Five Nights at Freddy’s: THE LORE FINALE!! Pt. 11

IT’S OVER!!! This is the eleventh and final part to this series. In this we covered every single FNAF game and a few of the books that contained lore. NEW CHARACTERS AT THE END! I dont even know what to say as an intro so..

            Vanessa made cassette tape logs on her experiences. The anomaly, Glitchtrap, seemed to attach itself into the logs within the files of the tapes. She can’t delete it now. Where she was hiding these tapes was a safe unremovable area. By attaching to these tapes he was given a safe hideout to stay in effect. Vanessa broke the logs into pieces and told anyone who found them to never reassemble them. It was too late. The logs were already assembled. Glitchtrap raids Vanessa’s mind. He didn’t take over her body but now he’s in her head pushing her to do things she would never do. Noe, he is out. Glitchtrap tells her what to do and where to go. She ends up making a full similar rabbit suit, like Glitchtrap’s, by herself in the real world. She did this thinking that William would like it. She would like to imagine the name as Vanny. Much how William named his suit Bonnie. She more and more becomes a follower of Glitchtrap and begins to plan how she will bring him back, but into his own body.

            After a time of collecting revenue from the birth of the delivery service and game launch, Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex opens. All janitorial work was replaced by robots, S.T.A.F.F bots. The new animatronics included: Freddy Fazbear, Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, and Roxanne Wolf. There was a Bonnie variation that didn’t really last long. One night he was seen heading to the game Monty Golf which for some reason he was dismantled and beaten by Monty Gator. Which would then lead to Monty replacing him (THIS IS A THEORY. It has not yet been shown why or how Bonnie is not present but mentioned in the game). Vanessa showed high interest in being a security guard for the location. Someone from the top of the company recommends her which gets her hired.

            Once in this new location she begins plotting on how to bring Glitchtrap back into his body. She used some of the Pizzaplex’s high technology. Throughout the first week Vanessa consistently murders children to “begin the plan.” This brought on more missing children’s cases. Throughout this ordeal Vanessa has been going to see a therapist. The therapist finds out Vanessa has been talking to someone online throughout a crypted conversation. She is getting manipulative messages. Vanessa has been seen over and over in the Pizzaplex in the IT department. Sometimes they even saw her with the Vanny mask. They also caught her searching up weird things during company time such as fake fur to make the Vanny suit better.

            Throughout a session Vanessa finds out that Glitchtrap has been hacking into her personal files about Vanessa’s life that the therapist uses for her. The therapist gets closer and closer to finding out what is really going on until she is suddenly replaced by another therapist who gets replaced by another and another and another every time they get close. Glitchtrap, through Vanny, is killing the therapists everytime they get close to finding out the truth. He is slowly taking more and more control over her, and when the 4th and final therapist gets too close and exposing her to lying about her family history. She lied about the court cases, the trials, and all of the above. The therapist confronts this and asks Vanessa to continue it tomorrow. Vanessa shakes her head no. Then Vanny kills the therapist and hears the voice in her head ask, “Are you ready?”

            The introduction to the new starts of the show begins. A live performance by the animatronics at the Pizzaplex. Freddy begins to glitch out halfway through as if he’s being taken over. He falls out and Chica runs to him but its too late. Freddy gets restarted in safe mode, but he feels someone inside of him. A boy named Gregory snuck into the Pizzaplex and snuck into Freddy after the performance. Now the boy is about to get locked inside the building, so he follows Freddy’s instructions to the front lobby where the doors shut right in front of him. Now he is trapped inside. He had to survive the daycare and animatronics from all levels of the building, even underground. He had to destroy and dismantle Monty, Chica, and Roxy. He dismantled Monty by destroying his mini golf course to cause a huge metal bucket full of golf balls to fall and crush him. He dismantled Roxy next by driving a car around Roxy’s Raceway until she cases him. He then jumped from the go cart and it slammed straight into Roxy. Now Chica, Gregory cooks a pizza in the Pizzaplex kitchen to get her attention and throws it into the trash compactor. Once she is inside, he presses the button to destroy her by the compactor, but it gets stuck. Gregory makes a run for it and shoves Chica into the stuck part to fix the issue and she gets crushed. He sits on the ground and waits for the compactor to come back up. Chica is still alive and grabs him by the leg, but Gregory kicks her in the face and shoves her back into the compactor where it destroys her.

            Gregory uses one part from each animatronic to upgrade Freddy. He needed the upgrades so he could defeat DJ music man with Freddy’s help. All while Vanny stalks him and makes attempts to get him. Gregory and Freddy work as a team to survive all these challenges together. The time struck 6 AM and Gregory ran towards the door. Gregory tries to make Freddy come with him, but Freddy says he cannot and explains the safety precautions to Gregory. Gregory asks Freddy if he leaves will there be more disappearances. Freddy says yes. This is when Freddy gives Gregory three choices. He can leave or continue to investigate the secrets of the Pizzaplex. Gregory stays to explore these secrets. Secrets beyond Vanny.

            They find an elevator leading underground. The elevator leads them all the way down to the doors of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. After Freddy tells Gregory that his friends are down there he says, “I am not me” which leads Gregory to believe something may be possessing Freddy. When they make their way into the old pizza place, they are sat in the room where Henry said his final words many years ago. Charged by the futuristic technology of the charging stations Vanny was almost fully able to reconstruct Scraptrap’s body and transfer William’s data from Glitchtrap into it. William Afton is truly in purgatory, but the glitched AI of him is free. William is back. The company threw all of the haunted, broken animatronics down there knowing it would be covered with the mall. Over time a huge mound of the animatronics had formed. Freddy begins getting taken over by Glitchtrap through the monitors in the building. Gregory uses a button to release fire into William’s room as a distraction. He must fight off all the animatronics on his own. Gregory released the fire once more, and the mound of animatronics takes William away.

            After a long night, Freddy and Gregory sit together on a hill far away from the Pizzaplex to watch the sun rise. The same hill where the first 5 missing children graves rest. Gregory, and for once in the entire story, Freddy live happily ever after. 




Afton in the end and the “mound”

Kids gravesite/ending hill

Pizzaplex’s Animatronics

Names (left to right): Vanny, Vanessa, Moon, Chica, Gregory, Freddy, Monty, Sundrop, Roxy, and DJ Music Man (back)

Author: Ava Lambert

hi hi hi. im avaaa. i love writing poetry and short stories. i love horror, psychological, fantasy, or slice of life stories. my poems have a slightly different dynamic involving mental health and feminism. thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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  1. The last 2 paragraphs really pulled me in.. I loved the elevator and everyone thinking he was dead, but finding out he was possessed. Great series!

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