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I love zombies. I love the apocalypse. There are millions of ideas you can have about the apocalypse that doesn’t even have to be about zombies. Mine is specifically a cannibalistic virus, less so focusing on the zombie’s unfortunate habit of dying brutally and coming back to life. These “zombies” are also stronger and faster than the average person, and ground zero for the apocalypse is Seattle. Also, all my characters are named after alcohol which is very funny.

The national guard has been called in to assist the city so that the virus does not continue to ravage the United States. 

The main character is Rum. Hehehe. He’s working to find his sibling, Pinot. Here’s an excerpt of the radio transmissions for the D.C. area: 

We interrupt this program for the following alert, broadcasted at the request of the Washington state police department. This is not a test, please standby for instructions. Authorities have issued a contagious disease warning. Seattle has been plagued by a cannibalistic disease, causing infected residents to swarm to the uninfected and cannibalize them. When attacked, the uninfected may themselves turn into cannibals. This is speculated to be caused by a virus. The virus is believed to have started on September 21st, at 6:25 AM. pacific standard time. The Washington state National Guard will be attempting to contain all infected residents of Seattle. Authorities have instigated a shelter in place for all residents of King County and the surrounding areas. If you reside in King County, lock all doors and close windows. Do not attempt to use any phone lines, and close your fireplace. Standby for future-‘

‘This is a civil emergency message for residents of King County. Please standby. If you are securely sheltered, stay where you are in complete silence. Do not panic. Do not leave your home. Wait until the national guard comes to extract you. If one of the cannibals breaks into your home, hide. Stay silent. Do not run, they are faster than us. Do not fight, they are stronger than us. Stay in your home. Do not panic. Continue to stand by for-‘


Essentially, everyone is screwed. I also want it to be full of diversity and good character development. I want to make it into a series if I ever can, and I welcome any suggestions for the story you guys have. 

Do you know about viruses and diseases? Do you know how a fungal infection would work? How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? 


Send help.

Author: Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas is a senior literary attending the Mississippi School of the Arts. She is greatly inspired by the Greek and Roman classics, world mythology, and worldbuilding. Her main focal points are poetry, fiction, and historical-fiction pieces.

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