Interview with Felix Gael

As I was reading through the blog ideas website, I found one that sparked my interest. It said to interview a character from one of your stories. I’m choosing Felix from the most recent work shopped piece. I decided he would be a good fit, so you can see into his personality and get a feel for what talking with him would look like. Imagine this taking place before the climax of the story.

Q: Tell me about your childhood. What were the best and worst parts?

            “My childhood. It was unlike the average. I remember my classmates, this was probably the 7th grade, they would go after school every single day to the park. I would watch them run in the opposite direction of my own walking path. How I wished I could, for just one day, go to the park with them. My mother required me home by 3:30 PM. That is when my piano lessons began. She had a professional come to our home every day until 5 PM. After 5, we would sit down and have dinner. Then, back to the piano until 7:30 PM. The best part of it all was obtaining the skill I desired: piano. But the worst part was my mother drilling it into my head. She gave me a mere 3 weeks to learn new pieces once I could read sheet music.”

Q: What is your profession?

            “Ah, this one is simple. I do not have one. I am unemployed. I decided music should be my only passion. My mother agreed. From there she agreed to support me financially. I live in an apartment that she pays rent for as long as I am producing music. I make my own money in ways of performance. For my friends or family. It does not give me much, but I need something inside my pockets. I am not a man of greed or value I would say. As long as I can do what I love, and I am grateful for the support of my mother.”

Q: What do you value most?

            “What do you think? What have I spoken most of during our time? Music! I value mostly my skill for music. I know I am a great pianist if not one of the best!”

Q: What is an object you still have from your childhood and what is the story behind it? 

            “That’s a good question. I have a bag of piano keys. They came from my first piano. I played the hell out of it to the point keys began falling off. Every time one fell off, I threw it into the bag.”

Q: Are you married? Children?

            “Noooo. Nor will I ever be. I see them as a roadblock. If I were to get either of those things, I would have to put consistent pauses in my musical career. I also could not afford it either. I have money to place into my music not a family.”

Q: Where do you live now? Why?

                “I still live exactly where I was born, Verona, Italy. La Cassa Rosa apartment complex. My rent? It is about 300 euro’s a month.”

Dream cast of my short stories

Hi! So, I was reading through the blog ideas website, and I saw one that sounded super fun. It said to make my dream cast for one of my stories. I never include that many characters so I will be doing 2 of my stories. The first one is Woman if you guys remember it from our workshop. The second story is called A Piano and a Sledgehammer. This story will be work shopped in class Friday! I wanted to include that story so maybe you guys could picture the characters better.


Characters: Mom, Mariah, and Ami


Elizabeth Gillies

We all know Elizabeth Gillies from Victorious as Jade. Her role in that show is what made me think she would play Mariah very well. Mariah is quite blunt, ambitious, and independent and I feel Elizabeth could embody that very well. Elizabeth also is very physically like Mariah with the brown hair and soft features.


Bailee Madison

I chose Bailee to play Ami for mostly her physical features. Ami is not a very formed character with much personality besides emotion, so any actor with experience could play her honestly. Bailee just has the perfect facial structure with puffy cheeks and an all-around innocent look. Because Ami is a very innocent minded character. I wanted an actor that had a younger innocent look because Ami is only 16 but Bailee does that perfectly because she still looks grown.


Kathy Bates

I chose Kathy bates for the mother because I have seen what Kathy can do. She is an outstanding actor and the roles ive seen her play have been hard to play personalities. I feel like she could really embody the mean, sexist way of the mother. The only downside I have for Kathy in this role is her physical look. She doesn’t match very well and I picture the mom being in her 40’s.

A Piano and a Sledgehammer

Characters: Felix, his mother, and the female street performer


Michele Morrone

In my story Felix is fully Italian and Michele is an Italian actor with almost the exact appearance of Felix. In the photo I provide of Michele that is exactly how I imagined Felix besides the hair. Felix has almost shoulder length hair in the story, but actors can achieve a physical change for roles and something like hair length is no issue. I have only seen the 365 days movies with Michele so I am not sure how his acting would be playing such a troubled, serious role like Felix.


Gina Lollobrigida

Gina is also perfectly how I vision Felix’s mother. She has the perfect physical attributes and I picture his mother as quite older. In the story she has Felix at a late age. He is 19 in the story, but I would like to say the mother is in her early 50’s.

