Favorite Quotes

Hey guys so this week’s blog is some of my favorite quotes about life, happiness, and writing. I’m trying to include more visuals in my blogs so that they can be a little more interesting. I hope guys enjoy it, see you next week! 

  1. Our time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. – Steve Jobs 

I love this quote, because I’ve seen so many people fall out of touch with themselves, their own personality and their own desires trying to be someone else. They don’t even necessarily have to want to be someone else, but they want what another person has, or they want to act like someone, or look like someone else is still equivalent to that. Not loving what you have and choosing to enhance that will lead you astray to where you will be looking for attention or fulfillment elsewhere. 


2) “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”. -Mahatma Gandhi 

I love this quote, because so many people live life without ever fully publicly expressing themselves and how they feel for fear of being judged. You can honestly and truly tell when a person is happy. You don’t have to know everything about them, and you most definitely don’t have to be friends or what not. If someone is comfortable and confident in their own skin. If you do something rude and it doesn’t evoke a reaction from them that makes them act out of character, or if they can easily remove things or people from their life that cause them stress or trouble, you know that person is happy. Everything about that person’s life will align simply because they are care free and happy. 


3) “Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers.” -Isaac Asimov 

There’s something about his quote that just defrosts my heart. This describes how I think about writing perfectly. People who aren’t writers or fans of writing can’t even begin to understand how important writing is in my life. People see writing as aa chore, or a job, because they refer it to similarly to English. Yes, there are some similar concepts, but they are nothing alike. Writing is telling a story, not like a fable or a tall tale, or some fake magic world. You can do that in writing, but I prefer more of telling my story. All my writing is personal and 95% true. If I absolutely have to write something fictional there is still some form of truth in it or there is some remnant of my life in there. 


Games I’ve been playing recently

Batman: Arkham Asylum

This is my 100th time playing this game. I’ve had it for years. It came out in 2009. In Batman: Arkham Asylum the Joker takes over Arkham Island. Arkham Island is where the asylum it built by itself. You navigate through this asylum with many challenges and boss fights. Some of the bosses include Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Scarecrow and Bane. There are several side missions that are involved with the story that make this game quite long. While batman is trapped in this asylum Joker threatens Gotham with hidden bombs around the city. The batman games are definitely on my top 5 favorites. I’ve collected and played them all and I love them so much.


Slime Rancher

Now, we tone it down a bit with Slime Rancher. This game is absolutely adorable. In Slime Rancher you play as Beatrix LeBeau, an explorer. You own a ranch in a large area that she has been sent to. From there you explore and build up your ranch by collecting the many different types of slimes. You build them a pen that is upgradable. You can also make hybrid slimes. From there you have to grow food to feed each slime, but they are picky. Some only eat meat, fruit, or veggies. After you feed them, they give you plorts, which is like a little crystal. You sell the plorts for money and build up your ranch.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Black ops III takes place in 2065, 40 years after black ops II. You basically go through your missions to complete the game while the world is in upheaval from climate change and new technology. Your character is cybernetically advanced. This game also has zombies and nightmare mode. I mostly play cod for the online gameplay. I love playing free for all, basically you’re on a map and you don’t have a team.


Cyberpunk 2077

This game, obviously, takes place in 2077 where the world is extremely technologically advanced, and money is the only way to have status. You create your own character, but their name is V regardless. In the story you complete several missions until you unlock the real story. This game is extremely long. If you were to sit down and play it nonstop with 0 breaks it is 60 hours long. In the story V struggles with a mysterious cybernetic implant that threatens to overwrite their body with the personality and memories of a deceased celebrity only seen by V. You must work with the celebrity to save V’s life.

Five Favorite Movies

So, I feel like I talk too much about my obsession with the MCU, but I promise those aren’t the only things I watch. I’ve briefly mentioned that I love Supernatural and Criminal Minds as well. But, as pointed out by the title, that’s not what this post will be about. This is a small list of movies that I’ve watched for years and more recent ones. If I continue this, it won’t exactly be like what I planned for the MCU movies/shows where I change the original, I’ll just add more to it.

