a self reflection of how I’ve grown as a person and a writer. This is is simply a long, boring paragraph of how much I have changed as a person for the better and as a writer and artist. If upcoming juniors ever read this post, I would hope this could relieve some of that anxiety that comes with moving into a completely new learning and living environment. Anyways, without further ado, please enjoy.

Ever since kindergarten, I have attended North Pike which, if y’all don’t know, is a very big school and not the best place to be(I won’t get into details). One of the things I will say though is that I was always self conscious about certain things, including how I was around friends and my style of clothing(to name only a couple). The students at my old school were in general just not the best people to be around and it was especially difficult for someone who really  loves art and reading like me because of course that was considered very weird. When I started coming here, I deeply appreciated how weird was the normal and that different kinds of weird were welcome and embraced. One of my biggest worries was that I wasn’t gonna be able to make any new friends, but that was changed quite literally on day one. Throughout the year, I gradually became a more outgoing person although I still consider myself very ambiverted. I was not at all the kind of person to spend her days going out just doing whatever and to this day that is still not my go-to thing but if invited by friends, I’ll be more than willing to go and have fun. I like to think that I also became a more assertive person since attending here the details of why that is are some that I’d like to not share, but you get the general idea. 

As a writer, I used be very meticulous in my writing, meaning I paid close attention to adding vivid descriptions and image and I am glad to say I have been good at that, but the overall plot and theme and other essential writing elements  weren’t quite as strong. I have gotten a lot better at it since coming here and learning to balance out the amount of imagery inclusion of plot and theme. I also liked that I have been able to learn about and write stories, poems, etc. in different formats in styles. I had some favorites of course, but it fun in general exploring those different writing styles. The process of workshop and revision is also extremely helpful because it’s where you can gather what impact its made on readers and they can give positive feedback and critique based on what you wanted them to gain and experience through your writing. There are incidents and projects(such as coffeehouse, Poetry Out Loud, podcasting, etc.) that also have taken me far out of my comfort zone and, I will be 100% honest, I really didn’t like at first but they have overall helped me for the better. This experience that I have had so far makes me very hopeful for my senior year and I am excited for it.

That is all I have to day about my journey so far, and I do hope to grow even more as a writer and person throughout my upcoming senior year. It’s a little scary but also very exciting. I hope you have enjoyed this, and I will see you later, MSA<3

Author: Sarah Lawrence

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" -Maya Angelou

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