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Recently, instead of finding new shows to watch, I’ve been rewatching some of my favorite shows. I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately, which may have something to do with me graduating soon. Or maybe it’s a fear of starting and committing to something new. Either way, I have once again dived back into my list of comfort shows and came back with three to rewatch.


Rise of the TMNT

Even though I just finished this series a month ago, I am already watching it again. I have loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since I was in the third grade, however, I never got into this series until a friend introduced me to it this year. A brand-new rendition of the classic TMNT, this 2018 reboot has two seasons and a movie. I love everything, from the story to the character designs. Each episode is about eleven minutes long, making it easy for me to watch without losing my attention. If you’re a fan of TMNT or if you like to watch kids’ cartoons, then I highly suggest giving this show a watch.


Our Flag Means Death

I remember watching this show last year during class. Usually, I don’t watch live actions show. I typically stick with some nice cartoons or movies; however, I had heard how good this show was and knew I had to give it a try. Directed and staring Taika Waititi, this show follows Stede Bonnet’s (Rhys Darby) attempt of becoming a pirate and his encounters with the dreadful pirate Black Beard (Taika Waititi). The show has a lovely mix of comedy, love, and angst, as well as incredible LGBT character representation.


Good Omens

Surprisingly, I haven’t rewatched this show since it came out. However, I’ve been meaning to watch it again or give the book a read. Six episodes makes this an easy show to binge watch. The main characters, Aziraphale and Crowley, are an angel and a demon trying to do their job. But when they develop fond feelings for humanity, and each other, they decide to try to prevent the apocalypse from destroying the world they love. This show was very lovely to watch, and the main characters’ dynamic with one another made for an enjoyable ride. 

Author: Macey Wilson

My name is Macey Rose. I am a visual student taking a literary class. I love fantasy and short stories. My plan is to go into creative writing so I can write and illustrate my own stories in the future.

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