I am feeling a little burnt out this week, so just for fun, I decided to rank some random things that I enjoy!

Of course all of these tier lists are simply my opinion! However, if you disagree with any of my rankings, feel free to leave a comment so that I can tell you how you’re wrong 😀


So for Christmas, I got a Nintendo Switch and have been avidly playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons ever since. I have not played the game for an entire year yet, which means that I haven’t gotten the chance to experience some characters yet. But I think I have enough of an idea of the characters I do know in order to fairly rank them.

At the bottom, we have the “RAAAGE” category. It can only be explained as the characters that make me really upset, sometimes for valid reasons and sometimes for no reason at all. I feel the need to explain that I dislike the turnip seller character because she NEVER shows up to my island, and I dislike Timmy and Tommy simply because they follow me around their store whenever I’m in there and I hate it. The next category is “WHO????”, which are just the characters I have no personally encountered in the game. Next is “they’re there ig”, which is for the characters I have little to no feelings towards whatsoever. The “friend” category includes all of the characters that I deeply enjoy seeing in my game everyday. And last but not least is the “beautiful bb” category, which is my top three favorite ACNH characters. It includes Pascal, the otter that gives you mermaid themed recipes in exchange for scallops, Flick, a bug enthusiast who buys all of my bugs and gives me lots of money, and Sable, the shy Able sister that deserves all of the love in the world.


This ranking is pretty self-explanatory. Of course, this ranking is just my opinion, but it is just pretty much fact that Ratatouille and The Incredibles are the best Pixar movies… and everything in the D and E tiers are just okay. I don’t think anyone will really disagree with this ranking, but I do have some other (more complicated) feelings about Pixar movies that I may explore later, in another blog.


This tier list included every single character from the series ATLA and LOK. And when I say EVERY, I mean every single character that was ever named or spoke a line was listed. So obviously this list does in include everyone, because  that would have been a very long list.

Of course at the bottom we have Mako. Above him are the “ANNOYING” and “VILLIANS” categories. I don’t particularly dislike any of these characters, they’re just the characters I dislike more compared to all the other characters. Next is “cute animal sidekick”, because they deserve a place on this list as much as any other characters. The “they only had like two lines but loved them??” category includes every character I barely remember the name of but remembered loving for the entirety of their two minutes of screen time each. “DADS” include all of the Dads, and the Dads-adjacent. The “perfect side characters” do not have to be explained. These six characters, aside from Cabbage Man, should get more love because they clearly deserve it. “WOMEN” is also self-explanatory. “PERFECT” includes the four most perfect characters in the entire Avatar universe.

And last but not least, “COULD DESTROY THE WORLD AND I WOULD THANK THEM”. These eight characters are more than capable of destroying the entire world and if they ever did, I would personally thank them. Enough said.

Alright, that’s all. Thanks for reading!

Author: Addison Laird

Just a Media trying her best