my favorite solo beatles songs !!

hello there !! so, i had a really awesome bob dylan blog planned for this week, but it was deleted before i could copy it and save it 🙂 so now i have to write something else completely different. isn’t that fun. anyways, i’m going to try and write this as quickly as i possibly can considering i lost all my progress. so, i like the beatles a little bit i guess, but what i really love is their respective solo music. i definitely do have my favorites (as you’ll see demonstrated here), but i think every member has at least one song i like !! so yeah, let’s get into that !!

paul mccartney

say, say, say – paul mccartney & michael jackson

bluebird – paul mccartney & wings

live and let die – paul mccartney & wings

band on the run – paul mccartney & wings

ninteen hundred & eighty five – paul mccartney & wings

your mother should know – the beatles

okay, so paul is by far my favorite in terms of solo music. his band, “wings” is one of my absolute favorites right now. the band has such a large orchestra in their band, and i feel like that was really revolutionary for a lot of rock in the 70s. paul’s songwriting and voice is top tier, and i have such a preference for it. i also love his solo song with michael jackson, which came out in the 80s (it sounds very 80s). besides music outside of the beatles, i really love the song he sings in the beatles called “your mother should know.” his voice is so comforting and i find that song stuck in my head all the time. 

george harrison

my sweet lord – george harrison

beware of darkness – george harrison

got my mind set on you – george harrison

i’d have you anytime – george harrison

give me love (give me peace on earth) – george harrison

old brown shoe – the beatles

so, i actually quite like george’s solo music, but i don’t know many songs of his (all the songs listed are the only ones i know). i know it’s his top song, but i listen to “my sweet lord” very often. the ending of the song, in which he sings hallelujah in different languages is definitely my favorite part. there’s something so motivating about the ending and it feels so universal. “i’ve got my mind set on you” is honestly just an earworm for me. it’s cheesy 80s music but god does it get stuck in your head. “old brown shoe” is honestly one of my favorite beatles songs, and i only just now realized it was george. i really love the way its sung 🙂 

john lennon

i honestly really hate john lennon so i had to have a photo of him and yoko so i didn’t scream.

mind games – john lennon

beautiful boy – john lennon

happy xmas (war is over) – john lennon

anna (go to him) – the beatles

so i honestly hate john lennon lmao. i think some of his solo stuff is good, but he was much better in the beatles. i think my favorite solo song of his is his most popular one, “beautiful boy.” but in the beatles, i pretty much don’t dislike a single song he sings. but i really love “anna (go to him).” there’s nothing special about the voice, it’s just a cool song. okay enough with my john lennon hatred.

ringo starr

act naturally – the beatles

yellow submarine – the beatles

man ringo i’m sorry. you’re my absolute favorite member in the band, but i don’t like any of your solo music and you also only sang eleven songs for the band. so, that sucks man. but besides the stuff his sings, i really love ringo’s drumming. he’s one of the best out there and tbh he’s just the coolest. ringo lover forever.

so yeah, sorry for the late blog !! i didn’t anticipate losing my other blog, but oh well. i had a lot of fun with this one (i haven’t had fun with these blogs in so long god) so it was a nice change. anyways, i guess i’ll see you next week 🙂 

Author: Erin Erter

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  1. I enjoyed this post; though I’m not particularly a Beatles fan, I enjoyed reading why each solo music was significant to you:)

  2. I like that you chose another topic and didn’t try to recreate your last blog even though I really loved it. I enjoyed this one too, except for the john lennon slander lol jk 🙂

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