Anyways, this is five of my favorite movies, and no these aren’t in any particular order this time. If I had spent the time needed to decide which movie I like more than the other, I wouldn’t be able to meet the Wednesday deadline. Anyways, hope you enjoy:)

The Gray Man

I absolutely loved this movie. It stars Ryan Gosling and his character, Sierra Six(I’ll get into why such a strange name in a little bit), basically is part of this elite group working for the CIA and after being sent on a job, Six finds out his boss is dirty and gets a hold of drive that has all that info on it. When his boss finds out Six is trying to expose him, he sends Lloyd Hanson(Chris Evans) to do whatever means necessary to stop him. Now, keep in mind, Lloyd is a sociopath and kidnaps Donald Fitzroy, the person the initially recruited Six, and Fitzroy’s niece, Claire, who has a heart condition, which that detail becomes very important throughout the movie. So, with help, Six has to go on a rescue mission and expose his boss at the same time. Claire has a traceable pacemaker and that allows Six to find them. Yes, it does have an ending that is sad and happy at the same time. I enjoyed that they had Chris Evans play the role of like a sociopathic killer because I don’t normally see him playing any sort of bad guy and, personally, I think he did a really good job at that role.


This was really good, too. Starring Vin Diesel, the main character Ray Garrison is introduced as a Marine and goes through a very traumatic experience that involved losing his wife, and eventually his “death”. But he wakes up and meets a CEO of a company called RST that basically designed next-level prosthetics for wounded military vets. For Ray, that was “nanites” in his blood that allowed him to heal instantly. Kinda like the Wolverine but no claws.  What becomes important in the movie is that the nanites needed to be recharged otherwise he loses that healing ability. Ray seeks revenge on the person who killed his wife and later when the nanites are charging, the movie reveals that the CEO actually uses technology to put false memories and realities in his head to make him believe that his wife was killed in order to use him to take out former RST workers. This was a cycle that was repeated many times before what was shown in the film. They do this one last time before Ray finally catches on to what was really going on and he gains the help of a hacker introduced as Wilfred Wigans and another military vet, KT who was “helped” by RST. Side note: KT suffered an accident that involved toxic chemicals and she was given a device that not only allowed her to breathe properly but be immune to any and all known toxins. Anyways, they’re all able to put an end to RST because all it really was, was a crazy rich dude who was using injured vets to do his dirty work. It was a really interesting movie to watch because it seemed like it was set in the future but the setting was the year it came out (2020).

The Ghost and the Darkness

Yes, this is an older movie, but it’s still really good in my opinion. I’m not gonna lie, when I was little, this movie used to terrify me. Kinda ironic that I’m putting it on this list, lol. The movie is actually based on a true story that takes place in Tsavo, Africa during the late 1890s. The main character John Patterson, played by Val Kilmer, is hired to build a bridge in Tsavo. During the construction, two male lions relentlessly attack and kill the workers. It gets bad to the point they have to hire a worldwide professional hunter Charles Remington, played by Michael Douglas. Sadly, Remington is also attacked and killed, but Patterson was eventually able to hunt down the lions. The ending is overall happy, his wife had their son back at their home in London and he was able to see him for the first time. Some fun facts about the true story behind the movie: the lions that were attacking were actually maneless male lions and, according to a research team, it was because lions from that region deliberately delay mane growth as a way of coping with the harsh temperatures(imagine it being that hot and having to spend 9 months there building a bridge). They were also abnormally large for lions, average lions are 6-6.8 feet while the ghost and the darkness lions were roughly 9.7 feet(2.95 meters). The bodies of the lions are currently on display in the Field Museum in Chicago.

The Lion King

NOT  the live action version! I’m sorry, it’s a good movie for those who haven’t already seen the original, but for those who have(including me) it was ruined. I don’t feel the need to get into details about this because I’m almost 100% positive that at one point or another, everyone has seen this movie at least once. Yes, I am a Disney nut as well so this needed to be on the list. This was a huge part of my childhood. All the songs were good, don’t ask me which one I liked best because I will spend at least an hour trying to decide if it would be Be Prepared or Hakuna Matata. So, seriously, don’t ask. One of my favorite lines is when Scar says “I’m surrounded by idiots” because I use it all the time because yes, I for some reason surround myself with idiots on a daily basis. I guess you just are who you hang out with, lol.

ignore the fuzziness of the video, lol.

