I really want a Telfar Bag…

Actually I want their entire collection, the entire store if you will. Telfar is a black owned designer brand originated in Queens, New York. It has since taken the black community and the world by storm with its unique pieces and iconic bags. When I first discovered this brand in the summer of 2020, I knew that they were going to be very big. They have basically been a household name since it was created and I really love that, especially for it to be Black-owned.

I personally love generating money back into my community. So, whenever I have the chance to support a black owned business I usually go broke. I mean really when have you ever heard of a black owned, LGBTQ+, and unisex brand being as big as Telfar. And don’t get me started on the designs, because we’ll be here all day. I have been trying to get a Telfar bag since I discovered them and when I tell you it is one of the hardest thing to do. Every time there is a new drop announced, it is automatically sold out. Just recently they added a new color to the collection and I can just feel people typing their orders. Hopefully, I’ll get my bag before I graduate or something. One can only hope.

Author: Jordan Brown

hiii my name is jordan or janae if you perfer I love all types of music except country my favorite writing form is poetry, specifically spoken word I write about nature and social issues. Support BIPOC Writers!!!

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