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Okay. Hey! Let’s get into it.

I have been feeling like there are a lot of events coming up in my soon future. Of course, I want a snatched body-ody-ody,  but I wasn’t sure where to start.

Just as a reminder: body weight does not ultimately result in your level of happiness. This is just my experience and how I feel better and overall happier.

Continuing, working out makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin. It brings me confidence I struggle to acquire when I don’t workout. It is just something I enjoy. 🙂

I have a problem though. Where do I start? I have no clue how to make a well balanced workout for myself to do and get snatched results. If I am gonna get anywhere close to the skinny legend Raini Rodriguez, I need help.

My YouTube searching led me to find Chloe Ting. She has a website that has free programs to follow with her YouTube videos. It tells you which workouts to do which days of the program. Chloe really just be out here providing and supplying the world with amazing content, so I thought, why not try it?

Well, I decided to do one of her programs called the two weeks shred. The purpose of it was to lose weight. (She also has plenty of other programs for whatever you may want to get. That could be anything from getting toned or achieving your dream booty.) Anyways-it was something.

So day 1, starting off there was five videos to follow. Needless to say, I got a little winded…after just video two. I was struggling so hard to even make it through all the videos for the day.  Chloe kept telling me to push and flex and keep going, but I wanted to do anything but. 

Then, day three arrives. I thought it was hard enough the first day, but by this point my stamina was completely drained from working out the days before. 

Day four was my favorite of all. It was the rest day. 🙂

After this came the next couple days where I’ll just be honest, they were something. It was the weekend by this point, and I really just hung out with friends and didn’t want to find the time to be working out. I knew this was a mistake because I would not see results while slacking like this. I got my stuff back together and had to workout and some rest days because I had taken the actual workout days off. Did that make sense? Anyway, by day 8 I was on track.

I persevered through the next couple days and they slowly starting to get easier. I will guilty admit that some days I had to cut out a video because I was too tired. Above all, Chloe stresses to listen to your body and my body had a lot to say, so I had to cut the videos. 

Day 12. This day was like a turning point entirely. I could see the finish line and could see the program being over in only three days. Thank the gay gods! I was in bliss. Also, I was noticing subtle differences in my body and was actually shook and feeling my oats. I had the drive to finish this program out. So, I did.

Day 14 had me praising any entities that would listen because it was not an easy journey, but I would highly recommend it for anyone to try. It was so fun to see your body changing to forms that you have always strived for. With a proper diet as well, results will be even more prominent.

This really was something to do and gives you some purpose. Like, there were so many moments that I would stop spending on electronics and instead be active. It also made me more tired, so it was easier to sleep at night. There was just so many positive outcomes I got from doing this, and will definitely continue doing Chloe’s programs in the future. She also really tries to make the best programs and also dieting advice for her viewers. It really is just a great way to get yourself into the fitness world.

So, what are you waiting for still reading this blog? Go checkout Chloe Ting today! 🙂


Author: Diego Mendez

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