My Top Ten Favorite Pierce The Veil Songs. (Part One.)

Hello everyone! We’re gonna switch things up a little bit this week and go into music instead of movies. Recently, I found out Pierce the Veil (PTV) is currently working on a new album in Louisiana, so in honor of that I’ll be ranking my top ten favorite songs by them. As always, my opinion will be included. I hope you enjoy!

10. Bulletproof Love

Vic Fuentes, the lead singer of Pierce The Veil (PTV), says that this song is about being obsessed with someone to a dangerous extent. It’s the seventh track on the album and is honestly just a bop. 


Favorite Verse(s): “I wanna hold your hand so tight
I’m gonna break my wrist”

“This isn’t fair (no)
Don’t you try to blame this on me
My love for you was bulletproof
But you’re the one who shot me”

9. Caraphernelia

Vic says that Caraphernelia is about his experience with missing an ex-partner. He found all of her things around his home and they all reminded him of his ex, eventually making him miss her. He wrote this song about that.


Favorite Verse: “What if I can’t forget you?
I’ll burn your name into my throat
I’ll be the fire that’ll catch you
What’s so good about picking up the pieces?”

8. Disasterology

This song is basically about a “typical guy’s” dream. It talks about girls, drinking and having the time of your life. Vic says he purposely just wrote down the first things that popped into his head. The chorus talks about building something beautiful only to destroy it (my favorite part just because it’s just so good.) This is a very philosophical idea that he has really played around with in this song and some others.


favorite Verse: “Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?
Nobody knows I dream about it, this is my imagination”

7. Stay Away From My Friends

When Vic was describing his reasoning or meaning behind this song, this is what he said, “This is about my ex-girlfriend trying to stay in close contact with my friends even after we had broken up. We all need our friends to be there for us and help us out during hard times.”


Favorite Verse: “I don’t know how you got into me
Down my throat and made a home in my veins
They used to be the rivers that would take us away
But now you only call me every Christmas and my birthday”

6. I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket

This song is such a beautifully orchestrated piece. I love all of PTV’s songs but god do these just hit the spot. A brain itch if you will. When Vic did an interview with Genius about this song he said, “It’s mostly wandering thoughts about my relationship with this girl back home. She sent me a blacked out drunk text once about some crazy party she was at, and it made me all over-protective and bitter that I wasn’t there.”


Favorite Verse:  “But I will soon forget the color of your eyes
And you’ll forget mine”

Stay tuned for next week’s part two of this mini-series! If you’re also a PTV fan please drop your favorite songs in the comments!

Author: Locklyn Wilchynski

Locklyn Wilchynski (She/Her) is a poet, writer, and musician. She is also a senior literary arts student at Mississippi School of the Arts. Her writing has been published in Co-Lin Refractions Literary & Art Magazine and The Phoenix Literary Journal. She won two gold keys, a silver key, and two honorable mentions in the 2021 Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards. She has also won an honorable mention in the 2021 Ephemera Prize. She is a lover of all things crafted in darkness and finding the beauty within that. She believes that storytelling is one of the most powerful forms of communication to open up new conversations and ideas.