Street performer

Christina Hendricks

Her role is very very small, but she was still a person mentioned in the story, so I wanted to include her because she played a very important role in Felix’s early life. I pictured the pianist on the street as a ginger from the beginning. I’m honestly not sure why but when I thought of her character that is how she came into my head. Now, her character isn’t formed at all she has no personality in the story, so I based her casting solely on looks.

The Fool

Hi, I literally have zero ideas for this anymore. So, today we’re going to look at a poem I wrote called The Fool. I just wanted to talk about something to do with my own writing and I wasn’t sure what to do for that. I figured we could just talk about a poem I wrote sometime this year. Anyway, feel free to leave any suggestions for this piece in your comments if you’d like. I wrote it pretty quickly for fun, so it is not edited or anything.

The Fool


The number of unlimited potentials

No place in the sequence of the tarot

In the journey through life,

The Major Arcana

He is ever present needing no number

Gazing upwards towards the universe,

The young man stands along a cliff

Without a single care in the world

He skips onto a new adventure unaware

Unaware he is about to skip off a precipice

Into the unknown

Only a knapsack over his shoulder

The white rose in his hand held as a sign

Of purity and innocence

At his feet, a small white dog

A dog of loyalty and protection

Encouraging him to charge forward

And learn the lessons he came to learn

The mountains behind him are challenges yet to come

They are forever present

Yet the fool does not care

He is only focused on starting his expedition

Having faith in the future of his new beginnings

With beginners’ luck, not knowing what to expect


So, let’s talk about it. Obviously, it is about the fool tarot card. In all honestly, I haven’t thought of an underlining meaning for it. It tells a story of the fool. I would consider this piece an analysis of this tarot card in the form of poetry. The Fool card itself represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, beginners’ luck, improvising, and believing in the universe. It is one of the 22 major arcana. Numbered as 0 or XXII. The zero represents the number of unlimited potentials as stated in the first 2 lines of my poem. The 3rd and 4th line shows how the major arcana can show the journey through life. Some people consider the fool as ever present and needing no number to his card. Lines 7-12 show the fool’s belief and trust in the universe as he is going to skip off a cliff. It shows his trust that the universe will have his back in the situation. The dog also represents loyalty and protection. He puts his trust in every factor to move forward beyond the challenges yet to come, shown by the mountains behind him. He focuses only on his journey. Starting new beginnings.

My favorite horror movies

Hi. So I’m very lost on ideas at the moment, BUT here are my favorite horror movies. 1-3 and number 5 contain 5-7 movies in the series, so I am only going to explain the plot of the first movie in each series. Most of these movies you already know. They are quite popular and classic. Maybe I’m basic but I enjoy classic horror movies like slashers.

  1. Scream

Scream has been one of my favorite horror movies since I was almost 12. It is a series of 6 movies. They also had a show on MTV that you can now find on Netflix. The movie was written by Kevin Williamson originally, but later by Ehren Kruger, James Vanderbilt, and Guy Busick. The main plot of the first Scream movie follows Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell). She sees a series of murders around her town taking place. All kids from the same school she attends. Later in the movie the killer is after Sidney. Throughout the next 4 movies, the killer’s motive is still to kill Sidney.

  1. Friday the 13th

I didn’t grow a love for this movie until I played the video game. I played this game on xbox for the first time when I was 14, and then watched all of the movies. I had previously only seen the first movie. In the plot of the first movie camp counselors decide to open and set up their summer camp knowing of the history of murder. Camp Crystal Lake is a large camp with a nice lake in a very woodsy area known for murders. They are warned by superstitious locals but the young, ignorant counselors go ahead to the camp. Jack (Kevin Bacon, Alice (Adrianne King), Bill (Harry Crosby), Marcie (Jeannie Taylor), and Ned (Mark Nelson) are stalked by a brutal killer. They struggle to stay alive as they are harmed in various ways by the merciless killer

  1. Saw

The saw movies are one of my all-time favorites. I love gore factored movies, but I also love psychological movies, and this fits so perfectly. A photographer, Adam Stanheight (Leigh Whannell), and oncologist, Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) wake up in a filthy bathroom both chained to pipes at either end of the room. They realize they’ve been taken by the sadistic killer “Jigsaw” and must complete his puzzle to make it out alive. Meanwhile, Dr. Gordons wife and child are being forced to watch the torture he is endured to via closed-circuit video. That is the basic plotline, but there is so much more to it. If you haven’t watched these, I definitely recommend you do! Unless you have a weak stomach…then you may wanna sit this one out.

