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As everyone knows we are in a time of inflation. Beauty products are dealing with an average of 10% price increase every year since this inflation. I want to review 10 Walmart makeup products that are affordable during this time. Inflations happens everywhere so these products are up, but it’s better than 50-dollar foundation from Ulta Beauty. All products are at walmart!

  1. Milani conceal and perfect foundation

I bought this foundation for only $8.97 and it was a steal. I traded using this foundation for my Morphe foundation. It was a hundred times better. This specific foundation is full coverage, and it serves the title of full coverage. It’s smooth, and doesn’t cake on like other full coverage foundations. I have had the one bottle for several months, because it doesn’t use much to get the full coverage effect. This foundation is only for the people who like a matte look rather than glossy.

  1. Revolution pore blur primer

This is my everyday primer and only for $8. This primer will smooth out your pours instantly. It also doesn’t dry up like most primers, so you can use less than needed. My makeup clings to this primer very well and lasts an entire day of activities. I used it to go to a festival and my makeup looked like I just finished it at the end of the day.

  1. Milani make it last setting spray

The full bottle is slightly pricey at $13.97. If you buy the smaller bottle it is only $8.97. I live by this setting spray. I use it just as I did the primer. I wore it to the same festival and my makeup didn’t melt off even in the 85 degree heat. I still had the perfect full coverage matte look. It kept all of my makeup layers in place and perfect at the end of the day.

  1. Maybelline superstay vinyl ink lip stick

These are good lip sticks for only $9.99. I always use this lip stick, and if I have the money on my Walmart trips I pick up a new color. It stays glossy all day with no transfer. Like all lipsticks, it does ware off after several hours. I noticed it did take a long day of talking, eating, and sweating before it started transferring and needing a new application.

  1. Rimmel London natural bronzer

This product is an absolute steal at Walmart. It costs only $3.97. I use this bronzer every time I apply makeup. It has a small amount of glitter for a very nice effect in your bronzer. I am a very pale person so finding a bronzer light enough can be hard, but this bronzer comes in lighter shades, perfect for pale skin.

  1. NYX epic wear eyeliner

I live by this eyeliner. I recommend it to anyone who asks. It costs $9.97 in Walmart. This eyeliner will NOT come off. It is waterproof, but I swear I tattooed it on. It wont smudge, melt, smear, or move until wiped off. Makeup wipes won’t do the trick either. This is one downside to this eyeliner. You must have a makeup melting balm to get it off. I panicked the first time I used it because it would not come off. NYX created a similar eyeliner called that’s the point. I recommend using that one if you do not have a melting balm.

  1. Maybelline Shadow Blocks

I would consider this product pricy for what it is, but I love it. It costs $9.97. It is a small block consisting of three eye shadows. I love this item because it is very portable if you go out a long time and may need to fix your makeup. It is a small block, and you lift each tile for the next shadow. It typically consists of two matte shadows and one shimmer shadow.

  1. NYX Vivid brights eyeliner

This eyeliner is for people who love a pop of color. It is $8.97. The vivid brights collection is an assortment of colorful liquid eyeliners. These are also water proof but easier to get off your eyes. Typically in colored eye liners they are watery and barely show, but the vivid brights live up to their name. I did an entirely pink makeup look with them and they showed so well. These liners come in a large variety of colors.

  1. Wet n Wild hello halo highlighter

These highlighters cost $9.37. They are worth the purchase. Whether you get the liquid or powder version you are definitely going to shine. They show up perfectly unlike some highlighters that barely shine. If you get the powder version I recommend using an eyeshadow brush and spraying the brush with a little bit of your setting spray. This helps the highlighter stack and really glow. Hello halo does not need that at all, but it is a good tip if you use a highlighter that doesn’t show enough.

  1. Duo eye lash glue

This eye lash glue for your falsies costs $5.12. It comes in 11 different varieties depending on your preferences. All varieties still cost only $5.12. Typical false eye lash glue usually starts failing very quickly. The inner or outer corner of your lashes always pops off and stabs you in the eye. If you buy duo glue your lashes are not leaving your eye or even moving until you pull them off. My lashes last all day without touch ups using duo glue. I personally use the green packaged glue because it is the brush wand one, easier application. 

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  1. i only wear eyeliner and brow pomade but god i need a good primer or setting spray because it always looks so rough after a couple hours

  2. I have been looking for a good lipstick that’s transfer resistant, so I enjoyed this post and am taking some notes, lol

    1. I will say I have several recommendations and if you’d like to hear them text me later on Instagram!

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