sharpening pencils

hello fellow blogspacers i am currently listening to my dear friend sharpen pencils one by one using a mechanical sharpener. one may think that i am getting more annoyed by the minute, but really, my mind is calm. even as he holds the mechanical pencil sharpener to my ear so I can hear each pencil be shrilly sharpened – i am as calm as can be.

actually, i usually work best when chaos is around me honestly. So, not even the terribly shrill sound of 100 pencils being sharpened could break my focus. for example, as i write this blog, the sharpening of pencils is just as soothing as the smooth jazz music mrs. sibley has playing in the lab today. 

i actually love the sound of sharpening pencils.

Author: Adele Bryant

K-pop, Jane Austen, food, and writing enthusiast. Strong believer in pineapple on pizza.

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