  1. The Visit

I watched this movie when I was around 12 so it is a classic movie for me. It was made by M. Night Shyamalan so you know it’s going to be a good watch. I recommend any of the movies he has made they are so good. In the movie 2 children are supposed to spend the weekend at their grandparents house while their mom took a vacation with her boyfriend. The eldest sister, Becca (Olivia DeJonge), decides to film a documentary during their stay. She intends to make this documentary to help her mother reconnect with her family. I do not want to spoil it very much, but the grandmother has Sundowners with a side effect of advanced Alzheimer’s. Their grandfather has severe schizophrenia. The term “sundowning” refers to a state of confusion occurring in the late afternoon and lasting into the night. Sundowning can cause different behaviors, such as confusion, anxiety, aggression or ignoring directions. Sundowning can also lead to pacing or wandering.

  1. Paranormal Activity

This movie falls along the category of a found footage film. It is a low budget documentary, and it is not very long either. Each movie is pretty much the same with different occurrences, and you learn about the family. Soon after moving into a suburban tract home, Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat) become increasingly disturbed by what appears to be a supernatural presence. Hoping to capture evidence of it on film, they set up video cameras in the house. From there you just watch what happened through this video camera footage.

Affordable makeup products!

As everyone knows we are in a time of inflation. Beauty products are dealing with an average of 10% price increase every year since this inflation. I want to review 10 Walmart makeup products that are affordable during this time. Inflations happens everywhere so these products are up, but it’s better than 50-dollar foundation from Ulta Beauty. All products are at walmart!

  1. Milani conceal and perfect foundation

I bought this foundation for only $8.97 and it was a steal. I traded using this foundation for my Morphe foundation. It was a hundred times better. This specific foundation is full coverage, and it serves the title of full coverage. It’s smooth, and doesn’t cake on like other full coverage foundations. I have had the one bottle for several months, because it doesn’t use much to get the full coverage effect. This foundation is only for the people who like a matte look rather than glossy.

  1. Revolution pore blur primer

This is my everyday primer and only for $8. This primer will smooth out your pours instantly. It also doesn’t dry up like most primers, so you can use less than needed. My makeup clings to this primer very well and lasts an entire day of activities. I used it to go to a festival and my makeup looked like I just finished it at the end of the day.

  1. Milani make it last setting spray

The full bottle is slightly pricey at $13.97. If you buy the smaller bottle it is only $8.97. I live by this setting spray. I use it just as I did the primer. I wore it to the same festival and my makeup didn’t melt off even in the 85 degree heat. I still had the perfect full coverage matte look. It kept all of my makeup layers in place and perfect at the end of the day.

  1. Maybelline superstay vinyl ink lip stick

These are good lip sticks for only $9.99. I always use this lip stick, and if I have the money on my Walmart trips I pick up a new color. It stays glossy all day with no transfer. Like all lipsticks, it does ware off after several hours. I noticed it did take a long day of talking, eating, and sweating before it started transferring and needing a new application.

  1. Rimmel London natural bronzer

This product is an absolute steal at Walmart. It costs only $3.97. I use this bronzer every time I apply makeup. It has a small amount of glitter for a very nice effect in your bronzer. I am a very pale person so finding a bronzer light enough can be hard, but this bronzer comes in lighter shades, perfect for pale skin.

  1. NYX epic wear eyeliner

I live by this eyeliner. I recommend it to anyone who asks. It costs $9.97 in Walmart. This eyeliner will NOT come off. It is waterproof, but I swear I tattooed it on. It wont smudge, melt, smear, or move until wiped off. Makeup wipes won’t do the trick either. This is one downside to this eyeliner. You must have a makeup melting balm to get it off. I panicked the first time I used it because it would not come off. NYX created a similar eyeliner called that’s the point. I recommend using that one if you do not have a melting balm.

