7Fates: Chako (Prologue-Ep 2) A Digesting, Reviewing, Partaking, Analyzing, Moment

Alright. My love for BTS is a secret by no means. If you didn’t know though…I am absolutely enthralled in everything that is the top global 7 member k-pop group-BTS

For Context: Earlier this year, it was announced that BTS would be doing a collaboration with Webtoon– one of the most popular graphic comic website/app in the bizz right now. It was January 14, 2022 that the first episode, “The Prologue”, was published, yet somehow I still have not given myself the opportunity to read it. It’s now March 31,2022. I will admit that I am no avid comic reader, and I only started because of BTS; however, three months later I am seeing what this comic has to offer.

The Webtoon comic is titled 7Fates: Chako and is loosely based of the 7 BTS members. I’m going to be focusing on the first three episodes, including the prologue, to focus on what the comic has been initially giving as I have started it off.

Warning –Spoilers Ahead– Warning

Right off the bat the reader is thrown into an action scene. It is a vivid moment which I assume is introducing the audience to the main 7 people. There is little dialogue in this action scene which could have easily left the reader extremely confused as to where/who/what is even going on, but this isn’t the case. This strategy actually works for a number of reasons.

For starters, since there are such few words written, each word passing becomes vital. The writing team knew an immediate fight scene could be overwhelming with 7 new characters being introduced all at the same time, so a third person narrator gave a very broad description of the story as the main protagonist and antagonist groups were introduced– the Chako team and the Beom monsters.

The delivery can be compared to a microfiction. Like in a microfiction, one wants to say the most with the least amount of words. This is exactly what they did while giving the reader enough information to be interested but not overwhelmed.

After this, the story dives into what seems to be a few moments in the past before the intense prologue scene. The story continues to unfold by jumping back and forth through time. The actual characters aren’t time traveling, but the story is being told by flashbacks and flashforwards. Now, this is exciting and keeps suspense from one transition to another and all, but I am afraid it can be just slightly confusing at times. Luckily so far, when a transition happens, it will begin with two seconds of the scene from where the reader previously left off. 

I’m not saying shifts through time are a bad way of telling a story at all, especially because the main character keeps recalling lost memories about his past in this story. For some reason though, the flashes through time do not feel like smooth transitions to me. It’s almost giving me reader’s whiplash. I hate to say any negative critiques about anything associated with BTS, but this couldn’t be a truthful review without me mentioning this.

Other than that, through the first three episodes I am having no major negative feelings that would cause me to cease interest. Granted I may be a little biased 😉 I feel like so much and not much has happened already, and I am not sure if that is a good thing or not. I’ll leave that up to your own judgement. 

But yeah! This is a fun story that is outside my usual reading zones, and I am glad BTS were the ones to help me explore other horizons of story telling. If you want to see what I’ve been clamoring on about for an entire blog post check out WEBTOON and search for 7FATES: CHAKO for the weekly updated series. Hopefully you won’t be disappointed. I haven’t been so far  Thank you so much and have a great day

Looking at the Journey

Junior Year. Who wants it? Who needs it? 

It has been…a journey to say the least. 

Gurl, I’m not gonna lie to you. When I heard a lot of people saying Junior Year was the hardest year academically…they weren’t lying.  I don’t mean to say this in anyway to scare any incoming juniors. I made it through it just like the millions across the world who do the same it’s just that-    dang, it’s challenging.

Even just knowing that millions across the world do it though, I wondered, how does that help me? Just because I know that many people are also accomplishing this feat at my age but I have no idea how to get through they year. It seems so hard, impossible even. But then…*clicks the 14 second video below*

This right here though, this right here! When our lord and savior, Nicki Minaj told me that she hates lazy people, when she told us Barbz, her fans, to stay in school. Mmhmm! After that, I had no more missing assignments. Nicki, along with an array of my role models and IDOLS helped me persevere and find the drive to continue on my educational journey. BTS is no doubt on that same list. You know for my last blog imma shout them out! I love you BTS! BTS Fan Chant" Poster by TheEnderGirl13 | Redbubble

I just, I think that’s what this whole school thing is all about. Whether it be your junior year or even Kindergarten year, the point is when you can’t find the energy within yourself to keep going, find it in others. For me, that may have been Gaga or Taylor Swift, but finding who your ‘person’ is is just as vital for your survival. 

