Overthinking. (Is that a good title?)

Do you guys overthink much?
For me, Overthinking is like a straitjacket, or one of those Chinese finger traps. 

The more I try to get away from it, the more trapped I get.
I start replaying scenarios over and over in my head. Constantly. 

Should I have said this? Should I have done that? 

What would have happened if I did that?

Sometimes all these thoughts crawling around in my head feel like ants.

It’s sort of a blessing and a curse at the same time though. On one hand, I think of multiple scenarios that could go wrong. And if one of them comes up, I feel much more prepared then if I hadn’t thought of it. But at the same time, overthinking has caused me to keep my mouth shut more than once. 

I remember overthinking about the stupidest of things. 

One time someone waved in my direction, I smiled and waved back. And then I realized that they weren’t waving at me, but at someone behind me. I for real spent the next two or more days with that scenario in my head. Like a broken record player. But at the same time, when you overthink about what might happen, and that something does happen, doesn’t it feel like a sort of relief.
Like, “Ok I’m prepared for this.” and you have that pre-generated response.
I swear it’s even worse for texting. If I’m texting someone, and I get a message saying something like “ok, sure”. I completely dissect that message. 

“Was that an ‘Im tired of talking to you ok sure’?” 

“Was that an ‘I don’t care about this topic ok sure’?”

“What if it was a normal ok sure and if I ask about it that will just make them more annoyed?”

As much as it sucks to overthink the smallest of things, it’s probably helped me out more often than not. 

Sometimes I wish I could turn my mind off, and kind of just, watch everything play out.
Sorry this post is kind of all over the place. 

3 thoughts on “Overthinking. (Is that a good title?)”

  1. I heavily relate to this; I am what my family calls a “chronic over-thinker”. It’s very tiring especially since you can never turn it off, I do find some bittersweet comfort in the fact that I am not the only one with this issue. And I hope you will too <3 .

  2. I think most of us relate to this. I mostly relate to the overthinking that doesn’t even let you speak.
    It mostly happens during group discussions so I’m glad to know I’m not alone in that corner.
    *I even overthought this 🙂

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