BLACKPINK- A Reason to Live ♥

Hey!   >_<   This is a blog explaining some of the girls who keep me living. Without these girls, I am not sure I would be writing this blog right now. The iconic, record setting/breaking K-pop group, BLACKPINK!                *insert global BLINKS screaming* (BLINKS is what the fans are called btw)


There are four members to the world-wide sensation: Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé

To begin, there is Lisa. Real name: Lalisa Manoban. She is the youngest of the group at twenty-three-years-old. Originally from Thailand, Lisa has a personality that can be described as cute, intimidating, and a little edgy. She is always making jokes though and raising morale of the whole group. Her main role in the group is being a rapper, but her dancing is by far the best of the group. 

From an early age, my girl Lisa was in dancing competitions, snatching all the trophies. This was girl is a bad bleep! Periodt. It wasn’t until a talent agent noticed her at one competition and prompted her to audition for YG.

YG is a HUGE K-Pop industry company. They actually are also the same label to produce the popular “Gangnam Style.”

So, she did audition. 

Jennie. Oh, Jennie. 

Jennie is twenty-four-years-old. She brings her vocals to the group. She grew up in South Korea, but then at the age of five she went to study in New Zealand at a school there. It was hard for her to be there alone, but she had a lot of freedom to do what she liked, including, but not limited to, music. This is where she realized her love for the art, and when YG came to New Zealand, she auditioned. I think you can guess how it went. 😉

Her vocals isn’t all she is known for however. One of her nicknames is actually the “Human Chanel.” Her fashion is always, *big jealous sigh* the best. ;-;

Rosé! Y’all this girl has THE pipes! Twenty-three-years-old and New Zealand born, Rosé is the main vocalist of the group. She spends hours in the recording studio or just practicing by her lonesome self and a guitar. Her sleeping trouble leaves her work ethic to seem and never stop. It is more than impressive.

Jumping back to her birthplace, this makes her know the most fluent English speaker of the group. A lot of the BLINKS will ask her to talk on Instagram Live Streams just to hear her Australian accent. It’s so kawaii! “.”

Lastly, there is Jisoo. Jisoo is another vocalist, and the oldest of the group.

Also, the members of the group call her Unnie, not really Jisoo. It is a cultural custom because she is an older friend. It’s almost more endearing and refers to her as a family figure.

She is twenty-five-years-old, and born and raised in South Korea. (She struggles the most with her English, but we love her anyways! ♥ ) Jisoo is the sweetest of them all, but also the most mischievous. She loves her milks, too! Banana, Strawberry, and many more! She is the big sister anyone would want, and they way she is always taking care of the other members is just precious. For example, when most of the group gets emotional at a concert she will try and continue for them or sing their parts as well. (And I mean like emotional over the fans and love) She is always checking in on everyone, and we just love her! 

Also, just look at how gorgeous she looks.

There is so much to say and try and explain to one about these IDOLS. They just help me find the confidence to keep going and persevere through the tough. Everything they go through, and still perform and deliver with such excellence should be motivation enough for anyone. Please go love and support this amazing group! Maybe just check out a music video or two…who knows? You might just fall in love.

This video is titled “Kill This Love” and was one of their biggest hits. It definitely had the crowd ROARING when they performed at the music festival, Coachella. ♥

This video is tiled “Lovesick Girls” and is a more recent release from their new album. It does not quite have the edge of their previous hits, but still has me captivated! ♥

For more information on the legends who we should feel honored each day to breathe the same air, this is a link now of the trailer to their new movie, Light Up the Sky. It goes into more detail about the group members history individually and united. Available now on Netflix! ♥

This last link is for one of my personal favorite songs because it is a collaboration with my Queen and the woman who awakened the gay in me, Lady Gaga. The track is titled, “Sour Candy.” It has edge and is bold. It is unique.

Okay, okay! I could keep linking recommended content of BLACKPINK’s for hours because there is not a single track I do not use to keep me sane, alive, happy. BLACKPINK are not just four girls, they are life.

Weird Alone

Hey y’all! Here I am, again.

I have come across a series of unfortunate events. A series of events that has led me to endure living on my own for the past couple days.  It was not nearly as fun as I thought it would be.  