I’ve been referencing this as just a school thing, but it can go beyond that, think beyond the academics. 

I remember when I was driving home recently, there was a song that came on right before my final turn to the road that led to my house, but all of the sudden when it came on, we didn’t turn. I told the driver,” Don’t turn just yet! Let’s see where this takes us.”

Granted, I was also the driver and the passenger in this situation because I was the only one in the car, but I still just let it take me.

The song was just heart-wrenching for me because it was from one of my favorite K-Dramas and is like a staple through the show and the lover’s relationship, but that’s besides the point. Before I continue with the story/lesson, here is the song, “Same,” in case you’re wondering though…

Basically the song killed my emotional well-being. Okay. I was a wreck! I was playing it while driving past my old high school. I even drove the same path that my brother and best friend, who have both already graduated, would take me down everyday to drop me off. And after that? I drove myself where my mom would drop me off at the elementary building when we were late and missed the bus.

I left the school the same way my brother would drive us home, that is me and my best Judy, Caitlyn. We would talk about how much we wanted to leave this town, escape from this flesh prison that was called a school and be so much bigger. Bigger than we already were from the other bland, basic kids at our school who were already following the boring footprints of their parents and their parents’ parents. We were on fire.

At first I was so, like obviously sad, thinking back to when all my friends had grown out of the songs we grew up on talking about our teenage spirit. I was the only one “left behind,” so to speak, and it felt like maybe I hadn’t grown up enough. 

Then, I remembered how it was when I first walked into MSA (Mississippi School of the Arts). I felt like the most nervous, least talented kid there. I not only felt isolated from my past friends, but also felt I wasn’t deserving of making new friends with the awesomely diverse people at MSA.

Where should I go then?

Well, my IDOLS came in to save me. They showed me how much I have already grown from that closeted, gay kid from small-town Wesson. My IDOLS reminded me of how much I had survived and been through. My strength was finally realized in a way that I don’t think I had ever viewed it. Even writing this now, I still feel the freshness of this feeling. 

I just want anyone reading this, I guess, to remember to not get caught up in the fluff of what you’re going through at the moment, but to not forget what you have already conquered. 

I forgot the pain and trials I went through all my life before my junior year to the point that, I couldn’t remember how I had ever gotten through the tough moments before. My advice? Never forget.

Always think back to your origin story and where you came from because it will remind you of how far you’ve come. That, and just have fun with life.

I write this for anyone like me who needs the message. 

This is just one of the only songs I could put on here from Nicki Minaj because it’s at an award show so the language is censored 🙁

Here is art that got me through the year… I present to you “Roman Holiday” by Nicki Minaj. 

This is also just a teaser of what has gotten me through the times recently being one of the most anticipated singles of all time!  You can’t make this up. This is the teaser to BTS’ new single, “Butter.” It will be releasing May 20-21 , depends on your time zone. 

Please, again, just remember to have fun every single time you get the chance, and be wild and free  ♥

After all, “Life is a cabaret!”    😉

Summer Bangers!


It is a time for so many things for so many different people, and there’s so much I’m look forward to…but as of now there is one thing I’m talking about specifically…

McDonald's Adds 'BTS Meal' To Menu And It's Pure Dynamite; Here's When It's  Coming To India - Culture

Yes! BTS’ collaboration with McDonalds! They are getting their own meal on May 26 in America and I can wait to eat it everyday and sell out McDonalds for ALL they’re worth. This meal will entirely break my wallet which is already on its last leg. It’s okay though. It. Is. O *clap* KAY. 

What will I be listening to while eating that meal that has been so graciously curated by some of the most powerful individuals this Earth has provided us? All the hits that roll out during Summer.

Ahhh! I feel like every Summer artists release some of their best bops of the year and I live every single time. and already! some of my favorites, I’m not sure about you, have shelled out some Ö *deep breaths* some , for lack of better words, awesome stuff.

