Five Night’s at Freddy’s: THE LORE pt. 10

To start off, I lied. This isn’t the last part. It’s the second to last. I didn’t have enough time to combine the last 30 minutes of my reference video, and it would be a very long blog. So, just one more week of fnaf lore. 

Fazbear Entertainment was at a standstill. Little to nothing has been done with the business since all the past events. People were always working in the background. The two owners didn’t know what to do. Income wasn’t coming in at all and already low. So, the people went rogue, and not the people at Fazbear’s. They decided to create a video game series based on the true events, and rumors that occurred through out these 50 years. Once this caught corporate business’ eyes, they knew it was going to be huge. The game caught the attention of Fazbear Entertainment and they decided to make an offer. The rogue indie game creator decided to work with them, and together they set up an idea to cover up all the horrors that previously occurred. Fazbear took the idea to work with this game developer to create another game to make fun of the previous locations. It would be a virtual reality game. A game they would call Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted. The company had big plans and ideas one of which being a big location.

            They knew they couldn’t stick to games. That’s not their brand nor what the company is truly about. It was about new locations and attractions, so they would have to make a new location after all these years. Where though? What would it look like? They had none of the previous animatronics either. Who would even be the stars of the show? Being the previous location burnt down they would need to cover that up before the public looked too far into it. That’s when they found a spot for the new location in mind, but they need money. The plan was to create a giant mall over the old pizza place, so it wouldn’t be so cheap. While this video game was in development they needed some source of income. This time they would make money by reselling their old merchandise and creating a delivery service to do so.

            Vanessa, a blonde haired woman with green eyes, was a part of the development team for this VR game. She has high anxiety and uses calming protocols while working for the business. Her father, Bill, and mother had a custody battle in court. Her father didn’t play fairly to make her mother look bad by scaring Vanessa into lying and manipulating her into saying things that weren’t true, which made Vanessa’s mom lose the court trial. She was hired by Fazbear Entertainment to help work on this VR game, and throughout the creation she befriended another coworker, Jeremy. He was the main beta tester for it.

            One day someone at Fazbear Entertainment found old unused code from the animatronics, and directed the team to scan the code to help speed the process of development. They didn’t think anything bad would come of it, so they tried implementing the real code into their game. While playing the game a figure starts to appear to Jeremy. He didn’t know what it was but called it “the anomaly.” He spoke out to the rest of the team about it. They said it was probably a bug of some sort or maybe a glitch. When Jeremey began telling them this anomaly was talking to him no one believed it. Just a glitch.

            They began preparing to fire Jeremy from the business. The team and company wanted this game out as soon as they could finish it. He just kept telling them he was having nightmares, hearing voices, hallucinations, all to do with this anomaly. No one listened nor did they believe him, so he took maters into his own hands.

            One morning Vanessa decided to go into work early. She saw Jeremy standing in the supply room alone. All she saw was a Halloween mask on the floor and ink sprayed everywhere. Jeremy’s shirt also covered in ink. She couldn’t see his face. He was wearing a VR headset. Unknowingly to vanessa, that wasn’t an ink and it wasn’t a Halloween mask. Jeremy cut his face off with a guillotine paper slicer. He committed suicide to prevent the anomaly from taking over his mind and getting out. Once it is reported, Vanessa goes to talk to the higher ups of the compony about what happened to him. Instead, she overhears a conversation between someone else and her manager, Dale. She learns that Fazbear Entertainment are stressing over a possible lawsuit. She learned something else, the “rogue indie game developer” was employed by Fazbear Entertainment to make the ridiculous games he previously created. It was all just one big cover up that the VR game was supposed to fully cover. Vanessa knocks and is invited inside. She was told that she would have to finish Jeremy’s work and become the play tester.



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