First off, I never realized how much work thinking of dinner ideas was. It may seem very lazy or dumb on my part, but there is a such a struggle for me in generating meal ideas. On top of that, then I have to make it, and then on top of that, I have to put up all the leftovers, and on top of that on top of that, then the kitchen and all the dirty dishes have to be cleaned. All in all, it is a process that exhausts my little gay self and leaves me slumped on the couch watching my kdramas (Korean dramas) until I fall asleep.  

OH MY GOD, and don’t even get me started on the quietness. I never realized how even just having one person in the house changes the feeling of the sounds so much. Like, now when it’s quiet, I feel so scared and want to turn on every light on the house. Before though, I guess it may have been the same level of noise I just never had the opportunity to focus on it? I’m not really sure. I hope you get what I mean. Maybe if I was in a big city it wouldn’t be so bad because there would at least be cars, trains, airplanes, and other miscellaneous noise. Who knows? 

Another thing I’ve faced is that I just don’t like going places alone. Like, I go to school, but then after and before it’s just me and my solo adventures. The idea has potential for fun because of the freedom to do whatever want, but I still have yet to feel that way. I just get home, and don’t really know what show to watch, when to go to bed, when to eat, or just what to do in general. I am most likely just too indecisive for this very temporary lifestyle I am going through. Oh well! Everything is just kind of more boring. Like, I have no one to go off of for entertainment. It’s such a bizarre feeling really.  

I guess living alone just isn’t for me, or maybe it is, and I just haven’t found my groove yet. I feel as though possibly some could thrive in an environment like mine, however, I am not that type. Maybe you could try it sometime! Hey who knows? Might just be your way… 

But not mine.      :/ 


Chloe Ting

Okay. Hey! Let’s get into it.

I have been feeling like there are a lot of events coming up in my soon future. Of course, I want a snatched body-ody-ody,  but I wasn’t sure where to start.

Just as a reminder: body weight does not ultimately result in your level of happiness. This is just my experience and how I feel better and overall happier.

Continuing, working out makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin. It brings me confidence I struggle to acquire when I don’t workout. It is just something I enjoy. 🙂

I have a problem though. Where do I start? I have no clue how to make a well balanced workout for myself to do and get snatched results. If I am gonna get anywhere close to the skinny legend Raini Rodriguez, I need help.

My YouTube searching led me to find Chloe Ting. She has a website that has free programs to follow with her YouTube videos. It tells you which workouts to do which days of the program. Chloe really just be out here providing and supplying the world with amazing content, so I thought, why not try it?

Well, I decided to do one of her programs called the two weeks shred. The purpose of it was to lose weight. (She also has plenty of other programs for whatever you may want to get. That could be anything from getting toned or achieving your dream booty.) Anyways-it was something.

So day 1, starting off there was five videos to follow. Needless to say, I got a little winded…after just video two. I was struggling so hard to even make it through all the videos for the day.  Chloe kept telling me to push and flex and keep going, but I wanted to do anything but. 

Then, day three arrives. I thought it was hard enough the first day, but by this point my stamina was completely drained from working out the days before. 

Day four was my favorite of all. It was the rest day. 🙂

After this came the next couple days where I’ll just be honest, they were something. It was the weekend by this point, and I really just hung out with friends and didn’t want to find the time to be working out. I knew this was a mistake because I would not see results while slacking like this. I got my stuff back together and had to workout and some rest days because I had taken the actual workout days off. Did that make sense? Anyway, by day 8 I was on track.

I persevered through the next couple days and they slowly starting to get easier. I will guilty admit that some days I had to cut out a video because I was too tired. Above all, Chloe stresses to listen to your body and my body had a lot to say, so I had to cut the videos. 

Day 12. This day was like a turning point entirely. I could see the finish line and could see the program being over in only three days. Thank the gay gods! I was in bliss. Also, I was noticing subtle differences in my body and was actually shook and feeling my oats. I had the drive to finish this program out. So, I did.

Day 14 had me praising any entities that would listen because it was not an easy journey, but I would highly recommend it for anyone to try. It was so fun to see your body changing to forms that you have always strived for. With a proper diet as well, results will be even more prominent.

This really was something to do and gives you some purpose. Like, there were so many moments that I would stop spending on electronics and instead be active. It also made me more tired, so it was easier to sleep at night. There was just so many positive outcomes I got from doing this, and will definitely continue doing Chloe’s programs in the future. She also really tries to make the best programs and also dieting advice for her viewers. It really is just a great way to get yourself into the fitness world.