My girls ITZY have dropped their EP “Gue?? Who” and every track is like very much their power and energy I needed to get through the end of this school year of endless struggle before the freedom is bestowed.

Girl In Red did her thing on a new album and every track is classic her in the best way and did not disappoint. I mean, we all knew it wouldn’t flop. Please, we knew that. 

Then, Hayley Kiyoko popped back up and slammed us with her little mix, her little moment, and I stan. Her single “Found My Friends” is just spectacular. I remember watching the music video and just vibing so much with her and I was like, are we friends now? Am I who you found?? What? What’s happening right now, Hayley? For real?

She still hasn’t responded to my DM’s but I’m sure we’re still cool. 

All this is to say the music Summer brings is always surprising. It’s things also that sometimes on initial listens I won’t get. But when it marinates and follows me something changes and it becomes the song that just came to me a little early. Those are usually the best songs.

There is also things to look forward to still! BTS is releasing their new single May 20/21 depending on your time zone you live in. It is called “Butter” and please feel free to stream it as much as you’d like. 😉

I just am so excited and can’t wait. Sadly I’ll have to wait because that’s just how things work, but hopefully you get what I mean. 

So I just have to ask…what will you be listening to this Summer? 🙂













The movies

I miss the movies.

Like, the movie theaters type movies. 

Ever since this stinking pandemic, I haven’t been to a theatre since….?

The anticipation of waiting in line to get your ticket. 

Will the movie be good? Who knows? Do we care?

Are you even there to watch the movie? Is it just a thing to hang out with someone?

There’s nothing like walking in

and smelling the butter.

Seeing it drizzle out on the bowl after hearing the popping

of others orders before you get yours.

The tease before roaming the carpets and finding your room.

Seeing the trailers to what I’ll be back for

with buttery fingertips,

I miss the movies.

I don’t want to think about the light that muddies the screen

when someone has to leave half way,

There won’t be mention of the talkers

who get shushed because

that would ruin the dream and escape

of the movies.

The movies I miss.

I’m not sure what this blog post is. If you couldn’t tell I just really miss the movies and I don’t even know if that’s like a poem? I just started writing how I felt and then indenting because it felt like separate ideas, and then I got that…so yeah. I forgot to mention about how I put candy in the popcorn bowl just cause sometimes it’s needed. Makes the heart smile. 🙂

Yeahh, I miss the movies…


To Run or Not to Run?

10 Proven Benefits of Running: Why Runners Live Better and Longer

Run. That’s a word the makes me think of two very different things.

There’s Run BTS, a reality series type thing where BTS do these different games or activities usually competing against each other for different goals and prizes. Then, there is the action of walking at a high speed, run.

That’s what I am referring to. I figured I just had to clear it up because so many people and #ARMY might be confused.

I recently have started running every night with my friend who is about to go into the National Guard. He, Woody, is doing it to try and train and get into some top group or something and I just like running. I always got a weird joy from it, but it wasn’t until recently that I really realized, wow ! I like this a lot actually. 🙂

That might sound lame or like gross athlete energy. I am so not into sports like that though, however I really think everyone should try running.

For me, I go to a track. Even though I am just running in circles along a set monotone view I am drawn to return daily. I feel as though there is a certain liberation that springs up while the run is going down. Sometimes, problems seem farther away, and are no longer gnawing into my main frame of thought. You can almost escape your worries even if just for an hour, or even 15 minutes. It’s cool.

Sometimes even, being a writer, I’ll hit ideas as I’m going and I will greet them and let them run along with me. They take off with me, and sometimes they can’t keep up and I lose them. Either way, my mind encounters and goes places I’m not quite sure it would with my daily routines during school. 

This is why I encourage you to try and do the same. I didn’t even mention you’ll probably lose some weight. 

