Stranger Things with Jilli

Since this is the week that we are coming back from Thanksgiving for this week’s blog all want to interview somebody on what they are thankful for this week, I have Jilli Grace here to talk about how much she loves Stranger Things. 


So Jilli, what made you want to watch stranger things? 

“I wanted to watch Stranger Things because all my friends were watching it 1 and 2 because I saw like the growing popularity of it, especially over this summer and I wanted to see what this is about and so yeah that’s pretty much why also because I saw Joe Keery and Joseph Quinn and I thought they were fine.”


What is your favorite thing about Stranger Things?

“I just really like the vibe of Stranger Things. I like the 80s feel. I like listening to music that I grew up with; it makes me feel nostalgic. I also like the men, mainly Joseph Quinn. Yeah, he’s adorable. He’s my man, and I want to marry him. You know when I first liked the promo picture I thought he was ugly and then I started watching it and realized how charismatic he was and that’s why I fell in love because he’s so cute but yeah just because of the 80s vibe, the music, and the men.”


Who is your favorite character from Stranger Things?

“I have multiple favorite characters in stranger things. The first one is Nancy wheeler I just resonate with her a lot. My next one is Eddie love him so much even though he’s dead I still love him and you know he plays that guitar so well like oh my God Master of Puppets thing was so good did you know that Joseph Quinn played that live on set? I just think that’s so cool. My next favorite character is Eleven I know that’s basic but I just love Eleven. Plus Millie Bobby Brown’s my age .”


Would you recommend that people watch Stranger Things?

“I guess I really just depends on the person. If you want to watch kids running around, doing stuff, and going on adventures, then yeah. If you want the 80s vibe about it, yeah, but if that’s not for you, it’s not for you, and you know what, that’s okay. It’s okay that you don’t want to watch Stranger Things, but some of the crazies in the fandom will get you but I won’t get you because I’m cool like that .”

Author: Simone Smith

hi my name is simone (she/her) and i am apart of the '23 literary class! some of my favorite styles of writing are short fiction and poetry. things that i enjoy are naruto, hello kitty, and nicki minaj<3