  1. Maybelline Shadow Blocks

I would consider this product pricy for what it is, but I love it. It costs $9.97. It is a small block consisting of three eye shadows. I love this item because it is very portable if you go out a long time and may need to fix your makeup. It is a small block, and you lift each tile for the next shadow. It typically consists of two matte shadows and one shimmer shadow.

  1. NYX Vivid brights eyeliner

This eyeliner is for people who love a pop of color. It is $8.97. The vivid brights collection is an assortment of colorful liquid eyeliners. These are also water proof but easier to get off your eyes. Typically in colored eye liners they are watery and barely show, but the vivid brights live up to their name. I did an entirely pink makeup look with them and they showed so well. These liners come in a large variety of colors.

  1. Wet n Wild hello halo highlighter

These highlighters cost $9.37. They are worth the purchase. Whether you get the liquid or powder version you are definitely going to shine. They show up perfectly unlike some highlighters that barely shine. If you get the powder version I recommend using an eyeshadow brush and spraying the brush with a little bit of your setting spray. This helps the highlighter stack and really glow. Hello halo does not need that at all, but it is a good tip if you use a highlighter that doesn’t show enough.

  1. Duo eye lash glue

This eye lash glue for your falsies costs $5.12. It comes in 11 different varieties depending on your preferences. All varieties still cost only $5.12. Typical false eye lash glue usually starts failing very quickly. The inner or outer corner of your lashes always pops off and stabs you in the eye. If you buy duo glue your lashes are not leaving your eye or even moving until you pull them off. My lashes last all day without touch ups using duo glue. I personally use the green packaged glue because it is the brush wand one, easier application. 

Places I would love to shop but they’re just too expensive

  1. Dolls Kill

This place sells the cutest and most interesting outfits, shoes, accessories, etc. but they are soooo expensive. The shoes range from $100-$250. Their longer dresses are $100. Even just a top is $50. You can definitely see why they are out of range. They have several cute outfits for many events. They also carry a lot of festival clothing and they do have sales often you can see at the bottom of their website home page.

  1. Demonia Cult

Demonia cult it a shoe brand that makes several different types of shoes but they gained popularity for their platformed boots. Their prices range from $65-$200 depending on the type of shoe you get. Not as expensive as dolls kill but still out of my range. I got my hands on one pair of Demonia’s and a very ugly pair I got when I was 13. They mostly have shoes but there is a small accessories section with enamel pens ($8.95) and fuzzy leg warmers. I don’t understand their leg warmers because they’re all exactly the same but different price and color. Some are $27.95, some are $23.95 and $22.95.

  1. Hot Topic and Spencers

Hot topic is probably the least expensive one on the list. They aren’t extreme but their stuff is still high. T-shirts are $25 for one which can pile up if there isn’t a T-shirt sale that day. All of the accessories are overpriced, especially for their quality. The accessories range from $6-$12. They are never real material and usually pretty weak. Most of my hot topic jewelry is broken. I decided to group Hot Topic and Spencers because they both have very similar if not the same pricing. Spencers jewelry is better quality to me as far as the earrings. Their body piercings are no good and not worth buying. You will probably get an infection. Both stores are the same besides the fact you can bring your kids in one and not the other.

  1. Victoria secret


This one is quite obvious and you probably figured it would be on the list. Tell me why one set a bra and underwear is $100? Ridiculous. I own one thing from this place and it was cause I got a gift card for Christmas. That gift card had $100 on it and I still had to pay $5 out of pocket. This place mainly just infuriates me honestly. Women have to deal with having breasts their entire lives, and we might want the bras to be cute. SO make an affordable bra that does its job. Walmart bras work for smaller breasts, but women with larger ones get only one MAYBE two bra options that end up costing $75 bucks for only one bra. I could run on for hours about how much I hate the women’s underwear industry.

What I’m currently playing!

 Welcome back to regularly scheduled blogging now that the lore is complete. I wanted to talk about 1 game I have been playing recently. The game is called Stray. I’m just going to give some info about the game, the plot, and my own opinion. Also, do not worry about spoilers. I kept those out in case anyone reading would like to play. AHEM! A slightly important notice: I got all screenshots from Steam in amazing quality, BUT the blog website heavily lowered their quality so they may seem pretty blurry. Sorry lol. 