I also need to mention that this is just my case. Some people feel the need to run alone instead of with friends, and some need to run through a neighborhood to get new exciting scenery to keep the run interesting. My thoughts just do that part for me, and in my condition I just find it more convenient to go to the track at night. All I will say to make sure of, is if you’re listening to music through headphones or not, stay safe and aware of your surroundings.  That is also a circumstance why running along with a pal may be a better option than a solo go. ♥

I say put the U in rUn and try it ! Who’s to say you won’t love it? Worst case scenario you just wasted 30 minutes of your day you may have wanted to reserve for being on your phone. 😉

I think it is only fitting to end this blog with a music video all about running. 

This is BTS’ “Run.” Have fun and stay safe ! ♥



















Enduring the Trauma

Some form of trauma exists in us all. I have seen the results of having a divorce in a terrorizing cult some may call a religion. feel as though some people think the couple is better together for the children. I can tell you now it’s bad apart, worse staying together. The religion” being one of the underlying dementors of it all.  

The cult obstructs your way of reasoning religion. One jumps to the conclusion of immediate ostracizing with mention of a god or deity. Cast away! I don’t know if that should be the case though, and that is not the joy I have to write of. There are nights where things are spoken of or illuminated into the conscious view that will have an everlasting evolution on one’s perception. Loose-lipped whispers and rumors are hard to be believe until you’ve heard so many that those seem like the only tokens of truth from historians of the time, a time and places you were too young to remember or your mind simply helped you forget. It’s a game of trying to unlock an unknown past of messed up decisions made onto innocent minds.  

I used to be carefree on the matter. I would let my mind deceive me into thinking I had no qualms in the matter. I should simply ignore the hard times. It does not perceive me some might say. That was only doing an injustice to myself however. Now, I wonder if it is not the same self-induced oppression the closet restricted me once to.   

What have I learned through these hard times? I’m not entirely sure. I can see that even those much older than me are still affected by the experiences of a suffocating “religion.”  The struggles of, what religion will I bring my kids into? What should I tell them to say when other kids at school ask? Things of that nature have shown me that at least through it allthe only times anyone has benefited from this shared trauma has been when you have someone who understands why you feel the pressure of having to ask those questions. When it’s been related to on a personal level with one another is when the right kind of evolving occurs. Sometimes I try and consolidate when I’m feeling the sadness it has ringed out onto me from its dirty rag to the one person who’s affecting me, but it wasn’t until even just writing this that I realize there were other people, even just in my family, who could help. 

I guess what I’m trying to say with all of this is that there’s just a certain paradise many of us are trying to get to. Sometimes you just have to ask for help before you drown on the way, and then you can even help the other ship get there. Communities aren’t built overnight. People are not one in a swift motion or snap. The shifting moments however, are golden.  

Here’s just a little video to end out the post. I hope you enjoy, it is a new single from BTS. They always just take me there gurl and this video is no exception.




Why BTS will cure you…

Oh, these men. The question of the day: how many times? There are certain people who just do it for me. Ya know? Almost any occasion, there they are. 


Kim Namjoon! Kin Seukjin! Min Yoongi! Jung Hoseok! Park Jimin! Kim Taehyung! Jeon Jungkook! BTS!

That’s the fan chant for anyone who didn’t know… Anyways, now that that’s out the way I can continue. I am what is considered a new ARMY, or new fan, of the group. When I joined you ask? I’m not quite sure myself.

I’ve realized they were always there. Looking back in my memory deposits I can trace remnants of them like butterflies in an expansive field. Whether it be just one song my brother would play in the car, or my friend had a poster. They. Were. There.

Last summer with the hit of COVID and a pandemic messing everything up, I think they showed up again. I swear it’s the oddest thing because I don’t remember the exact video or time I started becoming obsessed. It hit fast, it hit hard, and there was no stopping the transition. I realized they had actually left cocoons that had now developed and metamorphized into butterflies now. I went from oblivion to binging their reality show, catching up on every interview, watching all the YouTube edits and compilations, reciting the fan chant every waking moment, and watching performances and music videos since there debut in 2013. There was a lot of material to cover, and with the pandemic having everyone quarantined I had ALL the time. 

What’s this? I wasn’t ready. A new era was on my doorstep whether I liked it or not. My new duties and responsibilities being part of the ARMY had to be executed to the best of my abilities. What are these duties you asked? I’ll let you read the news report yourself.

