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Hi, it’s me, the weird writer obsessed with Marvel and reading. I wanted to write about something different this week. With projects coming up and writing assignment after writing assignment, I’ve been kind of losing touch of myself. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love writing, of course I do. It’s just with each assignment, it feels like I’m trying a lot harder to make sure each one is the right word count, right format, I’ve done every requirement that I forget to enjoy the poem or short story or whatever it is I’m working on. And not being able to enjoy it comes with losing some of that creativity and new ideas. 

So what I wanted to do is list some things that I’m trying to do to lessen the stress and generate some new ideas and hopefully for those who are also feeling this way, it help y’all too.

First and foremost, and I know we hear this a lot but it is vitally important, don’t wait until the last day or so to work on it. Please don’t, if you do, you’re more likely to be severely stressed out and try to hard to meet the requirements that there’s no creativity involved and that puts a big dent in the piece. Start working on it as soon as it’s assigned and then some more each day before the deadline. This is also not me saying get done with it the first day it’s assigned and be so far ahead. For me, I like to be a little bit ahead and have a breather before turning it in, but getting done with it too early is a lot like getting it done at the last minute. Or, the result will be very similar, it would be more likely to lack the creativity. Working on it a little each day, in my opinion, will ensure the best result because between the time you pause it and resume it, new ideas will come up and help you keep going and have fun with it. And, believe me, this is a tricky tip because I’m an expert procrastinator. Ask any of my friends, they’ll confirm it. So, while I’ve got one finger pointing at whoever is reading, the rest of them are pointing back at me.

Secondly, if you get to a certain point where you can’t continue any longer even though you aren’t necessarily finished but there are no new ideas coming at all, stop. Take a break. “But you just said don’t wait until the last minute” Trust me, I know I did, but taking a few minutes to kinda breathe really helps. What also helps is to carry a notebook or something and pencil, pen, whatever because, if you’re like me and scatterbrained, writing down some thoughts and random ideas, even if they aren’t fully thought out ideas, it helps. That way, when you get back to it, you’ll have those ideas already there and you can build on them.

If I’m taking a break and are looking for something that will help generate some creativity or ideas, I like to read a book. I know, shocker. And I also know that not everyone likes to read which is why I say this, engage in any other creative or relaxing activity, whether that be drawing, music, dancing (kudos to those who can actually dance because I can’t), whatever it is that you enjoy doing. Trust me, it’ll help. I don’t just read to form new ideas, I also really like to draw and sometimes I’ll be drawing something random and I form a story behind the drawing that I use later on for an assignment. Maybe some song lyrics help you, or if you’re watching a movie/show and it gives you an idea. Whatever, the point is to engage in what it is you love to do and allowing to help be more creative in your writing.

Anyways, I feel like I’ve been giving one of those long teacher lectures, so that will be it for this week. Hopefully this helps and maybe I’ll continue this in case I find something else that helps with the stress. Just remember, it’s normal to be stressed and it sounds crazy, but some stress is healthy because it motivates you. But, of course, don’t worry yourself to death about it.

I am more than just a writer, I’m an artist and sometimes I need to do things that remind me of that and that’s not always writing hours upon end. I hope you remember that you’re more than just a writer, too.

That’s all I have, see you next week:)

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  1. This is so relatable, and it really hits hard, because I’ve been feeling the same way. I’m so focused on doing it “right” that I don’t truly get to enjoy the piece for what it’s worth until workshop which is something I need to get out of the habit of doing.

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