In the game Stray you play as an orange cat. How cute is that. At the end of the basic tutorial you get separated from your family (3 other cats). Once separated you end up in a dystopian, forgotten cyber city. As this cat you have to complete missions to unlock the ancient mysteries of the city to find your way back home. You roam and climb high and low through the murky environments. You befriend droids and run from dangerous creatures at times. The game has 12 chapters for you to complete.

Stats, facts, reviews

Stray came out July 19 of last year. It was developed by Blue Twelve Studio and comes from the franchise Annapurna Interactive. The game is available for PlayStation 4 and 5 owners as well as Windows for the PC. I personally use PC, but the game creators actually recommend it to be played on a controller. If you’re used to a PC though I play perfectly fine on my keyboard and mouse. I purchased Stray through Steam for about $30 without a bundle. The price is the same for PlayStation consoles. It is an indie adventure game supported by 16 languages. It is single player as well. Now, the reviews. I got all the information you’re reading from Steam besides my personal opinions. In the all reviews category it has 103,148 that are categorized as overwhelmingly positive. 97% of these 103,148 reviews were good ones. I took a look into the bad review category to see which ones were important and differentiate how many of these were just people owning sucky consoles. One review seemed important and stood out the most to me. It discussed how the game gives no warning of “body horror.” Now, this review is picky on what you consider body horror because I don’t see that in Stray. The point the review was trying to make is that the people in the game are human like machines and in one scene the walls blink at you. In my own personal words body horror is more of gore factor torture and that is not displayed in this game. I thought I would still mention it since the game slightly had body modification. Secondly, I saw a lot of reviews saying it wasn’t worth $30. I could slightly agree. I’d say if you want the game wait for it to be on sale. You get maybe 8-10 hours of gameplay that, to some people, can be repetitive. I personally don’t find it repetitive, but a lot of reviews did.

My opinion

Now, for my personally outlook at this game. I absolutely love this game. I find it very adorable that we get to play in 3rd person as a little orange cat. The gameplay to me is very relaxing. You do different types of parkour with the cat to navigate the cyber city. Which also means he rides down zip lines in a little bucket sometimes! So cute. I do have to agree with one of the reviews though. It isn’t a lot of gameplay especially if you are an avid gamer. I played it for about one hour a couple days ago and I had already gotten to chapter 6 out of 12 and was already preparing the cats escape back home. When that part came up I paused for a second and thought about how fast that came up. BUT I do think it was still worth the $30. The game is excellent quality if you have the PC stats to run it on a PC. Very clear and beautiful images and smooth movement. You also get a very interesting plot with different gameplay types. By that I mean you don’t just run around, jump on things, and complete missions. It comes with different types of parkour, puzzles, talking to the droids, unlocking equipment, finding collectables, running from enemies, and even playful interactions as a cat. When your in one of the apartments in this city you have several cute options around the house that cats typically do. You can scratch their furniture and walls, turn on/off/change their radios, make biscuits on the carpet, and knock things over. Even outside of the apartments you can find other cute interactions such as those. Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game. It was so cute and very enjoyable.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: THE LORE FINALE!! Pt. 11

IT’S OVER!!! This is the eleventh and final part to this series. In this we covered every single FNAF game and a few of the books that contained lore. NEW CHARACTERS AT THE END! I dont even know what to say as an intro so..

            Vanessa made cassette tape logs on her experiences. The anomaly, Glitchtrap, seemed to attach itself into the logs within the files of the tapes. She can’t delete it now. Where she was hiding these tapes was a safe unremovable area. By attaching to these tapes he was given a safe hideout to stay in effect. Vanessa broke the logs into pieces and told anyone who found them to never reassemble them. It was too late. The logs were already assembled. Glitchtrap raids Vanessa’s mind. He didn’t take over her body but now he’s in her head pushing her to do things she would never do. Noe, he is out. Glitchtrap tells her what to do and where to go. She ends up making a full similar rabbit suit, like Glitchtrap’s, by herself in the real world. She did this thinking that William would like it. She would like to imagine the name as Vanny. Much how William named his suit Bonnie. She more and more becomes a follower of Glitchtrap and begins to plan how she will bring him back, but into his own body.