“BTS has broken the record for the top 24hour music debut on YouTube, amassing a staggering 101.1 million views, a YouTube spokesperson confirmed to Billboard.”

This is just the top of the board not to mention the rest of the videos we have on the board. *flips hair* Many of us, me too, will stream their new video releases on repeat all day the first 24 hours with no interruptions. I keep the video queued and was able to stream my first a total of 300 something times on my laptop, and the tv, and my brother’s Nintendo Switch, even while I slept I made sure it kept going.

The thing is, BTS has gotten so many of us Armies through so much, so we do all and everything we can to support them and give them world recognition. BTS is always acknowledging their fanbase and other people just don’t realize how passionate we are in making these 7 angels receive every bit of success they rightfully deserve. 

They literally performed in Grand Central Station in New York.

At their first performance at an American Awards show for the Billboard Music Awards of 2017 the fanbase had the loudest reaction over any other fanbase for the American artists. 

We do this all this because this group really just wants to spread positivity throughout the world through their music and influence. That is why Armies try so hard to spread the word of BTS because becoming a fan of BTS was one of the best things I have ever done, even for my mental health. They want people to find happiness in themselves as they are and went as far to start a campaign called Love Yourself. This was during the era, Love Yourself. When the Black Lives Matter movement was affecting America BTS donated money 1 million dollars to the foundation and then Armies matched that in a total of 2 million dollars for the movement. This is just once instance of them doing what they preach. The main leader encourages the fans a lot to study and try an do good in school, and the pressure of him somehow realizing a bad grade I get motivates me to try hard for him. They may have just been 7 kids with a dream, but their impact is still reaching people of all ages globally. 

Here are some videos to correlate with the emotions they can relate/ help get one through. It’s best to use English subtitles to really be able to connect to the song if Korean is a foreign language for you.


When I  am feeling my BTS nationalism I can listen to what I believe to be the anthem of the fanbase. ( Oh lord we cry every time. ) They made this song that reflects on the journey they’ve been on and how they only started as seven and now they have the world with us.

We are not seven with you.”-BTS

It is such a powerful song if you truly love the group and have seen moments of their beginning and end this is it right here. It really is  :}


Sometimes I feel like doo doo about myself, and have no confidence. These videos give me the confidence I need to keep going. They make me realize I am golden, and a bhaddie.

This one has Nicki Minaj and I live for that as well. Shout out to the Barbs!


BTS are here for you and me even through the tough moments. You better believe it. When life sucks and everything seems to be exploding around you, and it gets hard to keep going, they’re here. They feel you and want to help…

That cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You” really hit different.


Sometimes BTS just wanna be there with you to be bright and happy. They want to shine alongside you and keep your mood elevated with them. Fun dance breaks or when you just have the universe on your side.

This song was their first in all English and stayed at the number one spot for weeks. It released this summer when we all needed a reason to dance and be happy the most.

This only scratches the surface with their capabilities and talent level and the range of emotions they cover. BTS is truly, as I said before, one of the best groups I have ever supported and loved. They just wanna make the world a better place in the ways they know best. They are constantly breaking records and have gotten all kinds of awards. Right now, they are the first fully Korean group to be nominated for a Grammy. We have only a couple more weeks to see if they can be the first to win one too. Fingers and toes crossed.  I hope you can find any of their music enjoyable, the rappers come out in some songs and really turn it out if the more upbeat pop isn’t your style. Just saying….*wink*

Maybe “UGH!” or “Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” I mean even my straight brother vibes hard to that one… just sayinnn *wink*

Oops! How’d that get there?!? Anywaysss, I wish you found something on this post that could tickle your fancy. This all may seem like I have a wild addiction and this behavior isn’t normal, but I am only one of an entire ARMY of millions. Thanks and please have fun, be wild, and be happy

P.S. At this point I’ve dropped so many video links one more wouldn’t even be that much. I just wanted to showcase their talent with one of their recent performances that blew me away. Every time. America ain’t got NOTHING on this group when it comes to the quality, visuals, and pure entertainment and here is just one more example why. Please enjoy

























Dreaming ON

Hey dreamers!  >.< I wanted to remind you to breathe.  2020 is coming to an end, and I know everyone is gonna be talking bout it. I’ll just go ahead and do it too though. 