The Day After Tomorrow

This was also a really good movie that’s basically about an ice age in today’s time, as hinted by the movie poster. Climatologist Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) predicts a major climate shift throughout the northern hemisphere because of a change in the North Atlantic Current and this leads to a very dangerous series of severe weather all across the world. Hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, you name it, all of it is happening at the same time and some storms in the movie are the biggest to be recorded. Jack Hall’s son, Sam, is currently on a trip in New York during the time of the movie and this is important because later, a series of hurricane-like supercell snowstorms hit the northern hemisphere with temperatures so low, people have frozen to death instantly. When these storms start hitting New York, Jack goes with a team to rescue his son and all the other students on the trip who got snowed in. A major problem in the movie is that Jack is ignored by the United Nations and the vice president so there was no international call for large-scale evacuations. At the end of the movie, Jack’s team saved who they could and other rescue helicopters were sent to find all the survivors. From then on, the world had to learn to adapt to the new ice age.

Anyways, that is all for this week’s list, I apologize if I got into too much detail for some and it got too boring. See you next week:)

some of my favorite movies !!

hiiii. i like movies. i haven’t really talked about many films i enjoy, so i’m going to do that now. these are not in any particular order. but do let me know if you also enjoy any of these great films:) here we go !! 

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

this movie plays inside my head at all times. never have i watched this movie without crying, and it isn’t even necessarily that sad. but i’d have to say this is my favorite movie of all time, without a doubt. the cinematography is so perfect and recognizable, that I could remember some scenes 10 years after first seeing the movie. (yes, I remembered many scenes after a ten year gap) it tells a beautiful and heartbreaking story about two people desperately trying to hold onto their memories together as they are being erased. they are together inside each others heads trying to stop everything they ever were and will be from being erased. overall, truly a 10/10 film.

donnie darko

i had a weird relationship with this movie when i first watched it. i genuinely disliked it, i didn’t understand it, and i thought it was a little cliche. but then it ended, and i realized it was perfect. i truly didn’t realize how good the movie was until it actually ended, because every question is answered by the ending. and yet, i still have to watch it over and over to figure out what exactly is happening. new questions are posed every single time i watch it. it’s about a teenage boy who gets instructions for the future from a man in a rabbit suit named frank. i know, makes sense right? i overall, genuinely love this movie and even more so i love watching it with the people i love.

rocky horror picture show

i have loved this movie since i was 13, and i don’t think i’ll ever stop loving it. i watch it every single year, multiple times. i first watched it with my mother when i was fairly young, and ever since then i continue to watch it and introduce it to people. it’s about a newly engaged couple stumbling upon a mansion after their car broke down. what happens after that is, i don’t know man, it’s a lot. it’s a movie where if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. and i don’t mean understand the plot, because quite literally no one does. (i do though, stay safe ya’ll) but if you appreciate it, you really do, if you don’t, you really don’t. easily a classic in my eyes. 

empire records

i absolutely love this movie. this is probably my other favorite movie of all time. it’s easy to guess why. it’s set in a record store run by teenagers in the 90s, and the entire movie takes place throughout the course of a single day.  many different things happen. there is rejection, romance, hatred, death (almost), sadness, happiness, weirdness, and music music music. it’s genuinely just an enjoyable film. it doesn’t take much to understand, it’s just fun. i watch it whenever i need to feel homey or just anything at all. and of course, it has great songs in it !!

good will hunting

oh my god. i have so much to say about this one, but i’m going to keep it brief. basically, a huge reason why i love this film is because elliott smith is featured heavily in the soundtrack. and by that i mean, every song played with maybe one or two exceptions are elliott smith songs. (and you know how i feel about him) this movie is about a young man who is insanely intelligent but refuses to  put it to use. he works at MIT as a janitor and finds a blackboard with a problem no one can solve on it. he answers it and professors are dying to find out who solved it. when they finally do, they attempt to get his help on other problems that are previously unsolved. during this, he is also put in therapy as he refuses to use his intelligence for anything and has a hard disposition. his therapist breaks down this wall and helps him get a serious job. it’s such a beautiful film, and of course elliott’s music being in it only makes it a hundred times better. 

red dragon

i love the hannibal series. i’ve read almost every book, seen every movie, and i’ve seen every episode of the show. red dragon is my favorite book and movie out of the entire franchise. i love its premise and i especially love the gore in this movie. its even my favorite point in the show when they reach the red dragon plot. in this movie, hannibal is locked up but a series of brutal and gruesome murders have been happening. will graham is sent to investigate it, and they soon find out who the killer is and his strange motives. this is such a good thriller and a even better horror film. if you love gore, watch this !! 