            After a time of collecting revenue from the birth of the delivery service and game launch, Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex opens. All janitorial work was replaced by robots, S.T.A.F.F bots. The new animatronics included: Freddy Fazbear, Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, and Roxanne Wolf. There was a Bonnie variation that didn’t really last long. One night he was seen heading to the game Monty Golf which for some reason he was dismantled and beaten by Monty Gator. Which would then lead to Monty replacing him (THIS IS A THEORY. It has not yet been shown why or how Bonnie is not present but mentioned in the game). Vanessa showed high interest in being a security guard for the location. Someone from the top of the company recommends her which gets her hired.

            Once in this new location she begins plotting on how to bring Glitchtrap back into his body. She used some of the Pizzaplex’s high technology. Throughout the first week Vanessa consistently murders children to “begin the plan.” This brought on more missing children’s cases. Throughout this ordeal Vanessa has been going to see a therapist. The therapist finds out Vanessa has been talking to someone online throughout a crypted conversation. She is getting manipulative messages. Vanessa has been seen over and over in the Pizzaplex in the IT department. Sometimes they even saw her with the Vanny mask. They also caught her searching up weird things during company time such as fake fur to make the Vanny suit better.

            Throughout a session Vanessa finds out that Glitchtrap has been hacking into her personal files about Vanessa’s life that the therapist uses for her. The therapist gets closer and closer to finding out what is really going on until she is suddenly replaced by another therapist who gets replaced by another and another and another every time they get close. Glitchtrap, through Vanny, is killing the therapists everytime they get close to finding out the truth. He is slowly taking more and more control over her, and when the 4th and final therapist gets too close and exposing her to lying about her family history. She lied about the court cases, the trials, and all of the above. The therapist confronts this and asks Vanessa to continue it tomorrow. Vanessa shakes her head no. Then Vanny kills the therapist and hears the voice in her head ask, “Are you ready?”

            The introduction to the new starts of the show begins. A live performance by the animatronics at the Pizzaplex. Freddy begins to glitch out halfway through as if he’s being taken over. He falls out and Chica runs to him but its too late. Freddy gets restarted in safe mode, but he feels someone inside of him. A boy named Gregory snuck into the Pizzaplex and snuck into Freddy after the performance. Now the boy is about to get locked inside the building, so he follows Freddy’s instructions to the front lobby where the doors shut right in front of him. Now he is trapped inside. He had to survive the daycare and animatronics from all levels of the building, even underground. He had to destroy and dismantle Monty, Chica, and Roxy. He dismantled Monty by destroying his mini golf course to cause a huge metal bucket full of golf balls to fall and crush him. He dismantled Roxy next by driving a car around Roxy’s Raceway until she cases him. He then jumped from the go cart and it slammed straight into Roxy. Now Chica, Gregory cooks a pizza in the Pizzaplex kitchen to get her attention and throws it into the trash compactor. Once she is inside, he presses the button to destroy her by the compactor, but it gets stuck. Gregory makes a run for it and shoves Chica into the stuck part to fix the issue and she gets crushed. He sits on the ground and waits for the compactor to come back up. Chica is still alive and grabs him by the leg, but Gregory kicks her in the face and shoves her back into the compactor where it destroys her.

            Gregory uses one part from each animatronic to upgrade Freddy. He needed the upgrades so he could defeat DJ music man with Freddy’s help. All while Vanny stalks him and makes attempts to get him. Gregory and Freddy work as a team to survive all these challenges together. The time struck 6 AM and Gregory ran towards the door. Gregory tries to make Freddy come with him, but Freddy says he cannot and explains the safety precautions to Gregory. Gregory asks Freddy if he leaves will there be more disappearances. Freddy says yes. This is when Freddy gives Gregory three choices. He can leave or continue to investigate the secrets of the Pizzaplex. Gregory stays to explore these secrets. Secrets beyond Vanny.