Here we are. Hang in there. Easier said than done. I just wanted to share a story that might give you some hope, and give you some light reading.

I also have a video if that’s more your thing. 😉

It’s about a teen LGBTQIA+ boy who struggles with the isolation this pandemic has brought on, but he reignites life through his memories. I hope it encourages you to do the same if you need to, or keep your spark lit. Thank you.


young teen, full of dreams, was trapped within the confines of solitude while writing in his journalHe grasped for fragments within the files of memory for bliss and lost sisterhood. A sisterhood, not of traveling pants, but a sisterhood forming a Haus. That’s right. A Haus.  

July 28,2020 

You see, a Haus is more than friends. It is a group compiled of soulmates who are bound to link back together time after time within every lifetime and alternate reality. To be in a Haus, is to be with a family of linked spirits.  

While together, anything is possible. Reality becomes parallel to clay, in which it may be molded and manipulated with the ease of a swipe. Each member embodies their fantasies and walks flawlessly. Snatching crowns across the board, while bringing the ouu-ahh sensation. No one is safe from the power and awe demonstrated and encapsulated from a Haus mother strutting with her legendary children in formation. This momentum even shifts the tectonic platescausing new maxes on the Richter scale. The trade winds strengthen and regulate to their stride. Cities may burn in their path leaving nothing but ashsoot, and remnants of those who attempted to cross the Haus. They even 

He chuckled, segueing into a rolling laughter. He was consumed with joy upon reimagining his vivid depictions of previous memories. Life didn’t have to stop just because a pandemic started.  

The pen next to his open journal was anxiously calling to him, yearning to be in action again. He beckoned to the call and picked it up, feeling the cool metal against his fingers. Chika! Chicka! Toying with the top, the clicking sound of the pen asserted what had been written in the past, and what still could be. Life never stopped, only his imagination had. Chicka! The tip of the pen had emerged, and the boy’s face shifted into a smile. He turned his body to look back at his loved, Buster.  

“Buster guess what?” Buster lifted his head from his paws and while turning his head slightly, perked his ears up at the boy, “There is a writer in the house again.” 

For the next couple of hours, only the sound of pen on paper could be heard. A dreamer was in touch with themselves. Life continued, and he would be okay.

Thank you for letting me share an experience with you. I hope all is well on your end, I really do. ♥ 

Now for the video promised! I am excited to share a video called Life Goes On. It was directed and visualized by none other than BTS! They also do the vocals.       ( I’m not sure if that was made clear…) 

It is all about life in the pandemic and finding the light. Please watch with English subtitles if you need to, so you can really revel and understand the meaning. 

AHHHHH! I just looked up and saw Jin front and center looking at me…I’ll try and control myself for the outro though. 

Thank you for reading and/or watching the video. I hope it helped you in someway no matter how small. Please carry on the best you can. Be wild, be free, and have fun ♥

Light Reading for the Busy Mind

Hey. >.<    This week I’m not going to bombard you with another rant or tell you to go out and try something.  I have been kinda stressed lately, not gonna lie. Maybe you have to? 

When I do get really stressed, and I mean the apex of like maximum stress level I have to walk away physically and/or mentally. Schoolwork has sent me to that place recently, so I figured maybe I could provide a short story I have recently revised to give you that well-needed distraction or just a time-passer.

It is a short little gay story about a couple facing their hardships and becoming united through the complexities of IKEA. Hopefully you enjoy it? If not I also provided a video afterward that might also pique your interest…     😉



Trouble in Ikea 

As Kenner locked the door to an empty apartment, Rin got into the passenger seat of their 2013 Jeep WranglerKenner lifted his way into the vehicle and looked over at Rin with a smile. He was too distracted to notice however, so Kenner began the trip. There was little discussion between the couple besides light chitchat. This was simply how it had been. Kenner even shivered at one point, noticing the cooler atmosphere inside the vehicle, and after a while, the young couple arrived at the Swedish furniture store early on a Saturday morning.  

