The movies

I miss the movies.

Like, the movie theaters type movies. 

Ever since this stinking pandemic, I haven’t been to a theatre since….?

The anticipation of waiting in line to get your ticket. 

Will the movie be good? Who knows? Do we care?

Are you even there to watch the movie? Is it just a thing to hang out with someone?

There’s nothing like walking in

and smelling the butter.

Seeing it drizzle out on the bowl after hearing the popping

of others orders before you get yours.

The tease before roaming the carpets and finding your room.

Seeing the trailers to what I’ll be back for

with buttery fingertips,

I miss the movies.

I don’t want to think about the light that muddies the screen

when someone has to leave half way,

There won’t be mention of the talkers

who get shushed because

that would ruin the dream and escape

of the movies.

The movies I miss.

I’m not sure what this blog post is. If you couldn’t tell I just really miss the movies and I don’t even know if that’s like a poem? I just started writing how I felt and then indenting because it felt like separate ideas, and then I got that…so yeah. I forgot to mention about how I put candy in the popcorn bowl just cause sometimes it’s needed. Makes the heart smile. 🙂

Yeahh, I miss the movies…