            They find an elevator leading underground. The elevator leads them all the way down to the doors of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. After Freddy tells Gregory that his friends are down there he says, “I am not me” which leads Gregory to believe something may be possessing Freddy. When they make their way into the old pizza place, they are sat in the room where Henry said his final words many years ago. Charged by the futuristic technology of the charging stations Vanny was almost fully able to reconstruct Scraptrap’s body and transfer William’s data from Glitchtrap into it. William Afton is truly in purgatory, but the glitched AI of him is free. William is back. The company threw all of the haunted, broken animatronics down there knowing it would be covered with the mall. Over time a huge mound of the animatronics had formed. Freddy begins getting taken over by Glitchtrap through the monitors in the building. Gregory uses a button to release fire into William’s room as a distraction. He must fight off all the animatronics on his own. Gregory released the fire once more, and the mound of animatronics takes William away.

            After a long night, Freddy and Gregory sit together on a hill far away from the Pizzaplex to watch the sun rise. The same hill where the first 5 missing children graves rest. Gregory, and for once in the entire story, Freddy live happily ever after. 




Afton in the end and the “mound”

Kids gravesite/ending hill

Pizzaplex’s Animatronics

Names (left to right): Vanny, Vanessa, Moon, Chica, Gregory, Freddy, Monty, Sundrop, Roxy, and DJ Music Man (back)

Five Night’s at Freddy’s: THE LORE pt. 10

To start off, I lied. This isn’t the last part. It’s the second to last. I didn’t have enough time to combine the last 30 minutes of my reference video, and it would be a very long blog. So, just one more week of fnaf lore. 

Fazbear Entertainment was at a standstill. Little to nothing has been done with the business since all the past events. People were always working in the background. The two owners didn’t know what to do. Income wasn’t coming in at all and already low. So, the people went rogue, and not the people at Fazbear’s. They decided to create a video game series based on the true events, and rumors that occurred through out these 50 years. Once this caught corporate business’ eyes, they knew it was going to be huge. The game caught the attention of Fazbear Entertainment and they decided to make an offer. The rogue indie game creator decided to work with them, and together they set up an idea to cover up all the horrors that previously occurred. Fazbear took the idea to work with this game developer to create another game to make fun of the previous locations. It would be a virtual reality game. A game they would call Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted. The company had big plans and ideas one of which being a big location.

            They knew they couldn’t stick to games. That’s not their brand nor what the company is truly about. It was about new locations and attractions, so they would have to make a new location after all these years. Where though? What would it look like? They had none of the previous animatronics either. Who would even be the stars of the show? Being the previous location burnt down they would need to cover that up before the public looked too far into it. That’s when they found a spot for the new location in mind, but they need money. The plan was to create a giant mall over the old pizza place, so it wouldn’t be so cheap. While this video game was in development they needed some source of income. This time they would make money by reselling their old merchandise and creating a delivery service to do so.

            Vanessa, a blonde haired woman with green eyes, was a part of the development team for this VR game. She has high anxiety and uses calming protocols while working for the business. Her father, Bill, and mother had a custody battle in court. Her father didn’t play fairly to make her mother look bad by scaring Vanessa into lying and manipulating her into saying things that weren’t true, which made Vanessa’s mom lose the court trial. She was hired by Fazbear Entertainment to help work on this VR game, and throughout the creation she befriended another coworker, Jeremy. He was the main beta tester for it.

            One day someone at Fazbear Entertainment found old unused code from the animatronics, and directed the team to scan the code to help speed the process of development. They didn’t think anything bad would come of it, so they tried implementing the real code into their game. While playing the game a figure starts to appear to Jeremy. He didn’t know what it was but called it “the anomaly.” He spoke out to the rest of the team about it. They said it was probably a bug of some sort or maybe a glitch. When Jeremey began telling them this anomaly was talking to him no one believed it. Just a glitch.

            They began preparing to fire Jeremy from the business. The team and company wanted this game out as soon as they could finish it. He just kept telling them he was having nightmares, hearing voices, hallucinations, all to do with this anomaly. No one listened nor did they believe him, so he took maters into his own hands.

