a bittersweet goodbye

This is not an easy blog to write, for as you all know our beloved Mrs.Sibley will not be returning to MSA next year. I want to commemorate my final blog to wishing her a goodbye. 

Mrs.Sibley, you have been one of the best teachers that I have ever had. I love your positive spirit, and how welcome you’ve always made us feel. I will miss doing workshop with you; you always give amazing suggestions and you allow us to have the creative freedom that an artist deserves! I want to thank you for introducing some incredible mentor texts to us all, and I know they will stick with me forever. I have created my favorite pieces of writing all because of you. Thank you for believing in all of us, and wanting to see us shine at our full potential. All students should get to experience a teacher like you; a teacher that makes school worth going too. Even though our time together was cut short, I am so glad that I got to experience you for at least one year. You are off to do big things with people who need your positive presence in their life, and I know you won’t be physically with us anymore but you will stay in our hearts forever. I won’t call this a goodbye, see you later is a more proper term! Thank you for all that you have done for us, and thank you for the impact that you have made on my life!

See you later Mrs.Sibley! <3

Author: Simone Smith

hi my name is simone (she/her) and i am apart of the '23 literary class! some of my favorite styles of writing are short fiction and poetry. things that i enjoy are naruto, hello kitty, and nicki minaj<3

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