house of 1,000 corpses

this is my favorite horror movie of all time. its made by rob zombie, who is one of my favorite musicians<3 i love watching this movie every single year. its gore-y, sad, and terrifying. the thing is, in this series of horror movies, you root for the villians. maybe not so much in this movie, but in the next two, you only hope they can get away with it all. and there’s no reason why either. they don’t do anything to redeem themselves, they’ve just such loveable characters. you almost feel really bad for loving them so much, but that’s exactly what rob zombie wants you to do. totally going to watch this tonight now that i’ve been talking about it. such a good film !! 

this was kind of a long one, and i almost want to keep going, but im going to stop myself. anyways, thanks for reading !!:)<3

Where I like to buy clothes

I didn’t really know what to write about this week so I’m going to talk about where I shop most. I may not do it often due to stress or something, but I love to dress up. I love fashion and makeup. I’m just going to name a few stores or online stores, what i get from there most, and a 1-10 on how expensive it is. 


I’m not one of those people who hate Walmart items just because it’s Walmart. I get a lot of my makeup here, and a few clothing items. I like to gets pajamas and t-shirts from here. The pricing I would give a 4/10 on makeup and clothes. 



Shein and Romwe are the same company with two names. I love getting clothes from here for the good price and cute clothing. I get a variety of everything from these places. The pricing scale I would give a 2/10 it isn’t very expensive. 



Hot topic/Spencers

I decided to group these two together because they are quite similar in the area of clothing. I mainly get t-shirts from them, but Hot Topic I like their skirts. I love the jewelry from both of these stores its my favorite to look at. Pricing though I’m going to say 6/10. $30 is quite pricey for a shirt, and a single pair of earrings is $7 and the multi packs of earrings are $9-12. 




Fashion Styles I’m feeling For the Fall

Fashion Styles I’m feeling For the Fall 

The oversized-on-oversized look. Some people see wearing baggy clothes or clothes that “aren’t your size means you’re insecure or ashamed of your body but that isn’t always true. A lot of people just like how it looks, and no one wants to be in tight, uncomfortable clothes all day every day. Me personally, I like that they’re comfortable, and it lets me touch into another side of myself. 

Another look I’m loving is the mini skirt with fishnets, (or tights in general) legwarmers, and doc martens (or boots in general. I’m in LOVE with the mini skirt era that’s coming back and flourishing right now. It so cute, and there are so many different ways that they can be styles. I feel like the different tights give it an exotic or “different feel, than normal. I also think that multiple layers, the skirt, boots, legwarmers, and tights could be a winter style. I love to wear unconventional winter outfits, so I feel like skirts are a good transition from winter to fall. Well, honestly, skirts can be worn any time of year. 

Another style that’s growing on me is most definitely the trench coat with the mini clothes type look. It’s kind of hard to explain so I’ll put pictures for each one, but they basically wear a long coat with a crop top mini skirt, and boots. It can also be done with a mini dress. I honestly prefer this look with platform boots, but a lot of girls have been pulling it off with the heels, and I’m happy to see it. Some of the coats also have fur on them which makes the look so much more fun! 

This next one isn’t really a style it’s more of a color scheme, but I am ABSOLUTEY CRUSHING on the monochromatic outfits I’ve been seeing. They look so good, and it doesn’t look like too much of one color if you do it right, by throwing it off with the accessories. Such as jewelry, a bag, the shoes, and even your hairstyle. Color seems so simple, but it really can change everything. 

The last style I’ve taken a liking to is the puffer vests. They are really cute, especially the north face ones, but they can be found in tons of other places for cheap. I just love the aesthetic of them. The difference they can make to an outfit is insane. They stand out, so they make you and your outfit more noticeable. They’re great for fall, because they aren’t huge jackets, but they aren’t thin to the point where you will be cold. I also love all the different colors and styles that are available in it. 

My 5 favorite live action actors of The Joker

#5 Jared Leto in Suicide Squad

In all honesty, he sucked. I hate this version of the joker and how they try to play him as like a mob boss cartel style thing. Joker was never like that really. Even down to the design I can’t stand this reenactment. The grills, the fit, the hair, and the tattoos just don’t give Joker. Along with this joker I also cannot stand the Harley Quinn. I love Margot Robbie and she fits the role it’s just the design and everything. I think Jared Leto could’ve played the joker 100%. Who ever was over the design is who messed it up mostly.

