Light Reading for the Busy Mind

Hey. >.<    This week I’m not going to bombard you with another rant or tell you to go out and try something.  I have been kinda stressed lately, not gonna lie. Maybe you have to? 

When I do get really stressed, and I mean the apex of like maximum stress level I have to walk away physically and/or mentally. Schoolwork has sent me to that place recently, so I figured maybe I could provide a short story I have recently revised to give you that well-needed distraction or just a time-passer.

It is a short little gay story about a couple facing their hardships and becoming united through the complexities of IKEA. Hopefully you enjoy it? If not I also provided a video afterward that might also pique your interest…     😉



Trouble in Ikea 

As Kenner locked the door to an empty apartment, Rin got into the passenger seat of their 2013 Jeep WranglerKenner lifted his way into the vehicle and looked over at Rin with a smile. He was too distracted to notice however, so Kenner began the trip. There was little discussion between the couple besides light chitchat. This was simply how it had been. Kenner even shivered at one point, noticing the cooler atmosphere inside the vehicle, and after a while, the young couple arrived at the Swedish furniture store early on a Saturday morning.  

“Have you ever been here?” 

“No, have you?” Rin inquired. 


They walked into astonishment, for, the store was setup as a maze with shortcuts and all. Both of them were as confused as the time they were forced to go to Home Depot. with their lesbian friend, Gale. 

“Okay, well, I guess we just start at section one and go from there, Kenner said. 

The store was spiraled within itself. To a novice, of the store, it may be compared to an accordion knot. This place could even parallel with a void of confusion for the couple, if they were not careful. They did not focus on the matter, however, and would go on to spotlight objects that piqued interest within themselves. 

Kenner immediately noticed something that would look great in the living room against the harsh brick wall.  

“What do you think about those?” 

“Track lighting? Your mother would hate those. Besides, the kitchen has enough lighting.” 

“Well it is our apartment. She can say what she wants. Besides, these would go in the living room, obviously,” Kenner remarked with a raise of his eyebrows.  

Rin quietly added, “Oh…okay.” 

With a sigh Kenner replied, Thank you.” 

The couple kept perusing Ikea for anything that might add a touch of fabulous to their new apartment. Kenner, naturally, pushed the shopping cart section across section, not that he minded. Rin roamed along, occasionally veering off to closer inspect an item that riveted his curiosity. 

Kenner, what about these little glass snakes? I am sure your mom could find these nice.” 

And why would she?” Kenner asked while looking directly into Rin’s eyes. 

The tension caused Rin to shift his gaze to another part of the room whilst replying, “I don’t know.”  

Kenner plainly sighed and the two continued their search for anything they didn’t know they needed. The store kept turning and twisting the couple into many “rooms,” like a labyrinth disorientating its on-goers.  

“You know, I actually love the way this place is set up. Sweden really knows what’s up,” Kenner remarked. 

Makes me wonder what the gay scene is like in Sweden,” Rin added. 

“I’m sure you would, Rin.” 

Rin crossed his arms as his cheeks rose to a pink tint. Silently, he proceeded walking. The couple continued their reticent journey. One would point to an object and the other would give a simple shake of the head to indicate their response. It kept on like this for quite some time. The occasional statement piece may, however, receive a sentence or two of discussion. 

“Now, this rose painting is incredible. I mean, Kenner, this has to be perfect for our bedroom. The way the thorns are so detailed and highlighted. All those Fire Island gays are going to eat this up and you know it, Rin under a lower breath, while trailing off, added, “also oddly enough my high school art teacher.” 

Agitatedly, Rin, why would they need to be worried about our bedroom?” 

Rin raises his hand to facepalm for a moment, but quickly lowers in attempts to avoid escalating the situationI just meant it would look good there. Thats all, Kenner.” 

“Okay, besides, I don’t like how the thorns are so gruesome with the heart in the picture. I- I do not want that in our bedroom. Okay?” 

“Okay. No, I get it. It’s fine. No heart and thorns. Gotcha.” 

Kenner looked away as he asked, “Rin, maybe we could each find some stuff and then reconvene.”  

“Well actually-” Rin was not able to finish his statement before Kenner had walked away through a shortcut. The only problem was Rin had no clue how the store was mapped, so he was now lost in a foreign land of Swedish furniture. So lost, he did not even realize until a few moments after that Kenner had taken the shopping cart as well. This was all new to him.   

Rin tried to actually find something, or at least figure out how to get through the store.  

Okay, well, I am at,” he motioned his head up to the map. “Kitchen?” Rin looked around and saw silverware which confirmed his current ideology, “Right.” 

“These bowls sure arebowl shaped, and these spoons sure arenice?”  