            One morning Vanessa decided to go into work early. She saw Jeremy standing in the supply room alone. All she saw was a Halloween mask on the floor and ink sprayed everywhere. Jeremy’s shirt also covered in ink. She couldn’t see his face. He was wearing a VR headset. Unknowingly to vanessa, that wasn’t an ink and it wasn’t a Halloween mask. Jeremy cut his face off with a guillotine paper slicer. He committed suicide to prevent the anomaly from taking over his mind and getting out. Once it is reported, Vanessa goes to talk to the higher ups of the compony about what happened to him. Instead, she overhears a conversation between someone else and her manager, Dale. She learns that Fazbear Entertainment are stressing over a possible lawsuit. She learned something else, the “rogue indie game developer” was employed by Fazbear Entertainment to make the ridiculous games he previously created. It was all just one big cover up that the VR game was supposed to fully cover. Vanessa knocks and is invited inside. She was told that she would have to finish Jeremy’s work and become the play tester.



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Five Night’s at Freddy’s THE LORE pt. 9

Here we are again. Part 9. In the next blog (part 10) that should be the end of this series. I don’t know about you guys but I am personally enjoying writing it so much. Well get into part 10. 2 new character pictures are at the end. \

Henry set up advertisements for someone to play the roll of a pizzeria manager, so they could help him salvage the animatronics. Henry decided he didn’t want to create a new pizzeria. He let them employee purchase items themselves and create the pizzeria. With this new idea comes: Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. Michael saw this going around everywhere. After all these years Michael thought Henry would have to know what happened with Williams disappearance, and what happened in general. Michael headed to the location not just to get answers but to make sure there were no more animatronics with spirits attached to them. Circus baby and Molten Freddy were lured to the pizzeria. They felt attracted to the place in hopes of it being like Circus Baby’s Pizza World. William heard about this location as well. He knew Henry was there and he wanted to kill henry, as well as Michael. So, William also goes toward the location. Throughout his nights working Michael met with many familiar faces. He met with molten freddy first, then scrap baby, he knew who’s spirit was in each one of these animatronics. He then encountered a new face, Lefty. Then, finally, he saw scrap trap. His father had survived the fire. Seeing them all still somehow alive was straight from Michael’s nightmares.

            Throughout Michaels shifts he remembered the tutorial tapes. How it always reminded him of Saturday.

            “There’s a big party here Saturday.”

            “Don’t forget Saturday.”

            “Make it through Saturday.”

            “You want them ALL to be in one place.”

            Something had been planned for Saturday and Michael knew something was going on. He wondered what all the old animatronics were doing here. Only Henry was there besides Michael himself. He knew Henry must already have a plan. A plan to end it all.

            Saturday came quick. Michael was once again defending himself from the animatronics like he did underground many years ago. This time it wasn’t so easy. Molten freddy comes into his office from the side, but he hears something. He hears the voice of his mother calling. Scrap trap quickly gets into the office in rage. He wanted nothing but to kill Michael right there. He gets close until Lefty comes in to fight off scrap trap. He turned against him. Michael ran as they fought trying to crawl through the vents until…

            “Connection terminated. I’m sorry to interrupt you, Elizabeth. If you still even remember that name. But I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed.”

            Henry’s voice came through the monitor as he readied himself to set the entire place a blaze. Henry’s plan was working. Like he claimed, Michael was too close and would die in the flames with the rest of them. William saw Michael going through the vents and tried to get to him. Michael then see’s his younger brother and sister welcoming him to rest with open arms. Michael turned back to look at William struggling to open the vent in flames. They said nothing more. Michael stepped into a light with his younger siblings as William submerged into the flames.

     “I’m sorry.”

            It was the first and only sorry William would say.

            There was one spirit unwilling to rest. Golden Freddy or Evan. William is burning up and his soul is going no where good. But even had other plans for William. Not down, not up, William can go somewhere else. Evan couldn’t forgive William. He forgave Michael. He saw how much Michael tried to avenge everyone by finding William. Evan wanted William to suffer the same torture he was put through. He wanted to see William take on every single animatronic at once. He wanted Williams creations to be the end of him, but this still wouldn’t satisfy enough. Evan made this happen to William, and since it wasn’t enough he brought in someone new, Dee Dee. He brought her to not only scare William but to give him even more to fight against. Evan watched William for days, weeks, years, who knows how long. Yet Evan wasn’t even sure if he was satisfied. He decided to add more and more animatronics to William’s purgatory. Until, while in the void Evan fell. He met old man consequences. He sat with the man while he told Evan: “Leave the demon to his demons. Rest your own soul. There is nothing else.” After almost 50 years Evan finally rests.


Dee Dee

Scrap Trap (Afton)