#4- Cameron Monaghan in Gotham

I love this version and I love the show. They just made him a little different but unlike Jared Leto’s he is likeable. I don’t have too much to say about him, but I think it was well done by Cameron Monaghan and design wasn’t bad either.

#3 Joaquin Phoenix in Joker

I love love love this version. The only reason he isn’t higher up is because he isn’t a classic. He is new. I think Joaquin was the best actor they could’ve been casted for this. He played it out so well and the dedication he went through on set was crazy. I love the design they really brought it back to the classic Batman animated series type of suit. It isn’t your usually joker makeup, but I still really enjoyed that difference in it.

#2 Jack Nicholson in Batman ’89

I just love Jack Nicholson to be honest. The way he played Joker was more of the funny clown type of style. Back to the comics and original styles and I love that. When a show or movie is made the more, they base it to the comic’s accuracy the more ill love it.

#1 Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

My all time favorite. Every popular quote from the joker came from this movie. Heath Ledger did a 10/10 job. Down to the costume, makeup, acting it was all so well done. It lured to more of the side of joker that wants power and that is obsessed with the Batman, and I love that because that’s what makes Joker. I also want to mention how dedicated Heath Ledger was during his time on set. This role messed up many actors mental and physical health, but they performed through it and deserve recognition. RIP to Heath Ledger.

some of my favorite radiohead songs ♫

yoyoyoyoyoyo !! so this blog isn’t planned, but i am listening to radiohead right now and it just felt like the right topic for this week’s post:) i love radiohead a lot, and i’ve been listening to them since i was a child, but this year i have listened to them more than any other year !! so here are some of my favorite tracks from the group of ones i’ve discovered recently !! 

jigsaw falling into place 

i can never decide if this is my favorite radiohead song or if it’s the daily mail. but regardless of the placement, i am absolutely crazy about this song. the instrumentals are perfectly lined up with each other and i don’t see this in any other song. maybe i’m just glorifying it because i love it, but who cares. it’s also a super fun song to play on gutiar !! also,,, thom’s voice<3 his voice sounds so different in this song and i’m totally for it. 

the daily mail 

this is the song i’ve accepted as being my favorite, as it is absolutely perfect. it has a beautiful buildup to the end of the song, which is nothing short of euphoric. i first heard it on ozark, as it was playing when i walked in on my parents watching the show. i had never heard this song before because it was released as a single, and it was one of their newer songs. (if 2016 is new). the piano in the intro is so sweet, but the ending is so rewarding. 


this one has recently become a favorite. it sounds like it is going to be incredibly slow and depressing, but for me its the opposite. its bittersweet. especially when the backing beat comes in at “my hunger burns”. for some reason this one just calms me, and it makes me smile. i think for most people, it’s the opposite. also, the strings. i am absolutely in love with the strings in this song. normally strings make me emotional, but the strings here make me fearful, terrified. yet, i’m still calmed. 

exit music (for a film)

this is a pretty popular one, but i still love it. though, i prefer the former half of the song to the later, despite the ending being a perfect way to tie the song together. i’ve been listening to this for years, and it still is so rewarding to hear it kick in at the end. i think i might know every single lyric and every single noise in this song, so much so that i could play it in my head entirely without actively listening to it. yeah. it’s cool.

so yeah, another short blog. was pretty fun. thanks for reading.

My Favorite Fitness Influencers At The Moment

My Favorite Fitness Influencers at The Moment 

Hi guys! Today’s blog is about my obsession with gym influencers and keep in mind I watch all of them on TikTok as well as Instagram. Kristine and Leana both have YouTube channels as well if you want to go check those out. 

     @Kristineqfit is my favorite female fitness influencer right now, maybe even my favorite female influencer in general. She’s literally at the top of her game. I support her, because she focuses on a lot of things, I’m focusing on which is essentially just getting stronger. She also focuses heavily on legs, mainly glutes and quads but she does do calves as well. She works out every part of her body, but she does have main focuses. She is also trying to grow her arms which is something I’m struggling with. It’s good to follow someone who gives tips and advice for the thing you’re trying to work on. I also look at her page a lot for motivation, and tutorials for new workouts. 

