Spring has Sprung

Hey, guys. I hope you all had a very good Spring Break! And since it is now officially spring, I thought I might share some things that I look forward to during the warm seasons. Of course my favorite season is autumn(I know, what a shocker), but there are some things that enjoy doing more in the spring and summer rather than autumn or winter. So, lets get into it; I hope you enjoy:)

So, sometime last year, I had found that I enjoy doing activities like reading or writing outside instead of inside. The reason for this is that it feels so much more calming to me when I’m in the fresh air enjoying a good book or writing a new poem. Looking out towards my surroundings also gives me some new ideas for a piece- it’s like I have a whole yard, garden, etc. of fun writing prompts. But, I am very particular about when the right time for me to go outside and do these things is. I prefer to do these things while it’s warmer and I know the daylight lasts longer, whereas doing it in the colder weather is not as comfortable and before I know it, I’ve run out of daylight and have to go inside.

There are also other activities that me and my family like to do during spring such as going to Percy Quin State Park. We usually do this only whenever my cousins decide to have a birthday party there. And since I have a lot of cousins, that is more often than you might think; and it’s always a very fun time when we go.

Well, that’s pretty much it, guys. I know that it definitely was not a lot of activities that I do during the spring time that I don’t during all other seasons. But I hope that you have enjoyed this very short post and I will see you guys next week:)

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