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It’s been a good minute since I’ve written one of these. And what better way to close out the year than with an idea I first started out with. As usual, due to it being such a long time since I’ve written one of these I have so much music for you to listen to.

THAT THAT- Psy (feating and produced by Suga from BTS

You know that overwhemling excitement you feel when two of your most favorite people work together on a project. I can not describe to you the feral scream I scrumpt when this was announced. I went completely hysterical, even now as I am listening to it, it feels like a fever dream. This is such a good song and I feel like we got to see the same Psy that made Gangnam Style. I love that Suga still keep true to his style but Psy sort of pulled him into the world of his unique artistry also. From the dance to the beat this song does not miss! I mean its a masterpiece that is uncomparibale to anything that has ever been released. I might be overexaggeration but I love this song so much!!

Punk Tactics- Joey Valence & Brae

This has to be one of my favorite songs out right now. Since finding it on Tiktok, as one does, I have been playing it on a loop. I tend to do that a lot when finding songs I really really love and it isn’t one that you can get tired of. This has to be my favorite style of rap like it just has that old school feel it and its so hype. I truly believe it is physically impossible to not bob your head when it starts playing. From the unique but nostaglic beat to the funny yet perfect lyircs this songs proves itself to be a classic. The back and forth on the chorus is so gooddddd!!!!!!!! It really restored my faith in music production. If you like old school rap and the tingling feeling of nostalgia I strongly suggest you give this song a listen.

Logan Paul- Col3trane

This is such a perfect song for the summer time. It reminds me of late night rides with the window down surrounded with nothing but the vibrant green of trees. Or when the kickback starts to windle down and all of your friends just sit around and talk about old memories. And the vocals are so angelic, like I don’t even have the words to describe how good his voice is. The soft steady beat is just fast enough to dance to but slow enough to just sit and listen.


NEW FAVORITE ARTIST ALERTTT!!!! The clown lowkey creeps me out though. But that has nothing to do with how good this song is. I found about this song through Tiktok also when seeing the many recreations of the choerography from the music video (which you should also watch when listening to this song). It has a very good instrumental behind it, my favorite being the bass. It slowly grows on you and quickly becomes a song that you can not live without.

Gogo Dance- El Alfa

I’ve always love El Alfa’s unique voice. It’s so undescrible, yet so addicting to listen to. This song is such a good song to dance to. Like it isn’t really a song I can disect its more like an experience. You’ll just have to listen to yourself.

Cry Baby – Official Hige Dandism

This song is the best anime intro song I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. It so catchy and such a great song to head bop to. I really love how the music video pays homage to the anime also. I thought it was very cool to see the same themes from the show displayed in the music video and I really appreciate how they did it in such a unique way.

Honorable Mentions

Tek It- Cafuné

Binz- Solange

The Weekend- 88rising & BIBI 

little story- Kehlani

Vegas- Dona Cat

Tití Me Preguntó- Bad Bunny

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