Places I’d Love to Go

So, I have no other ideas for a blog, so this week I decided to post about places all over the world I would love to go. This list includes foreign countries and places in the U.S.; these places are listed in no particular order. There are some places that I would prefer to go in a particular season because I feel that greatly impacts the experience. Without further ado, let’s get into it:)


If you couldn’t tell by the pictures, if I ever go to Austria, it better be during Christmas. Christmas in Austria is absolutely beautiful; Austria in the winter is breathtaking. There are a few reasons why it’s been on list for places to go that don’t just include the fact that it’s such a beautiful place. One of the reasons include that the film The Sound of Music was filmed there and many things from  the movie are still there. The Sound of Music is a movie from 1965 starring Julie Andrews that my grandmother dearly loved and she had me watch it a long time ago, and I came to love it as well. Like I said, there are some elements from the movie that are still in Austria and that’s one of the main reasons I want to go there someday.

New York

Barnes & Noble - Wikipedia

So, based on the first photo, one of the main reasons I’d love to go is for the massive Barnes and Noble bookstore(that should not be a shocker). But also, I was born and raised in a very small southern town, so a dramatic change to one of the biggest cities in the U.S. would be nice. Would I ever become a city girl? Never. But, for a short time, being in NY would be an awesome experience. I know that there’s also a lot of history in NY, so that’s another reason I’d love to go someday.

Paris, France

This tends to be one of the most popular places to want to take a vacation and for good reason, too. Would I want to live there? No, but I want to take a long vacation there. There are so many landmarks to want to see like Notre Dame and the Louvre Museum; I have always been a big fan of French architecture and art for as long as I can remember.

Sicily, Italy

I love Italy, and especially Sicily. I’m very partial to Sicily because I had a great-grandmother who is from there. Out of all the places that I’ve listed so far, Sicily is by far the place I’ve wanted to go to the longest; there are just so many things I love about it. The architecture, for one, is beautiful; even the ruins of centuries-old buildings are beautiful. The beaches there are also absolutely breathtaking, I’ve always loved the beach and I’ll go every time I get the chance to. Of every reason I’ve listed, the main reason I want to go is to get in touch with some family roots and to be in the place my family once was.

Anyways, that’s all the places I’d love to go on vacation and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. See you guys next week<3

Author: Sarah Lawrence

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" -Maya Angelou

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  1. These are some beautiful places and I truly hope you’re able to visit each of them someday.

  2. if i were to go anywhere i think i’d want to go up to massachusetts– which sounds weird– but i think i’d really love it.

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