My next favorite is @Jeremiahtwharton, because he shows you the “impossible.” He’s come a very long way in a short amount of time, but his workouts and results are still very realistic. He also has a workout partner MarilinLopez29, and this is relevant, because she does the same exact workouts as him and her body looks amazing but totally different from his. She gives the female results of the workouts they do, which is very educational. 

My next favorite is @leanadeeb, because her body shape is the most similar to mine. It’s not exactly like mine, but she focuses on gaining weight like I do. I like her as well, because she’s gaining but still lean and has abs. Kristine has a flat stomach but no abs. There’s nothing wrong with not having abs when trying to gain, but that’s why I like them both. Even though it may seem like they do the same things they are so different. Kristine is trying to gain any muscle weight possible, while Leana is trying to gain and be lean still. I also really enjoy her curly hair content. It gives me ideas of how to keep my hair intact while working out, so I don’t sweat my curls out. She also promotes healthy eating, which is something I want to do more of. 


My last favorite fitness influencer is @brissaslifts, because she’s small and compact, but she’s an absolute powerhouse. She’s all muscle, no fat. Her arms are very strong, and her back is super defined and toned. Her legs are very strong as well, but especially her quads. She doesn’t focus on legs too much, because she’s genetically gifted in that area, so she focuses mostly on arms, chest, and back. Her body type isn’t at all similar to mine, but I still enjoy seeing her writing process. 

Bottom Five Marvel Movies/Shows

Okay, I had made a post weeks ago about my top favorite movies and shows in the MCU and I had planned for this post sooner but I kept forgetting. Well, now we’re here and again this may be updated later as I haven’t seen everything just yet. For this one, I know this list will be a very controversial opinion and some may be mad at me for some of my choices. The list is not me saying that I didn’t like them, it is simply that when listing all of them from the ones I liked best to the ones I liked the least, these would come on the bottom of that list. So with that being said, here’s my least favorite movies/shows and this was not an easy decision either because like I said I don’t hate or dislike any of these, there are just so many I would put before these.

  1. Thor: The Dark World

photo from: Slash Film

When I said it would be a controversial opinion, I wasn’t referring to this one, because I know there are a lot of people would put it on their list for least favorites, too. With that being said, I still feel like it’s an underrated movie, because this shows Thor and Loki’s relationship starting to develop and we see how much Frigga(Thor and Loki’s mother) meant to Loki and how much it hurt him to lose her.

    2. WandaVision

Wait, wait, hear me out. Again, just my opinion. I know this is a lot of people’s favorite or one of their favorites, but for me, the plot development was a little slow. I know it was supposed to be so the viewers kinda have to keep watching it to understand what happens, but honestly didn’t really like that. But, that’s not to say that I didn’t like the way it ended. Yes, Wanda lost her kids and husband, but I liked the character development and that the viewers kinda wonder “Is she a villain or not?” I say yes and no. I’m not gonna explain, if you watched the show, hopefully you understand why I say that. Also, Darcy is one of the best characters and I loved that they kept her throughout the MCU and not just in the Thor movies.

    3.Spider Man: Homecoming

Again, hear me out. I know so many people LOVE Spider Man, but he’s not really my cup of tea. Now, there isn’t anything in particular that I didn’t like about the movie, there are just so many in the MCU that I would put before this in a heart beat. I think its safe to say that Peter was simply Tony’s unofficially adopted child, because I did really loved how much of a father figure Tony was for Peter. Another controversial opinion: Andrew Garfield was the best Spider Man, and no one can convince me otherwise.

   4. Captain Marvel

Now, with this one, I don’t really know what exactly it is about this movie that has moved me to put it on the list, but here it is. One thing I really liked about it is that this is the film in which Nick Fury first gets the idea of assembling the Avengers. I also liked that it was kinda a dystopian because there was injustice for a particular alien species but Carol didn’t know and thought the ones she was fighting alongside with were the good guys when they really weren’t.

   5. Thor

I put this one on the list for pretty much the same reason as I had put Thor: The Dark World on the list. It wasn’t the best Thor movie by any means, but like TTDW, it was still needed in terms of the plot and it showed a lot of why Loki showed resentment towards Odin and vise versa.

Anyways, that’s all my least favorite MCU movies, I know some of these choices are probably not what you may have expected, and I know a lot don’t agree with some of them, but these are just my opinion. 

I hope you enjoyed, see you next week:)