“Have you ever been here?” 

“No, have you?” Rin inquired. 


They walked into astonishment, for, the store was setup as a maze with shortcuts and all. Both of them were as confused as the time they were forced to go to Home Depot. with their lesbian friend, Gale. 

“Okay, well, I guess we just start at section one and go from there, Kenner said. 

The store was spiraled within itself. To a novice, of the store, it may be compared to an accordion knot. This place could even parallel with a void of confusion for the couple, if they were not careful. They did not focus on the matter, however, and would go on to spotlight objects that piqued interest within themselves. 

Kenner immediately noticed something that would look great in the living room against the harsh brick wall.  

“What do you think about those?” 

“Track lighting? Your mother would hate those. Besides, the kitchen has enough lighting.” 

“Well it is our apartment. She can say what she wants. Besides, these would go in the living room, obviously,” Kenner remarked with a raise of his eyebrows.  

Rin quietly added, “Oh…okay.” 

With a sigh Kenner replied, Thank you.” 

The couple kept perusing Ikea for anything that might add a touch of fabulous to their new apartment. Kenner, naturally, pushed the shopping cart section across section, not that he minded. Rin roamed along, occasionally veering off to closer inspect an item that riveted his curiosity. 

Kenner, what about these little glass snakes? I am sure your mom could find these nice.” 

And why would she?” Kenner asked while looking directly into Rin’s eyes. 

The tension caused Rin to shift his gaze to another part of the room whilst replying, “I don’t know.”  

Kenner plainly sighed and the two continued their search for anything they didn’t know they needed. The store kept turning and twisting the couple into many “rooms,” like a labyrinth disorientating its on-goers.  

“You know, I actually love the way this place is set up. Sweden really knows what’s up,” Kenner remarked. 

Makes me wonder what the gay scene is like in Sweden,” Rin added. 

“I’m sure you would, Rin.” 

Rin crossed his arms as his cheeks rose to a pink tint. Silently, he proceeded walking. The couple continued their reticent journey. One would point to an object and the other would give a simple shake of the head to indicate their response. It kept on like this for quite some time. The occasional statement piece may, however, receive a sentence or two of discussion. 

“Now, this rose painting is incredible. I mean, Kenner, this has to be perfect for our bedroom. The way the thorns are so detailed and highlighted. All those Fire Island gays are going to eat this up and you know it, Rin under a lower breath, while trailing off, added, “also oddly enough my high school art teacher.” 

Agitatedly, Rin, why would they need to be worried about our bedroom?” 

Rin raises his hand to facepalm for a moment, but quickly lowers in attempts to avoid escalating the situationI just meant it would look good there. Thats all, Kenner.” 

“Okay, besides, I don’t like how the thorns are so gruesome with the heart in the picture. I- I do not want that in our bedroom. Okay?” 

“Okay. No, I get it. It’s fine. No heart and thorns. Gotcha.” 

Kenner looked away as he asked, “Rin, maybe we could each find some stuff and then reconvene.”  

“Well actually-” Rin was not able to finish his statement before Kenner had walked away through a shortcut. The only problem was Rin had no clue how the store was mapped, so he was now lost in a foreign land of Swedish furniture. So lost, he did not even realize until a few moments after that Kenner had taken the shopping cart as well. This was all new to him.   

Rin tried to actually find something, or at least figure out how to get through the store.  

Okay, well, I am at,” he motioned his head up to the map. “Kitchen?” Rin looked around and saw silverware which confirmed his current ideology, “Right.” 

“These bowls sure arebowl shaped, and these spoons sure arenice?”  

“I could help you find a good spoon if you needed one.” Rin was shocked as a man had approached him from behind, and it was not Kenner’s voice. Without haste, Rin flipped around to see who it was, but wait. Was he the one from the new gay dating app, Cumall, he had seen earlier? Rin pondered as he looked down at the man’s pants, examining, and then moving his gaze back up. Oh my god, he was. 

