Summer Bangers!


It is a time for so many things for so many different people, and there’s so much I’m look forward to…but as of now there is one thing I’m talking about specifically…

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Yes! BTS’ collaboration with McDonalds! They are getting their own meal on May 26 in America and I can wait to eat it everyday and sell out McDonalds for ALL they’re worth. This meal will entirely break my wallet which is already on its last leg. It’s okay though. It. Is. O *clap* KAY. 

What will I be listening to while eating that meal that has been so graciously curated by some of the most powerful individuals this Earth has provided us? All the hits that roll out during Summer.

Ahhh! I feel like every Summer artists release some of their best bops of the year and I live every single time. and already! some of my favorites, I’m not sure about you, have shelled out some Ö *deep breaths* some , for lack of better words, awesome stuff.

My girls ITZY have dropped their EP “Gue?? Who” and every track is like very much their power and energy I needed to get through the end of this school year of endless struggle before the freedom is bestowed.

Girl In Red did her thing on a new album and every track is classic her in the best way and did not disappoint. I mean, we all knew it wouldn’t flop. Please, we knew that. 

Then, Hayley Kiyoko popped back up and slammed us with her little mix, her little moment, and I stan. Her single “Found My Friends” is just spectacular. I remember watching the music video and just vibing so much with her and I was like, are we friends now? Am I who you found?? What? What’s happening right now, Hayley? For real?

She still hasn’t responded to my DM’s but I’m sure we’re still cool. 

All this is to say the music Summer brings is always surprising. It’s things also that sometimes on initial listens I won’t get. But when it marinates and follows me something changes and it becomes the song that just came to me a little early. Those are usually the best songs.

There is also things to look forward to still! BTS is releasing their new single May 20/21 depending on your time zone you live in. It is called “Butter” and please feel free to stream it as much as you’d like. 😉

I just am so excited and can’t wait. Sadly I’ll have to wait because that’s just how things work, but hopefully you get what I mean. 

So I just have to ask…what will you be listening to this Summer? 🙂













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  1. Such a fun post, Diego! Your excitement about the future is refreshing and uplifting. Plus, I’m always happy to listen to your music recommendations :’)

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