So, what are you waiting for still reading this blog? Go checkout Chloe Ting today! 🙂


Message for the Singles

Hey! I am single and could not be happier about it.

That came very abruptly, but I just love being single. I don’t have any man I have to be worried about keeping entertained. I don’t have to plan to spend time with someone, and this allows me to just go about my day by the beat of my own drum. 

In the past, I did have some flings. They were just too much work. Who even has the time and energy? I got better things to be doing. Besides, when in a relationship, I feel like one has to find a new balance that not many people do at all, or well. But, one has to make sure they are not cutting ties with everyone to make time only for their new item. I find this to be an exhausting task.

I want to make it clear though that I am not writing this blog because someone I know has done this to me recently. I am merely stating what I have come to learn. Don’t worry, either! I have not just come out of a relationship and am projecting my emotions on you readers. That would just be a cruel thing that none of us need.

Being single is just so fun. There are no restrictions as to who you can go have fun with or how. Because you are not worried about another person, you can put full focus on your own well-being. After all, being attentive to your own health is not selfish. It is something we should all do.

There is an adage to remember that RuPaul, famous drag queen, always says,” If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell can you love somebody else.” 

I love this saying because it really does drive my point home. If you can not even find a way to love yourself, it will undoubtedly be challenging to show love for another. I propose to start doing tasks and setting goals for yourself to instigate self-confidence. Do not get caught up with the ideas or fantasies you associate with being in a relationship. 

If you are single and feel lonely or sad about it, try not thinking that way. The state of being part of the single community can be a vessel to improving and figuring out yourself. Find the freedom in the department of singleness.

Let us all singles make this coming week about self love. I hope you all love yourselves already and, if not, are finding the ways in which to do so. Just know, you are not alone in your battles. 🙂  

Italian’s Do It Better

Heyy. *in Wendy Williams voice* How you doin?

So, here I am. There you are. We are going to talk about cooking.

I used to want to be a chef when I was a child. (A baker if we are getting all technical about it. ) Through a series of events though, I changed my mind. I have never really thought about the fact until recently. Out of the blue I felt a rekindling for the fun of cooking. There is an emotion you get when you cook something good for someone, and they enjoy it. It’s one of those warm feelings that help you remember why you get up in the morning. So satisfying. 

I recalled this because I recently got the nice urge to be nice while staying with my two brothers in their apartment. I told them I would try and cook like gourmet meals every night. Well, due to another series of unfortunate events, that turned into only one night of the week. What I did cook though, was fabulous. I served the children a nice Creamy Tuscan Chicken Roll on a bed of spinach with cheesy fettuccine on the side and a couple meat calzones. It was an Italian’s wet dream, and they loved it.

This meal was no joke though. It was actually very hard to make for me, only a novice to intermediate chef. 

The Creamy Tuscan Chicken Roll. This one took the most time and was the one I was also most worried of preparing because the process involved never performed procedures. At least, by me. I had to split the raw chicken breasts in half and then smash it like there was no tomorrow. My brothers didn’t have a rolling pin or meat tenderizer though. Instead, I had to use what we had in the toolbox, a hammer. Then, I would put sun dried tomatoes and spinach and other things on that and roll it up tightly. The fridge cooled them down which helped solidify the rolls.

The sauce that went on top of them was not hard to make, at all, I just never had made a sauce that dealt with like flour and heavy cream and stuff like that. It paired nicely, and once that was done, I started frying the chicken rolls.

This part was what I was scared for because we don’t really fry in my house, so I’m not used to it. I knew then, this was gonna be a trip. And it was. I first off made a genuine mess trying to get a hammered chicken roll in the egg wash, flour, and breadcrumbs. Chile…anyways. Once I set them in the oil, I realized that the oil might’ve been too hot. The outside was cooking way quicker than the inside. I didn’t wanna serve raw chicken and give the whole house food poisoning cause that’s not my place to be doin’ that.

What gives me the right? Ya know? 

Since I messed up, I had to stick them in the oven until they reached the correct temperature. 

The fettuccine was actually really easy. It came from a box. I just slapped some butter and milk in a pot and kept going with life. 