This man continued while following with his eyes where Rin’s eyes had trailed down to, “You remember me, don’t you?” The man leaned over to whisper in Rin’s ear bluntly, “You know it’s even bigger in person.” 

Rin blushed as the heat of the breath on his ear told the brain to tug his yearning and he had to fight it. He nodded no while replaying internally, I can’t do this to Ken. I can’t do this to Ken.  

“Sorry, but I am here with someone. Thanks for the spoon offer though.” Rin said attempting to escape the situation. He could not move his body or stare from this man. His mind clashing with his selfish desires into a perilous war of morality.  

In a deeper voice Kenner didn’t quite have, the enigma-of-a-man replied,” Are you sure?” He looked around and leaned in ever so slightly to Rin and continued, “Like, really sure?” 

Rin could smell the prominent masculinity wafting from the unknown man. Close, oh so close close enough for a foolish mistake to be performed. So close, the unattainable trust of Kenner would now become even further irreconcilable. So close now, desire may deem itself free and rampantly ensue all its motives. 

“Are you kidding me?”  

A squeaky voice called from behind Rin, and he knew to frantically push this mystery hunk away from him. He turned around with god speed. 

Kenner, this isnt what it looks like.” 

“Not what it looks like?”  


“Well what should it look like then Rin?”  

“I-I told him no.” 

“Oh, so no, now, still allows getting two inches apart and eye raping people.” 

“I swear Ken-I am sorry-he came onto me. 

“Yeah, you’ve said that before haven’t you Rin?” 

As a couple tears escaped Kenner’s eyes, Rin gawked back with his hand covering his mouth, with not even the faintest clue how to reply. 

The man who had been pushed away spoke nervously, “He’s right. I mean I did come onto him.” 

“Get out of here!” Kenner and Rin unanimously yelled in reply.  

Kenner continued through clenched jaws, Rin, you too. 

Rin attempted to near Kenner but was struck with a vicious amount of force in return. Falling to the ground backwards Rin looked up at Kenner speechless. 

“You’ve never hurt me before…Ken you promised you would never hurt me after we talked that night on the balcony.” 

“I guess I should have made you promise the same then. Foolish of me, wasn’t it?” Kenner released his sigh. 

Ken,” Rin leaned over into the shelf of oriental plates and brought his legs and arms towards himself. He began to outwardly unleash his sorrowhis wails were unheard by Kenner except for one other time. Kenner paused to watch, and he couldn’t help but see himself. A man who has been hurt. A man who is causing pain to others due to that hurt. They weren’t so different. 

KKen, I’m so sorry. You know I never meant to make y-you feel like,” Rin struggled at attempting to vocalize his remorse. His tears were on-flowing. There were even slight convulsions every time he gasped for air through cries, “l-like I felt before. I would never wish that pain!” 

Rin relentlessly wailed into Kenner as he got down on the floor. Kenner told Rin little, knows, and It’s okays, all the while contemplating his own belief of the statements, he himself was saying. The couple would need time, and as the couple had learned, pain never enjoyed drifting away quickly. It lingered and festered within unless continually resolved. 

Rin lifted his head towards Kenner as they both sat on the ground. Neither knowing whether the tension had dissipated. They simply saw each other. For the first time in a while, they actually saw each other. The air was dry. It was as if the vibes being omitted were strong enough to warn others because not a single worker or customer was around. Finally, Rin handed the spoon he was considering, before events transpired, to Kenner. It was a set of only two large spoons. There was an olive branch indented and colored onto the stem of them. Kenner mildly grinned accepting the spoons and placing them in the cart. 

Ken, I’ll push it.” Jerry offered while sniffing his last sniffles and using his sleeve to clean his face of any remorse. Kenner, slightly shocked, motioned his hands to the cart handle. Rin began pushing the cart around. Before attempting to understand Kenner’s translation of Ikea, Rin went to the Cumall app icon and uninstalled it. The two chuckled when a wrong turn was made and busted into laughter when a collision with another customer transpired. After a while, through a united effort, they made it to checkout, together. 


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