10 Things No One Knows About Me

Not to be narcistic, but I literally don’t have any more ideas for a blog.

My Ult K-pop Group is Monsta X

I know I talk about BTS a lot, like a lot a lot, but my heart will forever belong to Monsta X. I first heard of them through my favorite show We Bare Bears, and ever since I’ve been following their music path. The members are Shownu, I.M, Jooheon, Kihyun, Minhyuk, and Hyungwon. There is one more member, but due to certain circumstances, he left the group. He debuted as a soloist last year, and still has ties with his life long brothers. It was one of the worst days of my life, but Wonho is doing so well now and I love to see him living his life to the fullest.

I first fell in love with writing through Spoken Word

I first watched someone perform spoken word at a school assembly. It was about gun violence and I loved how so much emotion could be shown through such poetic ways. I still remember how excited I was to go home and watch more spoken word pieces on my Aunt’s iPad. I started to write pieces in the 4th grade with the help of one of my favorite teachers. I think I still have the papers somewhere, hidden in a dark corner. Writing poetry led me to write a short novelette of some sorts a year later that I received an award for in the 5th grade. From there my love for writing kept growing.

I can speak enough Korean to survive a day

So I started to really get into Kdramas when the pandemic hit. I have no problem reading the subtitles, but I began to grow very curious about different languages. I really began to question why English was kind of like the default language and how there are so many different languages. So, I started to study Korean. I’ve been learning for almost a year now, but I only know enough for necessities. I know how to write and pronounce words, but I still have trouble knowing what they mean and forming sentences. I had a study group, but no one was as consistent, so I could blame it on not having enough motivation. I really would like to visit South Korea one day and be able to survive on my own. I also really want to study linguistics and history of different languages and cultures, so learning Korean and the culture is like a very great start.

Before last week, I’ve never heard of 10 Things I Hate About You

Uh, my suitemate told me about this movie. Honestly, I’ve been living under a rock because this was one of the greatest throwback Romcoms I’ve ever watched. 10/10 would recommend solely for Heath Ledger and the teacher.

My Favorite Anime will forever always be Ouran High School Host Club

Now I understand how problematic some parts of this show was. I do not agree with those values, nor do I support them at all. However the slow burn romance between Haruhi and the other members of the Host Club was the absolute highlight of the show. Despite what other fans may think about the relationship between Haruhi and Tamaki, I personally think they don’t make the perfect couple. If you think about it Haruhi and (I think) Kaoru are practically soulmates. I could go on a rant about how much I want them to be together, but the fact of the matter is, we’ll never find out 🙁

I Cannot Draw To Save My Life, but I Think I Can Paint Pretty Well

Like a lot of people I’ve had a lot a free time on my hands throughout the pandemic. So, I took up painting as a hobby. I haven’t had much time to paint since coming to MSA, but it still one of my hidden passions.

I Wrote an Entire Album in the 7th Grade

This is so embarrassing, but I used to be a “rapper”. Really all I did was turn my poetry into songs and people seemed to like that. I was actually in a rap group, but we broke up due to unforeseen reasons. Please don’t look it up, but I performed in a lot of local Talent Shows. I was supported by my old Band Director. He considered himself my producer and would help me record some of these songs and would even make beats for me. Luckily, I lost the files. Now that I’m older and a little less cringe, I think I can go back and rewrite it. Needless to say, I am lyrically gifted:)

I can play 7 instruments

So when I first joined my home school’s marching band I started off on flute. Everybody thought I was made for it, so that’s what I chose. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be a drummer. So it took me like four months to master the flute, then I got upgraded to piccolo. But I decided to learn more instruments. I switched to the drumline in eight grade and learned to play the bass drum, snare drum, quads, cymbals, and tenor drum. Our band director made sure that everyone on the drumline would be able to play all of the drums in case someone was ever sick and to have more things we could audition for college with. He also knew that I wanted to learn more, so he taught me to play piano xylophone, and trumpet. The summer before he left, he got me a bass guitar, so that we could have a jazz band. Little did I know that it was going to be his parting gift. I am so grateful to have a caring teacher that was willing to work with me even on the toughest days.

I Hate Chicken on Pizza

Not everything belongs on pizza.

I Talk Too Much

Despite what you may see, I am a very talkative person. It just takes the right kind of people to bring it out of me. I wouldn’t say I was known as the class clown back home, but I did manage to make people laugh even when they didn’t want to. Since coming here, I’ve learned to stop talking all the time and just listen. You learn a lot when you don’t talk, honestly it is the best thing I’ve ever done. It helps creativity to flow when you actually listen to sources of inspiration.

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  1. Thank you for allowing us to learn some more about you! I am not super versed on Monsta X, but I do love their music! (and that we bare bears episode lol) Also 10 things I hate about you is my favorite movie so i was so excited to see you liked it!

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