The calzones were not hard, but they took time. I had to make the dough, which would not stop sticking to my hands. Then, I had to put it in a bowl with some olive oil, and let it rest and grow. It was so sticky though, so I gave it a good bit of the oil. Maybe too much.  Yeah, with stuffing and wrapping those up my meal was complete.

It took me four hours to complete all the food. Obviously, if I knew what I was doing better it wouldn’t have taken so long. I definitely could’ve managed my time better with when to prepare what, so everything was done at close to the same time. I would say the food was not Gordon Ramsey level, but it was still pretty decent. Honestly though, it was still super fun. If you ever get the chance to cook for some folks. Go and serve it up! 


A Gay Blog

I am a gay male. If you have seen me or my mannerisms and style you should have probably gotten an idea by now. At this point, it is basically common knowledge.  I mean, sis- come on. I was writing my blog to express how it is, and what it is like for those of you who don’t have the gay best friend or are gay and know already.

Being gay is fun, confusing, and a little daring. The fun part comes in with our culture. Our activities of leisure and pleasure just far surpass the straights. We enjoy more wild adventures at our “place of meeting.” Lots of disco balls, LED lights flashing, and dancing with fellow creatures of the night. Whereas, a straight “place of meeting” there will mostly be high top tables, ESPN on the television, and a pool table. Which sounds like a better time to you?

 Oh boy.

Confusing. We do not always get the pass or privilege to publicly show who we like. A lot of places still do not accept “the Gays” as morally, or even legally, correct. I get it. We can be intimidating and sometimes a little loud, but at the same time we can make your fashion and interior design fabulous! This idea of being an outlier to society can begin to fester many negative related emotions about our selves. Many gays struggle with even internalized homophobia. This is where we may not like people who are “too gay” or constantly ask if our own actions as a gay person are “too gay.” It is a wicked battle that can sometimes lead to even more wicked coping mechanisms. 

The community can be toxic within itself due to the varying types of gays. Just a few are the athletics, theatre, femme, drag queens, closeted, baby gay, etc. The community will categorize into different stereotypes, and then hold stigmas or prejudice against one another. We do not stop there though Mary. No mam’. Then we categorize due to body types. You have your otters, twinks, bears, cubs, foxes, and jocks. These have entire meanings as well, and can usually be forcing on a gay to try and fit into one they deem supreme. Confusion, again. This is all one big mess that can be overwhelming if you do not have a good support system. 

Daring. This is one of the most tricky parts in my opinion. Straights are sometimes hard to identify. Especially now that our society is progressing towards a more open view and ” masculine and feminine” things. Thankfully, the lines are being blurred. The daring aspect comes in when you have to muster up the courage to ask someone if they want to be romantically involved in you. Half the time, they will be straight or still closeted, or even still have a wife. It can be such a letdown, especially how the person who a gay is asking reacts to it. That is hard for any sexuality though. Who wants to be rejected? Luckily, a good gay who has learned to heighten their senses and master their gaydar can notice the one gay in a room of 100. It is quite the feat that many do not accomplish fully until later years. Although, sometimes it can be a helpful means to survival and finding where the gays are, so a gay knows they’re safe. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg with gay culture and subcultures. There is so much to it that would take an entire book probably to explain. Gays are if nothing else, a lot. I can say that cause I’m gay though. 

If you or someone you know has “the gay,” then please be kind to them and try and be understanding/empathetic of what they may be facing. Thank you. 🙂


Hey kitty gurls! It is me again, and can I just say that I have been feeling very nostalgic recently? Like, I recently have just had all these events coinciding with one another causing me to reflect on my past. 

To start, I took a trip to New Orleans because that is what me and my family always do. The stench and filth just really keeps em’ coming back! No, I am just kidding. (I am not a big fan of New Orleans, but I think it’s because I’ve gone so much.) NOLA really is a place with rich culture and fun times, when everything is open. It was such a downfall when almost every restaurant or shop we used to go to was closed. We literally just partied in the hotel room which we could have just done at our house for free. It was such a buzzkill. The universe was almost just pissing on our past and present. I blame this on COVID-19, obviously. I am not going to sit here and make the entire blog about COVID-19, however. We are all sick of it.  

Friendly Reminder: Please wear your masks correctly and social distance, and thanks to the people who do not have to be reminded. 