“I could help you find a good spoon if you needed one.” Rin was shocked as a man had approached him from behind, and it was not Kenner’s voice. Without haste, Rin flipped around to see who it was, but wait. Was he the one from the new gay dating app, Cumall, he had seen earlier? Rin pondered as he looked down at the man’s pants, examining, and then moving his gaze back up. Oh my god, he was. 

This man continued while following with his eyes where Rin’s eyes had trailed down to, “You remember me, don’t you?” The man leaned over to whisper in Rin’s ear bluntly, “You know it’s even bigger in person.” 

Rin blushed as the heat of the breath on his ear told the brain to tug his yearning and he had to fight it. He nodded no while replaying internally, I can’t do this to Ken. I can’t do this to Ken.  

“Sorry, but I am here with someone. Thanks for the spoon offer though.” Rin said attempting to escape the situation. He could not move his body or stare from this man. His mind clashing with his selfish desires into a perilous war of morality.  

In a deeper voice Kenner didn’t quite have, the enigma-of-a-man replied,” Are you sure?” He looked around and leaned in ever so slightly to Rin and continued, “Like, really sure?” 

Rin could smell the prominent masculinity wafting from the unknown man. Close, oh so close close enough for a foolish mistake to be performed. So close, the unattainable trust of Kenner would now become even further irreconcilable. So close now, desire may deem itself free and rampantly ensue all its motives. 

“Are you kidding me?”  

A squeaky voice called from behind Rin, and he knew to frantically push this mystery hunk away from him. He turned around with god speed. 

Kenner, this isnt what it looks like.” 

“Not what it looks like?”  


“Well what should it look like then Rin?”  

“I-I told him no.” 

“Oh, so no, now, still allows getting two inches apart and eye raping people.” 

“I swear Ken-I am sorry-he came onto me. 

“Yeah, you’ve said that before haven’t you Rin?” 

As a couple tears escaped Kenner’s eyes, Rin gawked back with his hand covering his mouth, with not even the faintest clue how to reply. 

The man who had been pushed away spoke nervously, “He’s right. I mean I did come onto him.” 

“Get out of here!” Kenner and Rin unanimously yelled in reply.  

Kenner continued through clenched jaws, Rin, you too. 

Rin attempted to near Kenner but was struck with a vicious amount of force in return. Falling to the ground backwards Rin looked up at Kenner speechless. 

“You’ve never hurt me before…Ken you promised you would never hurt me after we talked that night on the balcony.” 

“I guess I should have made you promise the same then. Foolish of me, wasn’t it?” Kenner released his sigh. 

Ken,” Rin leaned over into the shelf of oriental plates and brought his legs and arms towards himself. He began to outwardly unleash his sorrowhis wails were unheard by Kenner except for one other time. Kenner paused to watch, and he couldn’t help but see himself. A man who has been hurt. A man who is causing pain to others due to that hurt. They weren’t so different. 

KKen, I’m so sorry. You know I never meant to make y-you feel like,” Rin struggled at attempting to vocalize his remorse. His tears were on-flowing. There were even slight convulsions every time he gasped for air through cries, “l-like I felt before. I would never wish that pain!” 

Rin relentlessly wailed into Kenner as he got down on the floor. Kenner told Rin little, knows, and It’s okays, all the while contemplating his own belief of the statements, he himself was saying. The couple would need time, and as the couple had learned, pain never enjoyed drifting away quickly. It lingered and festered within unless continually resolved. 

Rin lifted his head towards Kenner as they both sat on the ground. Neither knowing whether the tension had dissipated. They simply saw each other. For the first time in a while, they actually saw each other. The air was dry. It was as if the vibes being omitted were strong enough to warn others because not a single worker or customer was around. Finally, Rin handed the spoon he was considering, before events transpired, to Kenner. It was a set of only two large spoons. There was an olive branch indented and colored onto the stem of them. Kenner mildly grinned accepting the spoons and placing them in the cart. 

Ken, I’ll push it.” Jerry offered while sniffing his last sniffles and using his sleeve to clean his face of any remorse. Kenner, slightly shocked, motioned his hands to the cart handle. Rin began pushing the cart around. Before attempting to understand Kenner’s translation of Ikea, Rin went to the Cumall app icon and uninstalled it. The two chuckled when a wrong turn was made and busted into laughter when a collision with another customer transpired. After a while, through a united effort, they made it to checkout, together. 


I hope you enjoyed that for whatever reason you may have needed. Whether it was that distraction from busy, busy life or just an interesting time  😛

Also if you have any revision offers feel free to comment them below?

I did promise you a video though… This is one that gives me joy when I’m down. The revolting happiness that has been integrated into the music, lyrics, dances, scenes, and members really rubs off onto the soul.At least, for me. 

Be wild, be free, and have fun ♥