I am sorry if any of what I just said seemed shallow. Trips to New Orleans have been so consistent within my life since I was but a wee baby. My brother even has a New Orleans inspired tattoo. Everything being shut down just seemed like we were the mere survivors of an apocalypse. Walking alone down the streets, and not even the rats were to be seen.  

It is extremely tragic to think of what our world has become. You can take a place like New Orleans- known for its’ colorful jazzy, party vibes. Great! Then, you take that away and all the fun life has just been savagely ripped from the heart of the city. We need to file a lawsuit with the universe! Like, what is that? Who told someone at headquarters that that was okay? 

I may be ranting, but someone needed to say it. Following back to the nostalgia, get this hot gossip. I had an old friend group, and we were closer than blood. Until one of them blew it all up for a boyfriend. Was I mad at her? Yes and no. Yes, because I loved what we had, but I also had room to grow on my own some now. After a couple months, (maybe even a year or two) of absolutely no connection whatsoever, she texts. It was so out of the blue. I was gooped, gagged, and everything in between. Do I give this person another chance? I think I should. Everyone learns and grows and evolves into different people. 

It almost ties back to my last blog post. We should strive to see what people can become and not what they may have been or are stuck being in the moment. New Orleans is just a little droopy now but give it time and it will no doubt rise or even surpass its’ former glory. An ex friend could just be my new best Judy, again. To anyone reading this, just keep on keeping on because it can get better. 

Life got you down Mary?

         Hey girl hey! This is my first blog ever so please bare with me.

Optimists. Pessimists. The world is full of them, and if you’re human then you are probably one of either. Full disclosure though: I am an optimist. Yes, I am the type of person who will try and turn every situation around for the positive. Some, who are negative minded, may get annoyed by this behavior. I respect their viewpoint on how they choose to perceive life, but why?

I have always heard that it is not about what happens to you in life, but how you react to what happens. I heard that and said mama preach!

I would like to share this poem which goes of a similar idea in perspective on the world around us. First, read the poem from top to bottom. Then, I read it from bottom to top and see what happens.

    “Worst Day Ever?” By Chanie Gorkin

Today was the absolute worst day ever
And don’t try to convince me that
There’s something good in every day
Because, when you take a closer look,
This world is a pretty evil place.
Even if
Some goodness does shine through once in a while
Satisfaction and happiness don’t last.
And it’s not true that
It’s all in the mind and heart
True happiness can be obtained
Only if one’s surroundings are good
It’s not true that good exists
I’m sure you can agree that
The reality
My attitude
It’s all beyond my control
And you’ll never in a million years hear me say that
Today was a good day

Crazy right? It was so astonishing to me the fact that such a feat was accomplished of the two sided viewpoint. Reading the poem from top to bottom we see a grim outlook on the day, but reverse it and you an optimistic stance on the day. It could even be used as a metaphor. For example, if life has just got you in the blues or a situation gets rough and tough, find ways to flip the script. Focus more on the positives that are going on within your experience. 

It is not easy to always find good though. I mean emotions never should be suppressed or neglected because of fear. We have all been there, with some Lana Del Rey blaring and runny mascara, and you have not lived if you do not know what I mean.

*raises hand* Guilty.

I am not ashamed to admit it. If someone constantly neglects the negative emotions they are deeply feeling it can lead your body and mind to attempt to cope with some pretty messed up habits. Again, guilty.  

Going back to the topic however, it is how you overcome and bounce back from these bad experiences that make you a stronger human being. A pessimist usually may not bounce back, and can get stuck on the struggle bus.

Full transparency, this was totally me my first week at the Mississippi School of the Arts. This place is so so so different from my old school on so many levels. From the people, to the technology, to even the stairs, I was not prepared for what was to come. (Nor was my stamina for the stairs, but that is another story for another day) Anyway, I had to shift my mindset and drop many of the high school stereotypes that had been instilled in me. If I wouldn’t have done this I might still be on the mess express. I remember Oprah once talked about a great way to change the way you think. She said to write down five simple things you were appreciative of from that day. It could be so simple from just someone opening up a door for you. 

If you struggle with pessimistic ways clogging your mental space try this exercise. I want to end this post with a little assignment from Oprah. Feel free to call-in or comment below and keep me up with how it’s going. 

♥ Till next time kitty girls!